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E MPIRF ■■■ URNARVON ?** MONDAY. TUESDAY. aad WEDNESDAY. I ACQUTTED A STRONG EMOTIONAL DRAMA, IN FIVE PARTS. Also,— t DOUBLE CROSSING THE DEAN EXCLUSIVE TWO PART COMEDY. Prices of Admission: I 1/2 7 d 4d — JJiW llqngau. AUSTRALIA BY THE ORIENT LINE. Tia Cape of Good Hope, Under Comtramt to carry Hus Majesty's Mails te FREMANTLE, ADELAIDE, MELBOURNE, SYTNEY. BRISBANE. Through bookings to all Ports in AUSTRALIA. TASMANIA, NEW ZEALAND. Saloon tickets interor.anae&b'e with P. and O. l&M. Managers:— F GREEN & CO., & ANDERSON anderson. & CO. FOR PASSAGE apply to the latter Firm, at 5, Femchurch-ave; i w, Loiid'cn, E.G.; or fa Carnarvon: W. J. Parry. High-street; Dolgelley: R C Evans. Einion House; Bethesda.: W. J. Parry. Coetmor Yard. AI.I AN MNE TO CANADA. LIVERPOOL. GLASGOW, LONDON, and HAVRE, to CANADA, NEWFOUNDLAND, & U.S.A. — ALLANS — 19, Ja.me5 Street, Liverpool; 14, Cockspur Street. S.W-. and 103, LeaderJi-all Str.Hvt, London, RC. CUNARD LINE. REG ULAR P.\ SSENGER N'" 1 FREl GHT SERVICES LI? IRPOOL—NEW YORK. Londoa=New Yerk. London=Canada. Bristol=Canada=New York FOR RATES OF PASSAGE. FREIGHT, DATES OF SAILING, & PARTICULARS AS TO LOADING BERTHS. I Apply CUNARD LINE. Liverpool; London, 51, Bishopsgate, E.C. -31. Oacksptir Street. S.W. 65. Baldwin Street, i Bristol; 18a, High Street, Cardiff; 141, Corporation Street, BLrming'jaj'n or to Local Agent*. MAP Y RHYFEL — YNG — NGWLEDYDD Y BEIBL Fn dangos safie, ? symudiadau y gwahanol fyddinoedd yn en perthynas a THEITHIAU 3ANESYL'DIL Y BEIBL, gan- BERIAH CWYNFE EVANS. Gyboeddedig gan GWàrR "DARlAM," Pris &ic. drwy'r post. Toierau arferol i Lyfnverthwyr. Anfoner am dano i- I SWYDDFA'R "DARLAN," 19, Heol Oaarthrdd, ABERCAR MAP CYMRAEG vw hwn. a. bvdd yn fuddiol iawo i YSG4mbm SUI* OS ocs PKnWCH I COUCH MIXTURE HUGH DAVIES. V mae miloedd lawer wedi cael iachad ac VP. gwneud a goreu i'w gymell ar ejeill sydd yn dioddef. Ni raid cymeryd iind UN DOSE e. | profi ei ddylanwad uniongftTchol yn rhyddh. y Phlegm, yn clirio y Llais, yn cynbesu ac yn ctywaa y Frest, gan weithio pob Anwyd I ? Chrvgni vmaith. I DAVIES S COUGH MIXTURE | at BESWCH., DAVIESS COUGH MIXTURE 'I at AWYD. DAVIESS COUGH MIXTURE I at ASTHMA. Os gwyddoeh anI rvwun yn dioddof oddiwrth Beswch a Bronchitis, anrhagwch ef A } hotel- aid o COUGH MIXTURE HUGH DAVIES, ac fe' cll bendltlfia ryw ddydd. Is 3c A 3^ Y BOTEL. I COLLWYO COLLWYD.—Maneg (glove) o motor ear, rhwng Valley a (jwdohmai. G-wobrwyir y t.-aivi a'i dyeo i Roberts. Garage. Llangefni. 50-J aj). 13. AR OSOD. TO BE LET.—The Gable. Hifrh L ..f 2 ,o,,rn,, 6 Bedrooms. Bathroom. 2 Kitchen?, and Small Holding at tl)e back.