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DAVIESS SECOND-HAND AND SLIGHI LY USED 0 s UPWARDS OF 30 HANDSOME SECOND- HAND PIAJTOS FOR CASH AT GREATLY REDUCED PHTOBS, COMPRISING j COLLARD, MORNING TOST AND WESTON, BORD, BROADWOOD, VkN RRUISEN, GUSHWORTH, DREAPER, AND OSSMBS IN GOOD CONDITION, UNSURPASSED W>» TONE AND TOUCH; ALSO SEVERAL gjjowmy USED, NO WORSE THAN NEW, AT A 4axAT SAVING IN PRICE TO USUAL. THREE OAIN SHOW-ROOMS. YOU CAN BUY CHEAP- Apt SSAN HOUSE SALES, AND NOWHERE CAN •MH TALUE (WHICH WE OFFER FOR READY eASII) BE BEATEN. THE TRADE INVITES. IMSBPHOTION. THIS WEEK'S BARGAINS. .8 PRICE Worth ?????.NGRUISEN, small  a&0/ i F U size, grand ringing tone, an very extraordinary NICE touch?vory keys, ETC £ 18 *1A/T7/A WALNUT, very sweet tone f,10/ A 7 0 ?? g?ze, choice keyboard, BEAUTIFUL TOUCH £ 20 ARM J /I FT COLLARD & COLLARD, »«/ 1U brilliant tone, great volume goodtou ch, walnut case £24 '15/10 BRINSMEAD, Rosewood, A)R 10 ivory keys, loud tone, good condition, nice touch jE25 /in BORD, Walnut Pianette, Ml/iU grand tone, elastic touch, nice fresh piano £ 2" A2SJ.IJLN U1 RENZIE MODEL, modem ?aiflU ?tight iron Grand Walnut Cottage, trichqrd, full com- pass, perfect tone and IOUCH recommende £30 O AO /I A DRE A PER, handsome iron ?25Z/iU frame, oblique, tape check action, brilliancy of tone and perfection of touch, £ 33 *FI|OQO/ /L1(U V PATENT WALNUTMOD- EL, handsome 1915 up. right iron Grand Cottage j patent practice stop for silent playing, brilliant tone and perfect touch *38 SMAFIN BLACK MODEL, high ?Zu/I.U class Art cQ.,1Jn 5 iron frame, loudtone, extremely fine touch, full trichord, tape check action, 7 octaves £ 40 PAO/IN MORNINGTON&WEST- <X?O/1U ON (almost new), high grade, iron frame, brilliant tone, responsive touch, a very handsome, and tho- roughly reliable X45 fyA%Qr4 x[ ft rv COLLARD & COLLARD, ?0?/ 1U Black, high class, iron frame very powerful tone, perfect keyboard; in beautiful condition £48 §AVIES*S, 30 Low Hill, Liverpool. wo(L at 1. Open Sat. until 9-0 ""OW Swan Car from all stations. Fare One Peony. SPECIAL, OFFERS RICH .IF UILSG Now open for inspection. A vrand collection of. Rich Furs, prising Stylish Fur Coats. Sniff*, Ties, Stoles and Wraps, in SM the lrnest real, Selected Skins. "fheSe are much reduced in price, -,Mlmitinath.o LOWEST POSSI,BLF- SHGES, preferring to work on a LaUgJIiprofit for a largre turnover Compare Prices. RICH fUR CO, IS. &øD PMCW *?.-tQ CONEY COAT. Rich, re4 black 3?0/i.O Pony Skin Coat, richly lined* Selected Skins. Bargain. Mri /ia CONEY. Rich.rea?Coney?Skin A7il9 Coat, vm'lu?trous quality, weU made, and richly lined 3»A & I7/1Q CONEY TRIMMED COAT. 11Stylish, latest model, full skirt rich deep collar and cu&, trimmed with opposum. Bargain.  !NTUBAL MUSQUASH COAT. <?0/?? ØåchbrpwpQ()a,.dp coHar, loose skirt, and beautifully made.  NATURAL BROWN MUS- 1 40/10 QUASH COAT. Rich quality full skirt, deep collar and reveres, very smart coat. Bargain. 5 NATURAL BROWN MUS- ——— QUASH COAT. Beautiful col- our, full skirt, wide collar* selected skins Bargain £ 1 R/l CONEY COAT, primmed, beauti- ful rich quality, rool Coney Coat, full skirt, with real Natural Skunk trimmed Collars and Cuffs very smart coat. Bargain. IFIJR MUFFS, liES. slotEs,&,C. A3110 BLACK IWOLF t SET, Large hanging Muff, and Anin al Tango Tie. Rich quality. A 4R3/17 GREY SQUIRREL SET. v. rich quality, 10 heads and tails with long 2-strand Stole with tails. Very handsome est. Special offer. .4/7 GREY SQUIRREL SET. Large wi-7 Pillow Mun. and plain Stole to match, picked skins. Very choice set. BLACK WOLF SET. Very beautiful rich thick fur Muff, and Animal Tango Tie to math. Fine quality. £6/18 BLACK WOLF SET. V ry <?M??6/ /1A8 <j fine 1usBlack Set, 'spech Jy fineskin-S large hanging Muff, und large Animal Tango Tie Ba^ ain INSPECTION INVITED — These beautiful Furs are Worth the attention of all who are seek- ing first class goods at LOWEST CITY CHARGES. DAVIESOS. ^0 LOW HILL LIVERPOOL. Pocket and Wrist Watches For your boy at the front, a Wristlet Watch will prove a very Acceptable Gift. A VARIED SELECTION IN GOLD AND SILVER, ALL RELIABLE TYPES, for Military Service, at home ar abroad, together with a Large Selection of Strong Serviceable WATCHES FOR MUNITION WORKERS, by eminent makers in condition as new. FOR FACTORY OR TRENCHES, AT REDUCED SALE PRICES. SALE CATALOGUE—POST FREE. DAVIES'S, 30 LOW HILL (Via Old Swan or West Derby Cars). CLOSE at 8. WED. 1, SAT. 9. 