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riii p 1R F E MCA!:R!ONR E MONDAY, TUES. & WEDNESDAY, ■ ft Also Matinee, Monday, at 2-30, 'THE COWARD: OTRONG DRAMA, IN 5 PARTS. The Tale of a, Heroic Father and his "Coward" Son; also, 'WHAT COULD THE POOR CIRL DO." TWO-PART COMEDY. Prices of Admission: 1/2 7d 4d r- MAP Y RHYFEL — YNG — NGWLEDYDD Y BEIBL. Tu daugos safle, a symudiadau y gwahanol fyddinoedd yn el). perthynas a THEITHTAU BlANESiYDDIL Y BEIBL, gan- BERIAH CWYNFE EVANS. Cyhoeddedig gan GWMNI'R "DARlAiM," Pris 6-. drwy'r post. Telerau arferol i Lyfrwerthwyr. AnIcAw am cLano i- SWYDDFA'R "DARLAiS," 19, Heol Ca-prdvdd. ABERDAR. MAP CYMRAEG vw hwn, a, bydd yn fuddiol iawn i YSGOLION SUL. 1 APDYSCOL. y SGOL SIR AKERMAW. (I Fechgvn a Merched) Prifataraw: Edmund D. Jones, M.A. (Lon.) Athxawon Cynorthwyol: John Lloyd. M.A. W. A. Beddows, B.Sc.; W. B. Williams B..Sc. Athrawesau Cynorthwyol: Miss L. M. M. A-,da,m,, M.A.; Miss Mary Davies, B.A. Yn ughydag Athrawesau profiadol mevyn Coginiaeth a Cherddoriaeth. Telerau: £4 10s Oc. y flwyddyn. Pob manylion odiiwrth y Prifathraw, neu- R. LLEWELYN OWEN. Clerc. POSTAL TU ITION XTOUNG MEN ?ged 16 to 25 wanted, to JL t?ke up ?ourses in the following snb- jectg:- Mining, Magnetism. and Electricity. Telephony, Ordinary and Advanced- Telegraphy, do. do. Wireless Telegraphy do. do. Submarine Cable Working and Test- ig. Elementary Electrical Engineering. Engineering, Mathematics. Write for prospectus and terms to SECRETARY, W.A. 9 Dept., Shaws College, 55, Alexandra Road, Longport. Stalls- =- ARWERTHIANTAU -< MR. ROBT G. JONES, i AUCTIONEER AND VALUER, CARNARVON. QJMITHFIELD, CARNARVON. DYDD MERCHER NESAF, Ionawr 3. 1917. A phoib pythefnos wedyn yn ystod y flwyddyn. Bydd gofyn da ar bethaiu yn y Sale hon. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY. The desirable detached Residence known as "BRYNGWYN." ST. DAVID'S ROAD. CARNARVON. One of the best built Houses in town. F-ull pai-ticulars on application to Robert G. Jones, Auctioneer, CARNARVON. TENDERS TENDERS are invited at r ton or cubic jL foot, for the removal of timber by aerial Ropeway of otherwise, from hill top to adjoining roadside, in Bettws-y-coed district. approximate quantity. 4,000 tons. Further partciulars from Messrs Green, Timber Merchants, Llanrwst. 6372 LLONGAU. AUSTRALIA BY THE ORIENT LINE. Via Cape of Good Hope, Under Contract to carry Hit Majesty's Mails to FREMANTLE, ADELAIDE, MELBOURNE, SYENEY. BRISBANE. Through bookings to all Ports in AUSTRALIA, TASMANIA, NEW ZEALAND. Saloon tickets interchangeable with P. and O. Line. Managers.—F. GREEX & CO., ANDER- SON, ANDERSON & CO. For passage apply to the latter firm at 5, Fenchurch Avenue, London, E.C. or to the Branch Office, 28, Cockspur Street, S.W. ALLAN ROYAL LINE TO CANADA. LIVERPOOL, GLASGOW, LONDON, and HAVRE, to CANADA, NEWFOUNDLAND, & U.S.A. ALLANS 19, James Street, Liverpool; 14, Cockspur Street, S. W., and 103, Leadenhall Street, London, E.C. CUNARD LINE. REGULAR, PASSENGER AND FREIGHT SERVICES LIVERPOOL-NEW YORK. London=New York. London=Canada. Bristol=Canada=New York, FOR RATES OF PASSAGE. FREIGHT. DATES OF SAILING, & PARTICUL iRS AS TO LOADING BERTHS. Apply CUNARD LINE. Liverpool; London, 51, Bishopsgate, E.C. 29-31, Cockspur Street. S.W. 65. Baldwin Street Bristol; 18a. High Street., Cardiff; 141: Corporation Street, Birmingham or to Local Agents. 