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The Duke of Connaught and…


The Duke of Connaught and the Bible Society. At the annual meeting of the British and Foreign Bible Society, held in London on May i last, the following letter was read from H.R.H. the Duke of Connaught, accept- ing the invitation to become President of the Society :— I will be very pleased to accept the presidency. I am well aware of the great good the Society has done all over the world, and I gladly associate myself with so noble an undertaking." We also gather from the annual report, which has just reached us, the following interesting facts :— During the past year the Scriptures have been translated in seven fresh languages, making a total of 511 languages and dialects in which the Society has been able to publish the whole or parts of the Bible. There are still however millions waiting for the Gospel in their own tongue.. During the past four years the record number of forty million volumes have been circulated all over the world. Most note- worthy is the fact that nearly 3,000,000 of the books issued last year were Gospels sold in China, so great has the demand been in that country. About a million have gone out in the languages of our fellow-subjects in India, where, at the present time there is a great movement towards Christianity. The Society employs about r-000 men and 250 Bible-women in different countries, who offer the Scriptures to the people at a price within the reach of the poorest, and nearly always at less than the cost of production. As President Wilson declared "The men who are going to the front need the support of the only book from which they can get it." To-day, in trenches and billets and bar- rack-rooms, on troopships and in prison camps, fighting men of many races are read- ing our little khaki-bound volumes. The stream of Red Cross Testaments and Gospels flow out every day from the Bible House, free of charge, to unnumbered hospitals, where the wounded and weary drink in healing and rest to their souls from God's Book. During the last year, for example, 20,000 copies were given to British wounded in Egypt alone; and over 300,000 copies went to p: isoners in central Europe. Millions of Testaments and Gospels in English, as well as great numbers of books in the chief Indian and African languages, have been supplied to our own fighting men from all parts of the Empire. Among the French armies the Scriptures have been distributed in French, Malagasy, Jolbf, and three different dialects of Arabic. For Italian soldiers 250,000 Testaments and Gospels have been provided in their own tongue, while Italian troops from Abyssinia have eagerly bought the Scriptures in Amharic. Serbian fighting men and refugees have received thousands of books in their mother- speech. In Russia the Scriptures have been dis- tributed in a dozen different languages among multitudes involved in the war. Gospels in Braille type were presented to French and Italian soldiers blinded in battle, The year has been a record one, as the Society has received more financial help than in any previous year; but, on the other hand, it has been one of unprecedented ex- penditure, owing to the greatly increased cost of production, etc., the price of paper alone being now six times more than before the war. The Right Hon. John Hodge, Minister of Pensions, who addressed the annual meet- ing, concluded his remarks by saying My hope and prayer is that the Bible may be more thoroughly studied and that we may have greater faith in what it teaches. The prayer of every Christian man and woman ought to be that the Gospels, which are distributed by this Society all over the world, may be read and pondered over and lived by and my further hope is that out of this great catastrophe we may make a real beginning with the establishment of Christ's Kingdom upon earth. The Bible .ought to be a source of inspiration to every man, a beacon light, like the lighthouse to the mariner." The representative of the Society in Buenos Aires is Mr. W. C. K. Torre, B. Mitre 334, from whom books in any of the 511 languages may be obtained and to whom all communications may be addressed. Co- operation in the work of the Society is solicited, and donations may be ear-marked For War Work," For South America," or For General Work,Buenos Aires Herald. 1 [Trwy law y Br. D. R. EVANS.] 4#*

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