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HAVE Q ? you »*< m ..A ?? \?? h. ,C"Yv -I"r. ?? ? ,c I 1.7' -11'" 0 :¡- .) ",I"- ..J:'F /"ri \J '(; ???"?-"?.?-?=LT?? ? ?.????1? I ) JJ f\ I FREE VOLUME I DECORATIVE ART & FURNISHING I JUST previous to war 'we compiled, regardless of cost, a volume con- faininsc coloured plates and hundreds of illustrations, each article, being priced in plain figures at the, then current values, whilst all goods are, well known 1,0 have considerably increased in cost owing to fluctuations consequent upon the war. A single number oi l liis volume would to-day cost ts, 6d. t(O YOU may av« a copv sent to your residence, I ABSOLUTELY FREE AND POSTAGE PAID, bj calling or sendinii postcard to the PIONEER FURP|SHING STORES 9T VERP^OT,81'' I COMPLETE t%To RES 9 UVERP?OL PIONEERFURNISHING %) I • HOW TO FURNISH 1'0 r CASH OR OUT OF INCOME 'Phone 5220 Royal. MPHMF

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