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PILOTS' CONCERT, PHILHARMONIC HALL. Mr. KINGSTON JONES was responsible for some oi the BEST FEATURES of the eiitei-tainment.- Courier. XMAS CONCERT, CEFN MAWR, 1917-The recitals both Welsh and English, by Prof. Kingston-Jones, were the feature of the evening He is a born entertainer He was enthusiastically recalled after each item.-Cefn Cb'onicle. KINGSTON-JONES Gold Medallist, Professor of Elocution Concerts- Entertainer-A d jud ica to r Entertainments given by self for whole evening, (21 hours) in Welsh or English. Wele Raglen y Noson Gymraeg:— Yr adroddiad enwog a hyfforddiadol Ymweliad Ned Ffowc a Llundain (yn para tri chwarter awr); hefyd "Ned ,Ffowc a'rCodi Elaenoriaid." 'Steddfod Fawr Llangollen." "Crist yn gostegu'r Dymestl." Y Milwr," a'r character adroddiad enwog, "Modryb Modlan.' Danfonwcli am Fam y Wasg a Geirda amryfal Eglwysi ac enghraifft o'i Raglen. Y Rhaglen Saesneg yr wythnos nesaf. PUPILS TAKEN TERMS MODERATE. 27 Clifton Road East, Tuebrook, LIVERPOOL. (i W. IIUGUES,o. « L.T.S C t "trrfwstid$Cam fnj Mfhaptl .11.0. "J!Ii! v rinydd Cymanfaoedd Canu, Seirniad, ac Arholwr. l st! itoir Ymgtiswyr at Dystysgrifau uuiekmi Oeleg y Solj&a, Hen Nodiant a solI., 70 KINGSLItYROAD LJrRP\\t J. HALTON MORRIS, Popular Welsh Tenpr,. For terms, apply 7 GRAMPIAN ROAD, Fairfield, LIVERPOOL lephone, Royal 1157. Established 1861 ROBERT ROBERTS, ESTATB AGENT, 33 Netherfield Road South* Has Property to Let in rarions parts of the town. Mortgages arranged. Valuations made )Established 1884 II-I WOOSNAM ROBERTS, F.A.I., Bootle Estate Office, 52 STANLEY ROAD, BOOTLE. 13 Telegrams-II Woosnam, 206 Bootle." Telephone No. 7969. J. LEWIS JONES, 1ST AT;. AGKNT 4k V ALUIIR, 60 Victoria St., Eiverpool. PtoperiltlftJ earsfoKy welaagecl. Baata gtc- aomlly collointed. Poj-chesea ead Salts as gotSated. Mos^»ges Iolid affected. THOMAS JONES, 18TATJE AOJiNYS VALIUBBS. UiVltSYMlIJHfT in..ILn. 61 Eord Street, Liverpool, T«i«s»ho«# No. —SS6S Bttffik. PfoperlSes Bought and Bold. Mortgig,,s, brronad.. YalaatioDO made. Bests ooils^si: fn. S3 7 Axmsw. Msirtzwgmm Stephen Roberts & SeE mTAm Z, GAN" A FAL UVBV, 137 Everton Rood, Liverpool Proparfeiss UssatG pitt «oa«Uy Collected. Pnrohases usd Nstat Morigafas arrrvgc#j and Is ø,t1(cMd" Henry Jones, ESTATE AGENT, VALUER ^PROPERTY AUOTIONEEK, 3 Lord Street, LiverpoIII TISI BAITS ASSis. 0. JONES WILLIAMS J JX, ESTATE AGENT & VALUEE, 17 BoundaryfPlace. Moss St. Etverpool. Est. liiss. Telephone t 567 Rtrcl fslupaoan 8586 Ba nk JONES ê1 HUGHES INSTATE OFFICE, 13 Whfttechapelf LiTerpotl FREEHOLD LAND FOR SALE, Advances Made. R. E. HUGHES, Bstate Azent. Surveyor Q Value*, Charing Cross, Birkenhead, 'Telephone No.