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DAVIESS SECOND-HAND AND SLIGHTLY USED 1 7z N os A piano has now become an essential part of a home, contributing largely to its pleasure and innocent pastime.fs. Even in wartime music helps to soothe its many pangs. Its influence is elevating, and its study profit- able. Your attention is respectfully directed to this week's Sale Bargains, of handsome second-hand and slightly-used Pianos by sueh makers as Collard and Collard, Brins- mead, Mornington and Weston, Cramer, and many others, in good condition, at reduced priees for cash. You will come in touch with all the essentials of high-grade piano qualifi- cations in, brilliancy of touch and perfect technique, showing the great saving which may be affected without sacrifice of quality. Inspection invited. THIS WEEK'S BARGAINS. DAVIES'S PRICE Worth Jp 1 HII 7 Id OLNER MODEL, up-right -L?U/ ? 11U walnut, sweet-toned if p.ano, panel front £18 Y415110 BRINSMEAD, Rosewood case handsome, loud tone; nice condition. £25 *17,1 AU 0 CRAMER. Handsome wal nut, trichord, ivorykeys, brilliant tone elastic touch; double sconces, in nice condition £25 £18/10 IRON FRAME, beautiful AO/ 1U mahogany, very powerful toned Piano, under-damp er, tape-check action re- commended. £ 28 3C*a Q1 J.1f 0 C IRON FRAME, full-size solid walnut, elegant ap- pearance, treble panel and Art sconces, iron frame, x full trichord, loud-toned Piano; b,argain. S30 122/10 DREAPER MODEL, brilliantl tone exceptional '-tone and touch bargain £ 32 3o*«MOQf /fl VAN GRUISEN, upright, \I ;ron Grand, full trichord, 7 octaves, beautiful solid walnut case, brilliant tone and responsive touch I- -E32 grand instrument. -£32 POO/m HAROLD MODEL, very ???05 '7< /i?. n v brilliant, upright iron frame very loud and vol- uminous toned; walnut 7 octave, exceptionally fine touch. £ 38 DAVIES'S, 30 Low Hill, Liverpool, Closed Wed. at 1. Open Sat. until 9-0 Old Swan Car from all stations. Fare One Penny. Diamondand Gem Rings AT GREATLY REDUCED PRCES, IN ALL THE I.ATEST STYLES, IN SOLID 18-CARAT GOLD AND PLATINUM It's owing to the Fine Quality of these Superb Gems which accounts for their in- tense Sparkle and Brilliancy. The charm of these Rings will be the talk of all time, merer failing to please and give pleasure to their owners, with the comfy feeling of a good investment against a rainy day. RE- DUCED SALE /PRICES NOW PREVAIL, and afiord an opportunity to secure GOOD SOUND YAMTE IN DIAMONDS Rarely Offered, SALE •ATALO GUE FREE. SATISFACTION ASSURED, £ 14-Sale Price-c £ 5/12/6 Large Diamond Half- Hoop I j HANDSOME 5-stone large Diamond 18 ct Gold Claw set half-hoop RING, each stone of intense fire and brilliancy, beautifully cut gems. Also very rich quality roun4 Diamond Cluster Ring, very neat and lustrous stones usual £ 13, sale price £ 6 /IB Also lustrous stones, usual £ 13, now £ 6 /18/ Also Hand- some 2-stone Diamond Cross-over Ring, set in platinum and 18-ct. gold. Also 3-stone beautiful Diamond Cross-over Ring, mounted in the latest claw setting. Also large 5-stone purest white first water Diamond Half-Hoop elaw-set Ring, rare value (new this year); usually £ 18, sale price £ 9/15/ Also very large 5-stone genuine Brazilian Diamond 18-et. half-hoop, intense fire, usually £ 55, Sale price £25 flO with repurchase guarantee of 02 Also Superb half-hoop, pure white Diamonds, in platinum setting. Sale price £ 14 m/- Also other genuine bargains at greatly reduced prices. DAVIES'S, 30 LOW HILL. FURTHER SELECTED BARGAINS. Usual SALE Price PRICE DIAMONDS, 5 large white Diamonds, rare fire and kigtre, 18-ct. carved sett- ing, a wonderful, strong, serviceable ring £ 12 5/7/6 DIAMONDS, handsome 3- stone Cross-over Ring, lus- trous gems, neat 18-ct. geld, platinum set ?10 A/in/ ?:/i// DIAMONDS, superb 5-stone stylish 18-ct. Claw-set, half-hoop Engagement I Ring, lovely gems, bargain ZS Oo/ nlma/ DIAMONDS, fashionable 5- I gfone strong heavy 18-ct. ,&law-set half-hoop, lustrous gems, others at 55 58 62 h 701-, and 75 J- £6 2/10 DIAMONDS, very neat 5. stone Diamond 18-ct. claw- set half-hoop, double cut 1 /I E/ gems, rare lustre j f 1/151 OVER 200 RINGS AT REDUCED PRICES DAVIES'S <0 LOW HILL LIVERPOOL. Watches by Noted Makers EFFICIENCY and SATISFACTION ASSURED WARRANTY WITH EVERY WATCH See our Window Display of High-class Watche s by eminent makers. Every Watch is accompanied with a guarantee. Eyery Watch is daily timed and tested. Month's trial allowed with every Watch and cash refunded if not as represented. If unable to pay a calf, write for Sale Price List. !ree upon application- Geods may be stored free of charge until required. A TRAM FARE SAVES POUNDS. DAVIES'S, 30 LOW HILL (Via Old S1,can or West Derby Cars). CLOSE at 8. WED. 1, SAT. 9. 