- To he let from February 12th. Rent moderate. Apply M.ik Morgan. Ballymacora. Barmouth. CAFWVD CHAFWYD—-Gyw Merlcn. di<iod, ym Myn- J yrlci LlanU'Ochid.—Ymnfyaver yn ei I gylch a -lit- Jeremiah Evans. 1. Bontuchaf, Betb^eda, S»ttwrr, 4" Jaii. 2.7 < ARWERTHfANTAU MESSRS JOHN hRITCHARD AND Col. AUtTIONSCM AND VALUBNft. BANGOR. MEN AI BRIDGE SMLITHFIELD. The Best Appointed and Bert Ceotrw in Rl Nortii wait. rESSR.S. JOHN PRITCHARD and CO. SELL BY AUCTION every other Holiday, oomroenciiig with the aboop at 11 m. MH) to 600 RIPE FAT SHliKP & LA..1; and 150 to 200 F:tT AND STORE CATTLE. Large vhotesale buyers regularly attend trom Lancashire and Cheshire.; special terms f>ffered to vendors at a distance. MR fIOST. G. JONES. AUCTIONEER AND VALUER, CARNARVON. gMITHFIEM), CARNARVON. SALE NESAF DYDD MERCHER, IONAWR 17eg, 1917. Oahnà maasraaoh neillduol o dda yn y Sale ddiweddsaf. MESSRS. ROBERT pARRY AND SON. AUCTIONEERS AND VALUERS, PWLLHELI. rjTYXYMUR, MORFA NEFYN.. GOSODlR AR AUCTION yn y lie uchod, DYDD SADWRN. lONAWR 20. 1917, YR HOLL DIR, yo Lotiau Cyfleus Y Gosodiiad i ddechreu am 2 o'r gjoeb Telera.u arferot. 5, SAIiEM TERRACE, PWLLHELI MESSRS. H. T. OWEN AND SON, AUCTIONEERS AND VALUERS, LLONGEFNI. TYCROES SMITHFIELD. MESSRS. H. T. OWE? AND SON. ..r will hoM their next 8<ua of FAT and STORE CATTLE. SHEEP, and PIGS, on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 17, 1917. About 50 FAT CATTLE already entered. F urth<vr Entries Invited. TfE'DYN CAPTAIN, LLANFAELOG. TYGROES. IMPORTANT SALE of Live and Dead Farming Stock, Hay, Straw, Green Crop, and o the House- hold Furniture ajod Dairy Utensils. MESSRS. H. T. OWEN AND s<>n D. 1 hAs been instructed to soH by PUBLIC AUCTION at the above place at an early date. Full particulars in due course. YN EISIEU ALIER SYLW. Mae Mrs. W. W. ThnnMa. AC. XI. M. Stryd y Llyn Caernarfon, yn prrrnn wob math o Ddodrefn henafol. Treselydd, Cypyrddan B-wy* Tri- darn. Hen Oadeiriao etc. ma WANTRE-Fowl-o, Rabbits, and Eggs. í V Best prices given.-H. R. and Co., St. John's Market, Liverpool WANTED.—Largo quantities of new-laid w E2q. Write offers cfl price required, and what quantity yon have to offer. Cash on receipt of Eggs. Hodgettsi and Salisbury. HUH street. Sheffield. WANTED—To purchase Larch and Scotch  atandin? or felled in any q?ant;tio? Mita.Me for Pit Word. Particu?rs to The G. J. Eveeon Coal and Coke Co. Ltd., Birmingham. WANTED—For Private Houst* in Eng..  land—Good Class of M?ids with good reference. Plenty of Places in every part of North Wales. Private aid Business.—Apply Mrs. Ephraim, original Registry Offioe, BJ. Fegtsnioa. Y'N EISiAU—Ffarm, h& yn ?wr yn Y NgogMd Cymru. Anfonw ? Cymo, 48, "Genedl" Office, Carnarvon. 