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| BEATY Blos I THE CELEBRATED I I NAVAL and MILITARY TAILORS, I I Complete Outfits at most Reasonable Prices. N AN IMMENSE SELECTION OF TRENCH COATS, S BRITISH WARMS, BRIDGE COATS. And all other Garments required for immediate Wear. I BEATY BROS., Ltd., |28 & 30 C H U Rc H S T R E E T  28 & 30 C"URC" STREET9 ¡"Open all day Wadile??day,,3. I 37 to 43 LONDON ROAD, I 37 to 43 LONDON ROAC)G Open all da.v ?aturdays. I LIVERPOOL | WM. GRIFFITHS& SONS 29 South John St., Liverpool, AND 349 Stanley Road, Bootie, MAKERS OF SMART CLOTHES FOR Civilians, Officers and Ladies. I Raincoats ready to weir and to order, inter- lined oilailk to waist or throughout, making the garment thoroughly rainproof, in Greys aad Fawns of all shades. Prices from 55 upwa ds. State Breast measure and length required when ordering. k A yw'ch Liygaid yn eich blino ? Yw pethaa'n troi'n niwlog ac anal wig ? Dyna arwydd a rhybudd llethdod y llygad, a dylech ga el en hedrych rhag blaen eu gwaathiyga \vna'u heageulso. Gallvra ni, tyda'ii hollar gwyddoaol, ddweyd wrthych 98 oes arnoch aagea gwydrau ac os Idly, eich cyfleawi i'r rhai a barai fWlaf 6108 i chwi. Galwch heddyw- Archer & SONS Eyesight Specialists, V 3 LORD STREETi :I Setydlwyd 1148, LIVERPOOL 1 "I j——IIIII 11 Bill ■iiiiili in II Miiiiiii nilibi mil 1111 nir l MORRIS EVANS' Household Oil IS STILL ftfeead of all other remedies FOR 33Jbtc»uixi £ i.ti8ixi. Soia/fcioa, £ iUm\l)Cfc £ ^Ot and 1lIlè.unds of al kinds. In battles 1/3 a /9 ah-OCe-ra db cíi&emi8t8, or direct for above Yprices from M.0RRIS iEVANS & Co., IfcI."UFACTORY, ffESTINIG N. WALZS, LIVERPOOL The SHAFTESBURY," MOUNT PLE ILSANT, 4 mm. wan him* so. "t Otmrai 8tsi i j y.^rnj}<K'.inoe fjotoi. Moderate ats ■ §n%(ittHatr Hitui. &*po«j." Pitmt 3 ASK FOR IDRIS Table Waters In Liyphoxmi and Bottiti6 SODA WATER, POTASH WATER, SELTZER WATER LEMONADE, DRY GINGER. ALE, Etc., etc. IDRIS & Co., Ltd., 50rthuraberland ¡St., LIVERPOOL o. oaiFFiras 42 SON 221 Brecfc &4.. and 9 Moss St.. L'pool. Pian.os & Orgam by all the leading makers. From 81- per month tiriMOBM—484x Aafleld & 3771 KOYAt i KEEP SMILING We have a few Motor Cycles left, and as we do no know when we shall get any more we advise you to purchase now. Samples of what we have in stock a re MOTO Reve, 4 h.p. Twin 137,110 o Rudge-Multi, 3^ h.p £ 42 10 0 Ryder, 2-stroke, z-speed izz 19 6 RUDGE MULTI, 1917 pattern £ 58 15 o Motosacoche, 4-stroke {.10 o o And many others all at pre-war price. RUDCJES," BOLD STREET, LIVERPOOL ROBERTS EDWARDS, ESTATE AGENTS, 64 KlrKdale Rd.. Liverpool I- Telephone: 2193 Royal.

Trem l-ProfFwydoliieth Bangor.

Trem II—Gwyrth Rwsia.I

Trem i!i-Encil y gelyn.