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Y RHVF?E? y m

* Ceffylau i'r LlywodraetSi…


Ceffylau i'r LlywodraetSi ^rydemig. Brydein?. '7 Deilgys yr isod fod" y Trafnoddwr Prydeinig", Mr. Spencer S. Dickson. wedi bod mewn gohbiaeth. gyda Mr. Reg-inald Tower, y Gweinidog* Prydeinig' vn Buenos Aires, yng-lyn ag- anfon ceffylau i fod at wasanaeth y Llywodraeth Brydeinig' yn y rhyfel bresenol. Hyderwn y bydd i'r pwyllg-or g-weith- iol" g'ycla'r symudiad gwJadgaroJ a dyn- g-arol bwn dderbyn yr awgrymiadau isod a g'weithredu yn unol a hwynt. Teimlwn yn ddiolchg-ar i Mr. Dickson am anfon yr ohebiaeth i'w chyhoeddi, a drwg- g-enym iddi ddyfod i law yn rhy ddiweddar nos Wener i ymddangos yn y DRAFOD ddiweddaf. BUEiNos AIRE-q,, March 15, 1915. Sir, I have received your despatch No. 4 of the 4th instant, informing me of the desire of estancieros in the Chubut Valley and the Colonia 16 de Octubre to present horses to His Majesty's Goverment for patriotic purposes. The spirit which animates the prospective donors is very gratifying, and I request you ito convey to them the very sincere appre- ciation which will be felt by His Majesty's Goverment when they learn of efforts being made by the loyal subjects of His Majesty and the sympathisers with our cause. I' As far as concerns the shipping of the horses to England, there appears to be a great difficulty. Ships are scarce now, and freights abnormally high. It may be a matter of considerable time before a vessel coul i reach Port Madryn, and it would not be worth chartering one unless at least 200 to 250 horses were to be embarked. In all the circumstances, it appears to me ,that the pecuniary value of the horses would be the most acceptable to His Majesty's Government, and I would suggest to the donors that steps should be taken, should such a course commend itself to them, that the horses be sold by public auction, and the proceeds remitted to me. A list of the .subscribers should of coure be sent with the money, in order that I may enumerate them in trasmitting the amount to England. With an expression of my personal grati- tude to the generous contributors to the Patriotic Fund, I am, Sir, Your obedient servant, (Signed) REGINALD TOWER. Spencer S Dickson, Esq. Port M'adryn Chubut.

I O,iz: OGOP. !-