48-tc YN EISIEU—Yn Nomlodd Cymru?ferm Y ?cha.n Kt?wn araal wlo? gyda rhent rhesymol. Manyiion gyda'd telerau: H.W.49, •'Genedl" Office, Carnarvon. 49-Jan 19 "'TN EISIEU.—Dynes brofindol i Trehan is, X fel Housekeeper, dau yn y tenlu a'r wra.i- yn awr yn analluog. Cyflog da i berp-on cymwy.s.—Ymofyner A R.O.49" Genedl Office. Canxai-von. 49-Jan. 20 G< ROCERY and Provisions: Stuart Im- T prover, or junior assistant. Apply full particulars; cut-doom-Affi-y Ellis's Stores, Crik-c; eth. A ng General; clean plain VV cooking, 2 maids kept.—-2). Curzo,, Road. Birkenhead. YN EISlEU.-PI-ynir hen aiian un ai yn Y ddaimau unigol neu yn fan lotiau. Rhoddir prisiau da. Hefyd etamps tua dech- ren teyrna&iad Victm-ia.-O.R.50. 'GenedF Office, Carnarvon. O.R.50, 'Gen(-41' TTtTANTED—A gckid General Servant, for w for family of three. No childrc'ji.—-Mrs H(• wart Fontmell, \VooJ.llil1 Road, Oiwyn Bay ;o. i 10F—-Yin e sietr. wedi ymarfer a ?wai'h G gwiad a phedoli. \iti.;trfei- -,i gwa,.rii Ymofyner a E E.. Box J!. G(>1H>.dl Office. AR WERTH FOR SAiLE—Business for Sa?? LI&n.b.eris. r C?Tn?TTt.nsh?. To clo? ?ji EstAbc. Must be s(?d.—thf tisetu? Printing Plant, in- I eluding Gas Engine, Double Crown and Drny 'Vharfedale Prh>ti:ig Mu?-h')!?. Ty??. Cutthf! St"tdlÍng and P,,I?for,atii-?g i li&,? and c?th?r effects, a!f?) the Capita! ?hop P?it- ? ) titi? a.n<i Sma.)I st?'k of '?t.?i?nt'ry. Pr?m?f? 1),i(i if iii j cnp be IkkI if rerju i'ed. Offers in '?. | T)?)m:?? atxl Ox^ Auetumeers an? Valuers, j 27 South Castle Str-ett Liverpoo?. | r^ ART Tl-OPSE-Wi!' '.? f..r a f? j c? A'RT bi' its kpt?u a?od c.rt Ikh'so. 11t>d. to all fami wpi-k. 'r. (Jee«?dl i Office. Carnarvon. I ¡ GRAtMOPHONiE RBCOR??—!? M ?-?. ) G The laraji st and hp?'t t-.?ectjon in North Wa.I?. W?shreCL.rdt, &.c. Write for ('a-t.a,. ¡ NVale,. AVe!s.h i-ec,(,-rds &e. Writ?e for c-i t a' o?j?—fret'.—Cr&De and Sons. Ltd.r Bangor. Good harmonium—7 stops ca?p. Sp?n<}id condition.. Cash 7 ?.ninea? of 7? per month.—Crw!? &nd Sons, ) Ltd., Bangor. RHYBUPD CYHOEDDUS. 1 THE LICIE'NSING (CONSOLIDATION) ACT, 1910. NOTICE OF IMPOSITION OF CHARGES UNDER SECTION 21 OF THE ACT. OOUNfTY OF AjNG-LESEY. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Compensation Authority for the above area have imposed1, under Section 21 of the Licensing (Consolidat on) Act, 1910, for the year 1917, charges in respect of Licences at the maximum rate of charge under the Act; and oharges on the premises aftected will be levied, and paid accordingly as part of the duties on the corresponding excise 1 cenccs. WALTER O. JONES, Clerk of the Compensaton Aiithority. 