18/18/- -Gent's HlGH-GïtADE 35-Guin- ea Solid 18-ct Gold f-plate Chronograph, Centre-seconds Hunting Eng- lish Lever of very reliable make and perfectly adjusted jewelled in ALL actions, very finest hand-made i-plate patent keyless movement, chronometer gold screw balance, isochropised to all positions and compensated to all temperatures UNSURPASSED for reliable service, both at home and abroad ;J KEEPS ACCURATE TIME, is in condition as new, in brilliantly polished Solid Heavy 18-ct. English Government Hall-marked cases, damp and dirt proof, with our 30 years' guarantee and ONE MONTH'S TRIAL. AJso a magnificent 18-ct. very heavy highly-adjusted Russell & Son Chronograph Hunter, 21 jewels, new montht ago; sale price jC21 /10 usual £45. Ex- changes. Davies's, 30 Low Hill. S25 RUSSELL'S 18-CT. GOLD HUNTER. £14 /14 /GJ!.T'S HEAVY, EXTRA FINE ?IGH-GRADE KEYLESS HUNT- I ER, by THOS. RUSSELL & SON, Church street, Liverpool, Makers to Royalty; 19 rubies, brequet spring, chronometer balance, patent keyless action, and latest improvements, genuine f-plate, British manufacture through- out, tested to all positions and temperatures, and warranted forservice at home and abroad, wit,h microdecimal dial, registering the 300th part of a minute, with outside stop work, in condition as new, with makers, and our guarantee, 25 years; new this year (proof) with repurchase guarantee, £12/121-, any time or exchange inferior watches take n as part payment. Also 18-carat Gold Waltham Keyless Hunter. £ 10/17/6, usual £ 18. DAVIES'S, 30 Low-HILL, LIVERPOOL. 16 GUINEA GOLD KEYLESS HUNTING LFVER £ 8 /I 6 /fi—Gent's SOLID GOLD Hall- marked, high-grade f-plate Russell & Son, Church street Liverpool. Adjusted Keyless Lever Hunter, new last year (proof), 17 Rubiep, chronometer balance, brequet spring, micro metric regulator, latest improvements, perfect, adjusted to Greenwich time, including certificate of rate certifying perfect accuracy under all con- ditions of service; 20 years' warranty, in- cluding maker's month's trial. Also Solid Gold Hunter, Schaeffer & Pudney, London, now £ 5/19/6, usually £ 12. Also open face Solid Gold Russell & Son, £ 5/6/6, usually £10. Approval. DAVIES'S, 30 Low HILL. 5-GUINEA ROLLED GOLD ELGIN" LEVER HUNTER. -gO /1Q /—Gent's High-grade, highly- adjusted 3-plate CHRONOMETER ELQIN HUNTING LEVER, timed and tested to GREENWICH TIME, of faultless construction and workmanship in. all detail, ENSURING ACCURACY UNDER ALL CONDITIONS OF SERVICE including our warranty for 20 years, and one month's free trial. Also Gent's Russell & Son RATED and ADJUSTED Rolled Gold Lever Hunter, with certificate of rate showing an infinitesimal variation per month. 17 jewels and latest improvements Sale price £ 2 /19 usual 17. Also English 19 jewels Lever, by Morley (escapement on ends), 25-year case. 14-ct. English-made Hunter, new 1915; Sale price £ 3 /19 /6, usual 19. Also Russell & Son Rolled Gold Hunting Lever, 15 jewels Sale price CI/1816. Approval. Davies's, 30 Low Hill. 27/6—LADY'S SOLID GOLD WRISTLET WATCH 47 /6-LADY'S HIGH-GRADE SOLID GOLD LEVER WRISTLET (Strap) WATCH. 27 /6—GENT'S RUSSELL & SON LEVER POCKET KEYLESS WATCH: USUAL £ 4/4/- £ 3 /12 /6—GENT'S 6 GUINEA RUSSELL & SON'S SOLID GOLD, LUMIN- OUS DIAL, HIGH-GRADE WRIST- LET LEVER WATCH. 28 GENT'S 3 GUINEA STERLING SIL- VER LEVER LUMINOUS MIL- ITARY WRISTLET LEVER. 22 GENT'S RELIABLE MILITARY WRISTLET LEVER, STRONG STERLING SILVER CASES. 18/11—GENT'S LUMINOUS WRISTLET STERLING SILVER, FULLY JEWELLED. RUSSELL & SON DITTO, 33/- WEDDING RINGS. -N oti c e. Only 22-et. YV Gold, including ?-dozen Silver-plated Tea Spoons. Specials at 20/ 22 J-, 25/ 30 40 50 and 60 Thousands of our Rings now in daily use. Perfect fit guaran- teed with out patent. Correct-fitting Machine. Save 7 /6 in the t. Card free. æ4 SO:MD GOLD LONG GUARD -CO /C —Handsome full-length Diamond « Cut Behhel Guard, stamped Solid Gold, also others at £2/10 J-; ditto, Z2 112 I- ditto, £ 2 /14 ditto, £ 2 /17/-and £2 J19 1-. Others at £ 3 /7 /6, £ 3/10 Also St rong Secret Link, £ 4 /7 /6, usually 7 Guineas Each, chain guaranteed. Davies's 30 Low Hill, LIVERPOOL.

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