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Gleanings. The American idea of holding a line is to to advance it. It seems to have escaped the attention of striking workmen that the men who are fight- ing for them get no rise. We Kings must stick together," the Aus- trian Emperor is said to have written to the King of Bulgaria. It is possible that Carl thought that Ferdinand cannot see further than his nose After sitting on the fence for a pretty long while, it appears that Spain begins to see who is going to win, and accordingly ? Germany is already talking about the next war." That is reasonable, as it seems to have mussed up this one beyond repair. A German military expert says that the Teutons know exactly how many reserves the Allies have. Perhaps that is why they decided not to break through and take Paris The British War Department announces that the aeroplane service will require all the castor-oil for lubrication purposes let them have it, it will greatly help to turn the "goose- step into a trot towards the Rhine. Our old friend Von Luxburg has got the "kick out by the Kaiser, but then, it was no new thing to him. • V • w-H« ii- j