5th day of January, 1917. YSGOL SIR ABERMAW. JL (I Fechgyn a Merched) Prifathraw: Edmund D. Jones, M.A. (Lon.) Athrawon Cynorthwyo!: John Lloyd, M.A. W. A. Beddows, B.Sc. W. B. Williams. B. Sc. Athrawesan Cynorthwyol: Mise L. M. M. Adam, M.A. Miss Mary Davies. B.A. Yn nghydaig Athrawesa-u profiadol mewn Coginiaeth a Ch erd doriaeth. Telerau £4 10s Oc. y flwyddyn. Pob manylion oddiwrth y Prifathraw. neu- R. LLEWELYN OWiEN, Clerc. POSTAL TUITTON., YOUNG MEN eged 16 to 25 wanted, to JL take up "ourses in the following sub jeote:— Mining, Magnetism, and Electricity. Telephony, Ordinary and Advanced. Telegraphy, dn. do. Wireless Telegraphy, do. do. Submarine Cable Working and Test; ',g. Etementary Electrical Engineering. Engineering, Mathematics. Write for prospectus and terms to Write for SECRETARY, W. A. 9 Dept., Shaws College, 55, Alexandra Road. Longport Staffs AR WERTH KILL THAT INSECT, TOMMY.-Send J\. your pals "oot yonder" some tina at wash, there's a. big chance you 711 have I "conopanions". A little Harrisons's Pomade kills every insect on hair or body. -Jurist on having Harritxms's Nursery Pomade. "Tins of Comfort" at 4:td and 9d. Sold by all Chemists—or by Post, from Harrison. Chemist. Reading. Carnarvon: R. Ro berts; IJangefni, R. R. Jones; Bangor: J. Bow en; Holyhead: R. H. Williams; Parti- madoc: T. Jenkins; Bethesda: W. Morris; Criccieth: E. Davies Hughes, and Co.; Pen- y-groes: J. Ellie Jones: Amlwch: R. Jonea. 1LANRERI8.—Ar werth yn gyiri, y JL ty rhydd-ddali?dol No. 39, Newton- street, Llanberis. Am fanylion pellach ym- ofyner A Mri. Morris Owen & Trevor Rooests, Cyfre'tiwyr, Caernaeon. Great bargains—New Miik o? \jr Pleasure Floats, Rubber and Iron Tyres. Also second-hand Governed Cirs-, cheap, and other varieties. Inspection invited. Kjcryal Carriage Works, Carnarvon. FOR, SALE—Excellent Cart Mare? 16  hands,—o-wing to be in fW. GuaT?n- teed quiet and a good worker in all gears. Rare opportunity.—J. Owen, Slate Quay, Carnarvon- ONE beginner paid all expenses and made clear profit in six months through ueins Karswood Poultry Spice (containing ground injects). Packets 2d.. 6d, Is. Try it. Joces, Pliarmaciet, Amiwch, Anglesey. 48-Jan- 14 CREWS—Mixed: 28a "'to 281ba, 78 ftd; ? Wire, Cut and Wrought Nails S??les, Tac-ks, Rivets. Bolts, and Nails, etc., at NTail Works. 25 to 28 Rea-St., Birmingh&nj. Wholesale Prices..—C. W. Hayles, Midland Nail Workft, 25 to 28 Rea-st., Birmingham. SHORTHORN Calves for Raring, from ?J record Cheshire Milkers and Pnro Bt'tI Bulls. Qnotatione to anv Station. No tvnoy nrieas Correspondence a plaagure- FRANK DORIS, litteltcn, Cheater. CANARIES—Of every varic-ty, for Singing an4 Breeding. Best and largest collec- tion in World. Approval. Also Goldfinches. Linnets, etc. Illustrated list free. See this before deciding elsewhere. Genuine Talking Parrots. Strongest Birdlime, 7d Is Id, Is 6d Self-setting Trap Nets best in England, 2s 2d, 2s 9d.