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OVERCOATS goo^ value I nU VV ?PDX\?mUA ATi 0 Q QooD VALUE M ? T' V THE FINEST 1 BV Dk Y SELECTtON J  OF Milo BRO. OVERCO s Ltd. THE CELEBRATED IN THE | TAILORS, PROVINCES, LO"^VT^ QO 't.O i 80/- CHURCH ST., Liverpool. To IMeasure Same, if UVERCOAT | PLFASE WM. GRIFFITHS& SONS | 29 South John St., Liverpool, AND 349 Stanley Road, Bootle, ) MAKERS OF SMART CLOTHES FOR Civilians, Officers and Ladies Raincoats ready to we ir and to order, inter- lined oilsilk to waist or throughout, making "Hie garment thoroughly rainproof, in Qreys and Fawns of all shades. Prices from 55/- mpwa ds. State Breast measure and length required when ordering. I —— A yw'ch C lygaid yo eich bUno ? Yw pethau'n troi'n niwlog ac anelwig ? Dyna arwydd a rhybudd llethdod y Uygad, a dylech-ga el eu hedrych rhag blaen eu gwaethyga wna'u hasgeulao. Gallwn ni, cyda'n tioffar wyddonol, ddweyd wrthych os oes arnoch aagen gwydrau; ac oa felly, eich cyfienwi ir rhai a barai fwyaf e lea i chwi. Galwca heddyw- ARcmV-R,& SONS Eyesight Specialists. I 73 LORD STREET, S Setydl wyd 1S48. LIVERPOOl, | MORRIS EVANS' Household Oil IS STILL gtfeead of all other remedies FOR MM@UXXia.tiSKEK., Sciatiic&. and Wounds, of all kinds. In bottles 1/3 0 2/9 dfroccrs db Chemists, or direct for above prices from MORRIS EVANS & Co., THB MANUFACTORY, WIRSTINTOG N. WALES LIVERPOOL The SHAFTESBURY,1 MOUNT PLEASANT, ItoM < tailed. math from faime tl. S Otntrat Stat n$. k ffirsfc-alais Iatcnporanoe Hotel. Aodersto sh r flaaftesbacy motor, L-pool. phone ASK FOR V T? W? 'Tr 'SC? IDRIS Table Waters In Sjphona and BottLoo, SODA WATER, POTASH WATER, SELTZER WATER LEMONADE. DRY GINGER ALE, Etc.. etc. IDRIS & Co., Ltd., Northumberland St., LfVEaPOOL 0. GRIFFITHS Q SON <221 arecll Rd,, and 9 Mosa St., L'pool. Pianos « £ c Orgaiite bv all the leading makers. From s i- per month TKIPWOHW—4Mx Aafleld A 3771 ROYAL, KEEP SMILING We have a few Motor Cycles left, and as we do no know when we shall get any more we advise you t o purchase now. Samples of what we have in stock are MOTO REVE, 4 h.p. Twin {.37 10 o RUDGE-MULTI, 31 h.p 142 10 0 RYDER, 2-stroke, z-speed izz 19 6 RUDGE MULTI, 1917 pattern £58 IS o MOTOSACOCHE, 4-stroke £10 o o And many others all at pre-war price. "RUDGES," BOLD STREET, LIVERPOOL ROB^KT-5 a OW^^DS. MUTATE AGENTS, 64 Kirkdale Rd., Liverpool rnlaoilonf t 2193 R"nl.

Trein 1-Dewi S nt.

Trem II- f Daniel Rowlnn S,…

Tparn lil-Richard Lloyd.

Trem IV-Y " Flag Day."