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L Prudential Assurance Company, Limited CHIEF Office HOLBORN BARS, LONDON. Summary of the Report presented at the Sixty-eighth Annual Meeting, held on March 1st, 1917. ORDINARY BRANCH.—The number of policies issued during tke year was 48,258, assuring the sum of E5,080,989, and producing a lew annual premium income of 1373,309, The premiums received during the year were J5,230,170, being an increase of E72,664 over tke year 1915. The claims of the year amounted to L4,573,917, of which E249,68 9 was in respect of War Claims. The number of deaths was 12,407. The number of endowment assurances matured was 27,065, the annual premium income of which was £ 146,894. The number of policies including annuities in force at the end of the year was 932,539. INDUSTRIAL BRANCH.-The premiums received during the year were £8,897,723, being an increase of £ 391,660. The claims of the year amounted to E4,005,251, of which f 827,879 mi in respect of 49,625 War Claims. The bonus additions included in the claims amounted to £ 112,565. The total number of claims and surrenders, including 16,741 endowment assurances matured, was 398,917. The number of free policies granted during the year to those policyholders of five years' standing and upwards who desired to discontinue their payments was 69,775, the number in force being 2,004,282. The number of free policies which became claims during the year was 50,016. The total number of policies in force in this Branch at the end of the year was 21,305,330 their average duration exceeds thirteen and a quarter years. The War Claims paid during the year, in both Branches, number 52,433, and amount to 11,077,568. The total paid up to the present an this account since the outbreak of War exceeds £1,860,000, in reapect of over 88,000 claims. GENERAL BRANCH,—Under the Sickness Insurance Tables the premiums received during the year were E7,780 and E3,974 was paid at Sickness claims. Under the new Memorandum of Association, 13 Sinking Fund policies were issued during the year, assuring a capital sum of E131,300 and producing an annual income of £ 2,531. The whole of the fund of 123,399 is reserved for future liabilities. The assets of the Company, in all branches, as shown in the balance sheet, are E99,123,746, being an increase of £ 4,328,948 over those of 1#15. In the Ordinary Branch the surplus shown is £ 1,418,240, including the sum of 9219,331. brought forward from last year. Out of this surplus the Directors have added E400,000 to the Investments Reserve Fund, which stands as at 31st December, 1916,at £ 2,000,000. In addition, £ 800,000 has been added to the Special Contingency Pwnd, which stands at EI,500,000, and £218,240 has been carried forward. The Directors have decided to continue the payment of a bonus on all participating policies of this Branch which become cairns either by death or maturity during the financial year. They much regret however that the present circumstances do not justify them in making a general distribution of bonus, and the shareholders will againreceive no part of the profits of this Branch. The Directors have every confidence however that the interests of the participating policyholders are fully secured by the Special Contingency Fund referred to above. In the Industrial Branch the surplus shown is 91,000,892, includ- ing the sum of E249,282 brought forward from last year. Out of this surplus the Directors have added £ 415,082 to the Investments Reserve Fund, which, after deducting E15,082, representing realised J loss on Securities, stands as at 31st December, 1916, at £ 1,400,000. The provisions relating to Industrial Assurance contained in the Courts (Emergency Powers) Act, 1914, have again resulted in a severe strain upon the Company's resources, which has reduced the surplus shown on the operations of the year, and whilst these prov isions remain in force the strain must continue. In these circum- stances the Directors have not felt justified in drawing upon the E350,000 set aside last year to meet contingent liabilities created by the Act, but have met the loss out of revenue. The Courts (Emergency Powers) Act Reserve therefore stands, as at 31st December, 1916, at £ 350,000. The profit sharing scheme in the Industrial Branch provides that after payment of a fixed dividend to the shareholders any surplus profit shall be divided into six parts one part being retained by the shareholders, one distributed among the outdoor staff of the Com- pany, the remaining four parts being allotted by way of bonus to the policyholders of the Industrial Branch. The sum which has already been paid or allotted under this scheme by way of bonus to the Industrial Branch policyho ders and outdoor staff amounts to E2,825,000. The Directors regret that the amount of surplus shown this year does not permit of any increase being made to this sum there is, however, still a balance remaining, from which bonus additions will be made to the sums assured on all policies in the Industrial Branch on which at least thirty years premiums have been paid and which become claims either by death or maturity of endowment from the 2nd of March, 1917, to the 7th of March, 1918, both dates inclusive. In addition to the reserves held against the liabilities shown by the valuation, the total amount reserved for contingencies, including amounts carried forward exceeds £ 5,650,000. The Balance Sheet includes amounts totalling over E17,750,000 in British Government Securities this represents an increase com- pared with last year of about £ 4,500,000. During the year the Company has lent or sold to the Treasury under the various mobilisation schemes securities of a nominal value of £ 6,955,159. The Prudential Approved Societies formed under the National Insurance Act 1911 continue to make satisfactory progress, and the valuable services rendered to the members by the Apency Staff are highly appreciated. The amount distributed in benefits to the mem- bers at their homes during the year amounted to £ 1,320,397, making a total exceeding £5,700,000 since the Act came into operation. An arrangement has been made and approved by the Insurance Commissioners whereby the Prudential Approved Societv for Miners is absorbed into the Prudential Approved Society for Men, and He Society for Laundresses is absorbed into the Society for Women, as from the 31st December, 1916, thus reducing the number of Prudential Approved Societies to four. During the year the Government has cont nuously availed itself of the services of the Company and its officials it has been a matter for congratulation -that the services so rendered have met with the greatest appreciation. The indoor and outdoor Staffs have been further depleted during the year by Naval and Military demands, and the Company is now supplying more than ten thousand men to the fighting strength of the nation. Balance Sheet of the Prudential Assurance Company, Limited, being the Summary of both branches, on the 31st Dec., 1916. I 1-?l-1- -?