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Gwib i ganol y Shonis a Chymrodorion…

I Can a Moliant.



PILOTS' CONCERT, PHILHARMONIC HALL. Mr. KINGSTON JONES was responsible for some ot the BEST FEATURES of the entei-tainment.- Courser. XMAS CONCERT, CEFN MAWR, 1917.-The recitals both Welsh and English, by Prof. Kings ton-J ones, were the feature of the evening He is a born entertainer He was enthusiastically recalled after each item.-Cefn Cb-orzicle. KINGSTON-J ONES Gold Medallist, Professor of Elocution Concerts.. Entertainer-A djudicatcr Entertainments given by self for whole evening (2/a- hours) in Welsh or English. English Programme includes PART I-" Story of Enoch Arden (Tennysor.),full of drama, pathos and human interest; lastingii houro PART II includes dramatic & humorous, Recitals, and a selection of Recitations at the piano. Concert promoters may select any of the following for Part I in place of Enoch Irden- "Together" (John Otenham). "The Going of the White Swan" (Sip G. Parker) "A Golden Wedding" (Delectable Duchy) Send for Press Opinions and Testimonials from various Churches, and specimen Programme. Welsh Programme will appear next week PUPILS TAKEN TERMS MODERATE. 27 Clifton Road East, Tuebrook, LIVERPOOL. 0. W. HU(;HES,(J. L.T.S C Orwoinfpid p calls in# JF#Asvfl N.C. Priem Be*$ Arweinydd Cymanfaoedd Canu Beirniad, ac Arholwr. Parotoir Ymgeiswyr at Dystvagrifmu utoeka) Coleg ? Bolla. Hen Nodiant a Solffm, 70 K!NGSLEY:ROAD LERPVO J. HALTON MORRIS, Popular Welsh Tenor,. For terms, apply 7 GRAMPIAN ROAD, Fairfield, LIVERPOOL Athrofa Aberystwyth (UN O'R CoLBOAtT TM MHWFTSOOL CYMBU). Prifathraw-T. F. ROBERTS, M.A., LL.D. DECHREU A'R Tymor nesaf ar Ddydd Mercher, Hydref 3ydd, 1917. Paratoir yr efrydwyr ar gyfor Arholi&dau Prifysgol Cymru. Cynygir amryw o ysgoloriaethau (amryw o honynt yn gyfyngedigi Gymry) y flwyddyn hoa. Cymer yr arholiad le yn Aberystwyth ar y 18fed o fis Medi. 1917. Am fanylion pellacb, ymofyner & J. H. DAVIES, M A. Cofrutrydd