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Cwmni Undebol Dyfrahol y Camwy…

I "With'fthe Allies to Berlin."


Yr Ysmaldod Dirwestol.I

Death of Lord RHONDDA.'


of the almost fanatical inter-departmental opposition. N But an even greater and more urgent task awaited him. He was asked, again by Mr. Lloyd George, to rescue the country from a threatening food revolution. Still, knowing his own grave danger, and, of course, conscious of the ever-grow-ing seriousness, of the internal trouble, he did not hesitate. With a courage equal to the best shown on the field of battle, he became Food Controller, and, with supreme pa- tience, skill, and driving power, he solved a problem that seemed insoluble. He tackled the greatest oneman task of the war, and under the inftuenoe of his policy and work, public anger dissolved, discontent died out, and every man, woman, and child had an equal share of the available food supplies. Lord Rhondda succeeded where all others had failed, both in this and other countries; he won the respect and confi- dence and affection of the whole public because it was seen that he had solved the food trouble in a manner that was absolute- ly just to all and unfair to none. It was a colossal task carried out by a brave man who knew that every effort meant a f ut-ther concession to the Spirit of Death, which was steadily and progressively levying the toll foretold by the great specialist. "Go very quietly if you want to live, said the doctor. Lord Rhondda felt it was not a time for ease, and what of life was left to him he cheerfully and heroically! gave so that his country might he saved, And who shall say that he has lost, and not won ? ————