0 TI E PROBLEM IS SETTLED—FOR MISTRESS AND MAID-the problem of labour shortage in the household. MONKEY BRAND settles it by lessening the work; by making easier and quicker the cleaning and polish- ing of everything in the home that needs cleaning and polishing. It is splendid for Brass, Tin, Copper, Steel, Iron-for all Metaiware, in short; it works wonders with Woodwork and Painted Surfaces cleans and shines China, Glassware, Enameiware, Marble, Ti!c-.vorlt and Linoleum cleans nearly everything inside and outside the house, but it WON'T WASH CLOTHES. MONKEY BRAND is also prepared in powder form under the name of POW DER MONKEY. For some parts of the work POWDER MONKEY is handier than MONKEY BRAND. Both should be used in every household. Use MONKEY BRAND for Use POWDER MONKEY for cleaning and polishing Tin, scrubbing Floors, Tables, Copper, Brass, Marble, Dressers, Cupboards, Sinks, Enamel, Linoleum, China, and for cleaning Gas Stoves Glassware, &c. and Cooking Utensils. BENJAMIN BROOKE & CO. LIMITED. M 102-33 111111 »i 1 agmMB——t 1 ARWERTHIANTAU » ■ ■■ m —— MESSRS JOHN PRITCHARD AND CO., AUCTIONEER* AND VALUERG, BANGOR. MENAI BRIDGE SMITHFIEL.D. The Best Appointed and Best Centre in North W ales. MESSRS. JOHN PRITCHARD and CO. BELL BY AUCTION every other Monday, commencing with the sheep at a-m- 000 to 609 RIPE FAT SHEEP & LAMBS and -— 150 to 200 FLLT AND STORE CATTLE. Large wholesale buyers regularly attend trom Lancashire and Cheshire special terms offered to vendors at a distance. AR WERTH KILL THAT INSECT, TOMMY.-Send J [ tpala "out yonder" some tins of W&A there's a. big chance you' -11 have "cornip,anioiw". A little Harrisons's Pomade kills every insect on hair or body. insist on having Harrisons's Nursery Pomade. "Tins of Comfort" at 4ld and 9d. Sold by all Chemista-or by Post from Harrison Chemist. Reading. Carnarvon: R. Ro berts; Llangefni, R. R. Jones; Bangor: J. Bowen; Holyhead: R. H. Williams; Port- madoo: T. Jenkins; Bethesda: W. Morris; Criocieth: E. Davies Hughes, and Co.; Pen- y-groes: J. Elite Jones; Amlwch: R. Jones. —All Chemists. LLANBERIS.—Ar werth yn gyfrinachol, y .LJ ty rhydd-ddaliadol No. 39, Newton- street, Llanberis. Am fanylion pellach ym- ofyner iL Mri. Morris Owen & Trevor Roberts, Cyfreifchwyr, Caernarfon. GREAT BARGAINS.—New Milk or \jr Pleasure Floats, Rubber and Iron Tyres. Also second-hand Governess Cars— cheap, and other varieties. Inspection invited. RfcJfyal Carriage Works, Carnarvon. FOR SALE—Excellent Cart Mare, 16 JL hands,-owing to foe in foal. Guaran- teed quiet and a good worker in all gears. 'Rare opportunity.—J. Owen, SLate Quay, Carnarvon. ONE beginner paid all expenses and made clear profit in six months through using Karswood Poultry Spice (containing ground insects). Packets 2d., 6d, Is. Try it. Jones, Pharmacist, Amlwch, Anglesey. 