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Premier and Peace.


Premier and Peace. DOMINIONS TO BE CONSULTED IN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS. "There must be no hugger-mugger peace; it must be a real peace. The god of brute force must this time and for ever be broken and burnt in its own furnace." This was the declaration of Mr, Lloyd George at a dinner given by the Ministry of Information on Saturday to the Canadian editors visiting this country. Lord Beaver- brook presided, In the next few weeks Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Newfoundland will deter- mine the conditions under which we are prepared to make peace, proceeded the Premier. Unless I am mistaken, we are pretty well in agreement upon them. You must have the monster consumed in the fires of his own order," said the Prime Minister, alluding to the German god of brute force. We are going together, and I am very glad that the British Empire is find- ing its own in such a struggle,"



Eisteddfod Casteiinedd.