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I Manion.

I Gleanings.


I Gleanings. It appears now that the only thing more destructive than an invading Hun is a re- treating one. The prospect for thrones for all those six sons of eld Kai seems to look pretty bad now. Bill Kaiser said to' Ambassador Gerard "I shall stand no nonsense from America." Well, you're not getting Bill. It is going to be pretty hard on the poor patients German people, with all the other things they have to bear, not to have any more atrocities to look forward to. Germany professes to have had a change of heart. Be that as it may, Wilson and Lloyd George demand also a change of head. The Germans towards the end of the war were using armor that protects chest and abdomen, but not being reversible it proved of little use to them. Prince Max was back in '96, confined in an insane asylum, which fact perhaps es- pecially fitted him for handling his country's late emergency. The Allies wanted victory. The Germans wanted. Both wishes shall be fulfilled. Allied interests made a very good thing in cashing in their Czeches. The Allies advancing had one firm design, and that was to wind up the watch on the Rhine. The Crown Prince says now that he had no desire to annihilate the Allied armies. What will those German ships carry which are being built for trade after the war, and where will they carry it ? The Hinderburg line didn't mean so much after all, it's the Hohenzollern line that we went out to smash. The Kaiser must be taught there can be no wreck without a reckoning. There is a big difference between an un- conditional and a Hun-conditional peace. There can be no concert of the nations un- til Germany has learned to play second fiddle instead of the big bass drum. It is not true that the Kaiser has reashed the end of his rope, when he does that, his feet will lack four or five feet of reaching the ground. With Turkey it is merely a matter of deciding who is going to do the carving. W. H. H.

——i41....———— "Blighty."


I Yr Ysgoi Ganolraddol. I