—RUDD, Specialict, i)orwich. AR WERTH—Ty hardd a chyfleus øyf- a.ddato iawn i f-eddyg medrus, mewn ajxlal o 11,000 o boblogaetih, lie y bu farw yn ddiweddar feddyg poblogaidd.—Ynjofyi)ed trrwy lythyr a. C.D.49. Swydcffa'r "Genl," I CJaimarvon, 47te. FOR SAiLE-l Circular Saw bench to take J. 2ft 6in.. saw fast and loose pulleys, guard etc. 1 Ca-rt in good order 4ft 6. wbqels X3, oak naves. brass caps, etc. I Light Spring tipping Cart to suit 14 to 15 hands. ] Small size Rubber-tyred Governess Car to suit 12 hands. A Superior rubber tyred Landau in fir-st class order by Mullwer. Quan- tity of 1 1.8 octageo cast steel rock drills, Shaftings, pulleys, lift water wheel casting*. Rubber tyres fixed on the premises.-E. Davies, and Sons, Crown Street, Carnarvon. 50-Jen. 18 PULLETS.—March 19!6 hatch-Iayi)?. J. 3- 6d a('h: 40 dozen 5ix and co?k 24s—Hummell, Stratford. Fesex. List free. I TADlES Nur? Hamm??d'? ??'<T-.w L P?mpdic!' act in a few hours when aU else fails. Surprisingly effective. Send I stamped envelope for free sample, to E. N. I iiatntnond. 236. High Holborn. London. PULLETS which don't lay don't pa v. JL Karswood Charmless) Spice ensures eggs. Packets 2d., 6d,, Ik. Roberts. Chemist, < Meiiai Bridge. 48-J?n.lS j AR WERT'H.—•Complete set <? Bren?ing I -?' L in H?rnesK Oiewydd). Quality ?or?u.. nm bris isel. Williams, Cerrig Gwna, Bod- wing, Llangefni. 30-Janv-27 FOR SALE.—Several good L'n't-?s. 'j! .L ?xes ?id weights. M"?w hrtt?s. "1/, .•xce'lent strOing.Sprinrg Cart, carry 1 ton. and complete good st-rong S<>t, of H«vne«.». Full size Furniture Vain for Hire. Road or Rail.— J. Owen, Slate Quay, Carnarvon. t.o WALLPAPERS fmm 4? I)-,r roll. A v W qtM-t?titv. !.M'? or small, -suppi ed at WHOI.E8.tTjE PRICES. L??-Kt ?tof.k in Great, Rr tajn. Writ for patterns stating elafis required. fiDapt. 282). BARNETT WALLPAPER CO., LTD.. MANCHESTER. .J 11 1 FOR SALE.—.Bargains: Impoi-tant to jt' .)- 4n,c «- -.r. ). S r closed, beautiful, most expensive, by DOted maker.—a W?g?TMtt.e R?s. &h:)ft?. pole and ma.ke.r,a Wa?gor)Tiett,e Bii%, bar Cwtv ? )'?c;id" ?"?'3.? "?? tu!|>■> -tnd nr'foiWly rrininied with blue cloth. This modlcrn camagp. through.out cannot be dis- tinguished from new; hIs** special\ ?sht. !(??-;nHt'(?nt I?c?dnu-tcttp and Brougham, aF 'I1ZW when !jft wc.r?s. Su 't any size both rubber tyres, grand small pony Rallie Car. rubber tyres.wvt soiled, will saerifiee- at 1 f figures.—J. Own. Rose Cottage. Carnarvon. Feb.-3 I