-?-?-?-? LIABILITIES. d. 1,000,000 0 0 Life assurance fund- Ordinary Branch 947,884,909 IQ 8 Life assurance fund- Industrial Branch 44,553,424 17 9 Insurance fund- General Branch 23,399 8 7 ——————— 92,461,733 17 0 Investments reserve funds 3,400,000 0 0 Contingency fund 1,500,000 0 0 Courts (Emergency Powers) Act Reserve 350,000 0 0 Claims under life policies intimated and in course of payment ••• ••• 367,020 15 2 Annuities due and unpaid 5,694 5 5 Balance of bonus under life policies reserved for distributon 39,296 14 10 Y,99,123,745 12 5 ASSETS. Mortgages on property within the United Kingdom 9,009 073 18 6 Mortgages on property out of the United Kingdom 372,966 6 2 Loans on parochial and other public rates 12,408,581 19 6 Loans on Life interests 1,114,487 0 11 Loans on Reversions 48,963 16 4 Loans on stocks and shares 81,470 2 0 Loans on Company's policies within their sur- render values ••• ••• ••• 2,804,214 9 7 Loans on Personal security .•■ ••• Nil Loans on Educational institutions secured on income. 39,938 17 2 Carried forward £ 25,879,696 10 2 ASSETS.-Coittin tted. s j • Brought forward £ 25,879,696 10 2 Investments :— Deposit with the High Court ( £ 16,266 13s. 4d 4| %War Loan, 1925-1945) 16,080 19 1 British Government Securities 17,734,165 2 3 Bank of England stock 143,117 2 10 Municipal and county securities, United K'dom 1,918,905 17 1 Indian and Colonial Government securities 4,929,284 5 11 Colonial provincial securities 1,382,080 18 1 Indian and Colonial municipal securities 3,540,922 5 3 Foreign Government securities 7,201,928 2 4 Foreign provincial securities, 792,499 16 7 Foreign municipal securities 3,365,484 7 6 Railway and other debentures and debenture stocks and gold and ster ing bonds—Home and Foreign 12,808,144 9 9 Railway and other preference and guaranteed stocks and shares 3,253,104 5 5 Railway and other ordinary stocks and shares 2,933,687 4 9 Rent cha ges 565,705 12 7 Freehold ground rents and Scotch feu duties 4,784,230 0 0 Leasehold ground rents » 9,548 14 8 House property 4,451,470 16 3 Life interests 34,626 14 6 Reversions 1,249,709 11 10 Agents' balances 7,674 9 6 Outstanding premiums' 722,737 17 0 Outstanding interest and rents 207,597 2 4 Interest, dividends and rents accrued but not ayable 485,345 15 1 Bills receivable Nil I Cash-On deposit. 20,000 0 0 In hand and on current accounts 685,997 11 8 199,123,745 12 5 The values of Stock Exchange securities are determined, under the Articles of Association of the Company, by the Directors Due allowance has been made I:> for accrued interest, and the book value ■ of e these securities as set forth in the Balance Sheet stands considerably below cost price. A careful investigation as to the actual saleable value on 31st December, 1916, compared with the book value, shows that the Investments Reserve Funds are much more than suffic ent to meet any depreciation of the permanent securities. Terminable securities have been valued on a basis which, with S nking Funds already established, provides for the equalisation of the book values and the redemption values at the date of maturity. We certify that in out belief the Assets set forth in the Balance Sheet (having regard to the standards indicated) are in the aggregate fully of the value stated therein less the Investments Reserve and Contingency Funds taken into aceount, and make ample provision for all the liabilities of the Company. No part of any fund has been applied directly or indirectly for any purpose other than the class of business to which it is applicable. THOS. C. DEWEY, Cha rman. J. BURN, Actuary. W. J. LANCASTER, ) Directors. A. C. THOMPSON, General Manager. G. E. MAY, Secretary.' D. WINTRINGHAM STABLE j We report that with the assistance of the Chartered Accountants as stated below we have examined the foregoing accounts and kave obtained all the information and explanations that we have required and in our opinion such accounts are correct and the foregoing Balance Sheet is properly drawn up so as to exhibit a true and correct view of the state of the Company's affairs according to the best of our information and the explanations given to us and as shown by the books of the Company. No part of any fund has been applied directly or indirectly for any purpose other than the class of business to which it is applicable. PHILIP SECRETAN, l Auditors. W. H. NICHOLLS We have examined the Cash transactions (receipts and payments) affecting the accounts of the Assets and Investments for the ypftr ended December 31st, 1916, and we find the same in good ordeor and properly vouched. We have also examined th D^de and Securities, Certificates, etc representing the Assets and Investments set out in the above account, and we certify that thøy w-r- in possession and safe custody as on December 31st, 1916. 13th February, 1917. DELOITTE, PLFNDER GRIFFITHS A Co Chafed A-^imran-it. DISTRICT OPFICA 30 DALTS STRBHT,, LTVBR^OOL.* -TYPEWRITERS- All makes at moderate prices. Office Furniture and all Typewriting Specialities. JOHN R. FOULKES, 22 Fenwick 8t., Liverpool. Central 7070 ] Buicenhe?d Depot— Om'Jm College," ?& Hamilton Street Bifkem?d 'f, J J. HALTON MORRIS, Popular Welsh Tenor,. For terms, apply 7 GRAMPIAN ROAD, Fairfield, LIVERPOOL [ 4 rmwintiM Vismes tnt thispot M.C M Arweinydd Cymanfaoedd C»?>. Beirniad, ac Arbolwr. Parotoir Ymgeifwyr at Dystyagrifau uwr» Cttlep y Soljfa, Hen Nodiant a Kolfn 70 IK,INGSLZ'V. ROAD LERP

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