— £ 8 Ð'head. Has Houses to Let and for Sale in various part,, of the Town and out disfcriots. Also Land to he Sold for Building purposes. Advances made U Sold for Building lagout. Bents GoUected} BE DL Property carefally managed. LADIES BLANCH4RD PILLS Are oavi called lot nil .?rm?ahuciMM, &f:, they eaM? MUxt &ad mm Mt allsviat* ? <aa<tt&M. f bsy rap«rwida lnlyr!I, Fll Oattaia, Bitter Al-ple, ill BLAXCHAXD'S art the best of aU Pill far Women. sold In boxes, Illi, by bortoi* Bsi&nsbes, f ASSftB' Braasbsti- andtil Vhomigtm, or post hcM, noc prfpe. tz!tw LESLIE MARTYN, Ua, Chsmists.34 Da<at»a Une, As a Result of our INDIVIDUAL TUITION we are placing our pupils in GOOD SITUATIONS within 3 to 6 months. The CITY SCHOOL of SHORTHAND and TYPEWRITING, 24 Moorfields. Tel.-Central, 7884 BARGAINS.—Underwoods, Remingtons, Y 08tS, Smith-Premier, Barlocks, Em. pires, Olivers,Blieks, RoyalsStaadards, fron AS new condition, See the REX 223 worti for 155 guineas.—LONGMORE, 41b North JObD Street, Liverpool, Sole Agency Corons, Portable Typewriter. L.. Bootle Auciioia Koonis, 76 & 78 STANLEY RD., BOOTLE, W. 11. Butterfield (j Co. holds Weekly Sale at their Rooms every Friday Evening, 7 p.m. Furniture and Stocks of every kia for prompt eash. Tslsphona 1299 Boetlt, W. & J. VENMORE, Estate Agents Valuers, 200 SCOTLAND RD., Liverpool ITILIPHOOT No. 4216 Royal (2 ines). ALLAN mail LINE To CANADA ..11 ERPOOL, GLASGOW, LONDON It BAVI. TO CANADA, NEWFOUNDLAND It USJk. AjJaAh's, 19 James St., Liverpool 14 Cookspssi St., S. W., and 103 Leadenhall St. London, B.O. J. Lloyd Jones, & Co., ESTATE AGENTS, &a. 6 Lord Street, Liverpool VM&MFEOWM Oil BAMMS Telephone-Anfield. JOG: 155 KENSINGTON, LIVERPOOL.! R. W. EVANS, niNEBAL DraECTOE. AU Orders personally attended to throughout. I P. Lloyd Jones FUNERAL DIRECTOR, 3645tonley Road, L'pool. TELLPHONE-261 BOOTLB. m nniiMninii—iia——gimim. TELEPHONE—S7S^ANFIELD. J. T. JONES, f unerQ Undsrtoker, E V E RTO N, 42 Aubrey Street, EVEFLTONI and 55 Brach Rom LIVERPOOL. Funerals personally arranged, to all parts. If you want The moat Comprehensive POLICIES an THE BEST TERMS1 incite for partioolazs to The Gresham LIFE, fl HE, AND ACCIDENT Insurance Offices. Bud Office 1 Branch Ollloell St. Mildreds House 014!Zxchange B'ld Poultryi LIVERPOGL. LONDON. EM. JAMES ft, SCOTT] General Manage? DIM TALU YMLAE. LLAW. ARIAN YN FENTHYG. (yn ddlstaw bach), mewn symiau bach neu fawr (heb loa 11al na £10) AB ADDAWEB Y BBNTHYCIWR El HUI, BBFIDLWTU ERB 46 MLYNBDD; ac yn awr yn rhol £ 80,000 TN FENTHYG BOB BLWYDDY* Am daflen a thelerau ymofynner a George Payne a'i Feib., < Crescent Bond, Rhyl, a 16 School Lane, Liverpool,  ItBH!?? il THEREALWELSHCURE 'ijj?????MB? HAYMAN'sS BALSAM I t WELLHA j?M BESWCH ac ANWYD H Amhrisiadwy gyda fchlant. Potel'i 1/3 a 3/- GROSERS ?n? ■ipilHBHl'