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i rl^*mys^g, fiSt S>«S?% SK' • SS ?. < ??????????- «1'- T .|f *w> III I 11 TifpVICTORY OF VALUE .• IS REPRESENTED BY IS REPRESENTED BY M|h PIONEER SALE PRICES. oi the %ct that manufacturing costs arc rising tremendously, wc w& *ln Smplu Mamjm&j? £ sazat$z of FURNISF of A 1, fK 1N,DS, tly p ure ha se cl at oici ?? A Typical Bargain < |f|, DO NOT MISS THIS CHANCE ■ £ & £ £ *?■  '? ? ?? wish to furnish throughout, to re- V ??? ?""sh a siag!e room, or even to acquire a ?!M? single article. The retail prices of this Sale |/jiV$|L¥M *¥* •' m are less than wholesale prices of next week, and further steady increases are tertain. THE SALE ENDS ??? ? Saturday, Feb. 24?- Pt Carpets made and laid and Linoleums laid free. jfcj J&- $> OF INCOME" T?. ? !.uxunous Grandfat-iipr l.'a V >5% applicable to ? goods selected during the Sale, Alpholstered  ij&^ZwS é'1Oodsdelivered free byourewn Vanswithm ?? 19 6 50 miles, Carriage paid on goods va!ue ?2 Huge Selection of DownP??sat ?? 3? ? ?'P?rds to any Railway Station. 40%to50%?T?d?s P?c? -?? '?? nONEER?S?$TU!:E5 j JbL 9?-tg Dow -4TREET. L

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