48-Jan. 13 FOR SALE.—Large White Ulster Sow; Fwond litter. Eue to f&rrow. 20th Jan- uary next. Very choice. Also, several Large White Ulster Boars, 5 months old. Ear marked. Sire, unbeaten in Show Yard.— Irvine A. Anderson, Killalis House, Fintona. Co. Tyrone, Ireland. 48-Jan-6 S CREWS-Mixed: 28s twt. 281bs, 7s 6d; Wire, Cut and Wrought Nails Staples, Tacks, Rivets, Bolts, and Nails, etc., at Vail Works. 25 to 28 Rea-Sr., Birmingham. Who!esale Prices.C. W. Hay lea, Midland Nail Work. 25 to 28 Rea-st.. Birmingham. SHORTHORN Calves for Rearing, from record Cheshire Milkers and Ppre Bred Bulls. Quotations to any Station. No famev prices Correspondence a pleasure- FRANK DOBIE, Littelten, Chester. L ADIES Nurse Hammond's Improved Remedies act in a few hours when all else fails. Surprisingly effective. Send stamped envelope for free sample, to E. N. liammond, 236, High Holborn, London. PULLETS which don't lay don't pay. -L Karswood (harmless) Spice ensures eggs. Packets 2d., 6d., Is. Roberts, Chemist, Menai Bridge. 48-.Ian.18 1^" ARSWOOD Poultry Spioe containing 1 ground insects will double your egg smpply. 2d., 6d., h. Williams, Chemist. Medical Hall, Cemaes Bay. 48-Jan. 4 C ANARIE:S-,Of every varietv, for Singing and Breeding. Best and largest collec- tion in World. Approval Also Goldfinches. Linnets, etc. Illustrated list free. See this before deciding elsewhere. Genuine Talking Parrots. Strongest Birdlime. 7d. Is Id. Is 6d Self-setting Trap Nets best in England, 211 2d, 2!-1 9d.—RUDD. Sppn^.lirt. TCnr-viVn AR WERTH—Ty hardd a chyfleus cvf- addia<> iawn i feddyg medrus, mewn ardal iy 1,000 (m:1) o boblogaeth, He y bu farw yn ddiweddar feddyg ipoblogaidd.—Ymofvned trwv lyfchyr a, C.D.49, Swyùdfa'r "Ge.neeP," Carnarvon, 47tc. PULLETS.—March 1916 hatch-laving. L 3s 6d each 40s dozen six and cock 24a.—HummeU, Stratford, Essex. List free. YN EISIEU DALIER SYLW. — Mae Mrs. W. W !?ThomM. M Sl. 32, Strvd v Urn Caernarfon, yn pi-vntj pob math o Ddodrefn Hemafol. Treselvdd. Ovpyrddau Bw-y4i, Tri- darn Hen Gade'rian etc. 1383 WANTEE1—Fowls, Rabbits, and EAAS. (V Best prices given.-H. R. Williams, and Co., St ,7'nh n's Market. Liverpool w ANTEL'Larg,, quantities of new-laid Eggs Write offers of price required, and", hat quantity you have to offer. Cash on. receipt of Eggs. Ffodgettp and Salisbury. Gel] ntreet. Sheffield. u- Y\TANTED—To purchase Larch and Scotch V ?tandmg or fel?d in any qu&nt?e- Mtt?b?e for Pit Word. Particulars to The (t. J. Eveson Coal and Coke Co, Ltd., Birmingham. w ANTED-For Private Houst7 in Eng v V lnud-Good Class of Maids with good reference. Plenty of Places in every part of Nrrth Wales. Private a.)<] Business.—Apply MI" Ephraim. Origiral Registry Offi, Bl. F.t,]Tliolll Y-N EISIEU—Geneth ieuanc tna 15 oed fei i moTwyn, ger Caernarfon. Cartref Cys. urus dau yn y teulu.—Pob many lion. cyflog. etc.. i Box 48'HLl', 'Genedl' Office. Carnar- von. 48-Jan. 6. WANTED—Immediately,, a sharp youth W for office in Carnarvon. Must hn >e a good hand-writing.