16/18/6 -Gent's HIGH-GRADE 35-Guin- ea Solid 18-ct Gold i-plate Chronograph, Centre-seconds Hunting Eng- lish Lever, by J. H. HARGREAVES & Co., makers to Royalty, Liverpopl; jewelled in ALL actions, very finest hand-made f-plate patent keyless movement, chronometer gold sorew balance, isochropised to all positions and compensated to all temperatures; UNSURPASSED for reliable service, both at home and abr,)ad;j KEEPS ACCURATE TiME, is in condition as new, in brilliantly polished Solid, Rgayy 18-ct. English Government Hall-marked cases, damp and durt proof, with our 30 years' guarantee and ONE MONTH'S TRIAL. Also a magnificent 18-ct. very heavy highly-adjusted Russell & Son Ckponograph Hunter, 21 jewels, new montht ago sale price £ 21 /10 usual jC4 5. Ex- changes. Davios's, 30 Low Hill. t25 RUSSELL'S 18-CT. GOLD HUNTER. £14/141-G-1PNT'S HEAVY, EXTRA FINE HIGH- GRADE KEYLESS HUNT- ER, by THOS. RUSSELL & SON, Church street, Liverpool, Makers to Royalty; 19 rubies, broquet spring, chronometer balance, patent keyless action,, and latest improvements, genuine i-plate, British manufacture through- out, tented, to all positions and temperatures, and warranted f orservice at home and abroad, with microdecimal dial, registering the 300th part of a minute, with outside stop work, in condition as new, with makers, and our guarantee, 25 years; new this year (proof) with repurchase guarantee, £ 12 /12 any time or exchange inferior watches take n as part payment. Also 18-carat Gold Waltham Keyless Hunter. £ 10/17/6, usual £ 18. DAVIES'S, 30 LOW-HILL, LIVERPOOL. 15 GUINEA GOLD KEYLESS HUNTING LEVER £ 7 /19 /Q—G*nt 's SOLID GOLD Hall- I marked, high-grade f-plate Russell & Son, Church street Liverpool. Adjusted Keyless Lever Hunter, new last year (proof), 17 Rubies, chronometer balance, brequet spring, micro metric regulator, latest improvements, perfect, adjusted to Greenwich time, including certificate of rate certifying perfect accuracy under all con- ditions of service; 20 years' warranty, in- cluding maker's; month's trial. Also Solid Gold Hunter, Schaeffer & Pudney, London, now £ 5/19/6, tisuall y il2. Also open face Solid Gold Russell & Son, £ 5 /6 /6, usually 410. Approval. DAVIES'S, 30 Low HILL. 5-GUINEA ROLLED GOLD ELGIN LEVER HUNTER. zC2 /10 High-grade, highly- | adjusted 3-plate CHRONOMETER ELGIN HUNTING LEVER, timed and, tested to GREENWICH TIME, of faultless construction and workmanship in all detail, ENSURING ACCURACY UNDER ALL CONDITIONS OF SERVICE including our warranty for 20 years, and one month's free trial. Also Gent's Russell & Son RATED and ADJUSTED Rolled Gold Lever Hunter, with certificate of rate showing an infinitesimal variation per month. 17 jewels and latest improvements Sale price £2/19{-, usual £ 7. Also English 19 jewels Lever, by Morley (escapement on ends), 25-year case. 14-ct. English-made Hunter, new 1915; Sale price £ 3 /1.9 /6, usual £ 9. Also Russell & Son Rolled Gold Hunting Lever, 15 jewels; Sale price £ 1/18/6. Approval. Davies's, 30 Low Hill. 27/6—LADY'S SOLID GOLD WRISTLET WATCH 47/6—LADY'S HIGH-GRADE SOLID GOLD LEVER WRISTLET (Strap) WATCH. 27/6—GENT'S RUSSELL & SON LEVER POCKET KEYLESS WATCH: USUAL £ 4/4 £ 3/12 /6—GENT'S 6 GUINEA RUSSELL & SON'S SOLID GOLD, LUMIN- OUS DIAL, HIGH-GRADE WRIST- LET LEVER WATCH. 28/ GENT'S 3 GUINEA STERLING SIL- VER LEVER LUMINOUS MIL- ITARY WRISTLET LEVER 23 GENT'S RELIABLE MILITARY WRISTLET LEVER, STRONG STERLING SILVER CASES. 18/11—GENT'S LUMINOUS WRISTLET STERLING SILVER, FULLY JEWELLED. RUSSELL & SON DITTO, 33 f- WEDDING RINGS.-Notice. Only 22-ct. VV Gold, including ?-dozoh Silver-plated Tea Spoons. Specials at 20/ 22 25/ 301-, 40/ 501- and 60/ Thousands of our Rings now in daily use. "Perfect fit guaran- teed with out patent. Correct-fitting Machine. Save 716 in the S. Card free. £4 SOLID GOLD LONG GUARD £ 2 /5 I—Handsome full-length Diamond Cut Belchel Guard, stamped Solid Gold, also others at £2110 1-; ditto, £ 2 /12 ditto, £ 2 /14 j~ ditto. £ 2 /17 and £ 2/19 Others at 13,17 j6, £ 3 /10 Also Strong Secret Link, £ 4 /7/6, usually 7 Guineas Each chain guaranteed. Davies's 30 Low Hill, LIVERPOOL.

f o Big y Lleifiad.