—Apply by letter only: S50, "Genedl" Office. Carnarvon. YN E:IS.IAU-F farm, heb yn fawr yn JL Ngogledd Cvmru. Anfoner at Cymro, 48. "Genedl" Office, Carnarvon. 48-tc YN EISIEU—Yn Ngogledd Cymru. Fform JL fechan mewn ardal wlodig, gyda rhent rhesymol. Manylion Lvda'd telerau: H.W.49. "Ocriedi" Office. Carnarvon. 49-Jan 19 ;N- ETSIEU,-Dynes brofbidol i Treharris, X Hfiiisekeepev, dau yri y teulu a'r » wrfiie yn awr vn an;ilinoir. Cvfloar olla i bpr"w cvimwys.—Ymofvner a R-0.49" Genedl Offi(-. Camurvon. 49-Jan. 20 1 ROGERY and Provisions: Smart Im- prover, or junior assistant. Apply full j particulars; out-doors.—Apply Ellis's Stores, WANTED—Strong General; clean; plain V V cooking, 2 maids kept.-29, Curzon Road. Birkenhead. RHYBUDD CYHOEPDUS. TYSTED Y T) ARCH. G. CEICIOG ROBERTS. LLANLLYFNI. £ a d Cyhoeddwyd eisoes — — — — 54 6 10 Wa-. John G. Jonw, 6, SaJem Terr., Pwllheli 050 Rev. Rhys Lewis, Salem, Bettws Garmon 0 3 0 Rev J. E- Hughes, M.A.,B.D., icaa-narvon 0 5 0 iMT Richard D. Morris, Manch Terr. Llanllyfni 0 7 6 Mr William Morris, 112 High Road', Llanllyfni — — — •— — 026 Mr W. E. Jones, Fort Terrace, Ll.anUyf'iii 0 2 6 Mr Wm. Jones, LJwvd Coed Fawr, Llanllvfni. 0 2 0 Mr Wm. Wm. Jones, Llwyd Coed Llanllyfrii 0 1 0 Mr Richard Roberts, Llwyd Coed, Llanllyfrii 026 Mr. John G. Jones, Llwvd Coed, Llanllyiui — — — — .— 026 Mr. Richard H. Roberts, Byron House, Llanllyfni — — 0 3 6 Dienw (Pa-ntglas) — — — — 0 2 6 Mr. W. Panrv, Pantgjas — — — 0 1 0 Mr. W. Itobeit. Manchester 0 2 6 Miss Annie Roberts, Glan Gorfl, Tanrallt 020 (Mrs Loive Hughes, 52, Woods worth, Street. Lverpool. 0 5 0 Mr J. Williams (IJew Etaulyn), NantLLe — — 026 Mr. Wm. Walter Jones. Fourcrosses 10 0 Mr a Mrs Williams. Gelli Dywyll, Miaientwrog. — — — — 0 10 0 Derbynir y tanysgrifiadau yn ddiolchgar gan yr ysgrifenvddion:— Mr. 0. W. JONES, Snowdon Street, Penvgroes. N. Mr. J. B. LAVTES, Council School, Llanllyfni. COF-GOLOFN Y PARCH. O. G. OWEN, (AIxAFON). Derbyniwyd. yn ychwanegol at yr 1 yn a gyhoeddwvd eisoeg:- £ s d Svr John Roberts, Carnarvon 110 Mr David Jones, Waterloo, Liver- pool 110 Mr John Griffith, Bryn Llanfair 1 10 Mr William Jones (Perthi), Johan- nesburg 100 Mrs. Hughes. Boderwydd, Carnar- von. er cof am y di\veddar Mr John Jones, Druid House. 0 10 6 Parch. John Eva.ns. Llairsroed— 0 5 0 Parch. R. W. Hugihes. Bang-or. 0 2 6 Mr R. Williams, School House, Llanddeiniolen 0 2 0 Cyfanswm 160 R 5 Y mae y pwyllgor yn ddSolchgar i saredigion y mudiad uchod am eu parodrwydd yn cyf- ranu'n haelionus. Symudir ymlaen at rqd7 Cof-igolofn mor fuan ag y caniata amgylch- iadiau'r wlad hynny. E'efnyddir y gweddilJ o'r arian at gael ysgolo-riaeth yn y gol Sir y dosbarth. fel y trefnwyd ar v cvntaf. Hvd hynnv, bydd yr aran ynrr nigofal y Trysor- ydd yn yr Ariandy. Os digwydd i ryw ewvllvsiwr da. sydd heb pirannii deimlo ar ei ga-lon wneud hynnv. derbvnir y rhodd yn dd'()lchga.r gan v Trysorydd. Diros y pwvllsror:— O. J, JONES, Penisarwaen, Llvwydd. T. HUGHES, Y.H., Caernarfon, Trys- orvdd. R. 0. WTLLIAMS, Cwmyglo, Ysgrif- enydd.