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DAVIESS SECOND-HAND AND SLIGHT LY UdED ¡¡>1Nos INSPECTION INVITED TO OUR LARGE SHOW- JSOOMS OF SECOND HAND PIANOS, AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES FOR CASH UNSURPASSED FOR SUPERIORITY OF TONE, TOUCH, APPEAR ANCE, AND SATISFACTION. ALL COMMUNI- CATIONS PY POST RECEIVE OUR PROMPT ATTENTION. BUY NOW AND SAVE. DISTANCE SHOULD BE NO BARRIER-THE VALUE IS almli. THIS WEEK'S BARGAINS. DAVIES'S PRICE Worth £ 14/' 10 COLLARD, solid Walnut brilliant tone, ivory keys, panel front bargain £ 20 £ 15/' 10 BRINSMEAD, Walnut, .,a, loud tone, sconces, panel front sound piano bar- gain S21 STODART MODEL, full size, handsome, solid Walnut, full compass, very loud tone and elastic touch, recommended £ 27 17/117 BORD Beautiful Pian- -? ?T1 < 7 A < ??Q by this world-famed maker splendid tone and touch £ 27 ,,£19/19 ZEtGLER MODEL, 'S?1i.Q?//1?.Q C? g?n? Walnut, very loud tone, oblique French Piano fine touch; exceptional offer £ 30 122/10 DREAPER, solid Wal- ?'  Aw nut Oblique, beautiful tone and touch, ivory keys grand instrument. £32 4»^ QA/in RUSH WORTH Hand- some Walnut Trichord Piano, very brilliant tone and beautiful touch £ 35 :£26/10 BROADWOOD Except- 126/10 ionally fine, high class Piano, in beautiful condition grand tone and touch £37 /OQ/1A BLACK MODEL, 1915 „X>avf 1U Upright, high class, superb tone and touch iron frame latest improvements j?q?/nn COLLARD & COL- ?434/10 LARD, very powerful tone, extra fine full compass Piano perfect tone and touch recommended. £ 45 £ 35' /10 OVERSTRUNG, high- class, magnificent solid carved Walnut, superb tone tone and touch, noted mak- ers, perfection in every detail; tremendous reduction Z50 £37/10 PIANO DE LUXE, finest quality overstrung Rosewood, perfect key- board unsurpassed at any price for tone arid touch a rare bargain £ 50 DAVIES'S, 30 Low Hill, Liverpool. •'3loaed Wed. at 1. Open Sat. until 9- 0. Old Swan Car from all stations. Fare One Penny.. SPEClAL OFFERS in RICH FURS. Now open for inspection. A grand collection of Rich Furs, comprising Stylish Fur Coats. Muffs, Ties, Stoles and Wraps, in all the finest real Selected Skins. These are much reduced in price, presenting the LOWE ST POSSIBLE. PRICES, preferring to work on a ..rna(l profit for a large turnover Compare Prices. RICH FUR CO-%TS. SAWB PRIOBS. .P ? /1 a CONEY COAT. Rich, real, black ??'-? Pony Skin Coat, richly lined. Selected Skins. Bargain. CONEY. Rich, real, Coney Skin <9E? < A!y Co?t, ver? lustrous quality, well made, and richly lined jgpr1j 1 /I Q CONEY TRIMMED COAT. Stylsh. latest model, full skirt rich deep collar and cuffs, trimmed with opposum. Bargain 1«W<PQO/ /-iq NATURAL MUSQUASH COAT. Rich brown coat, deep collar, loose skirt, and beautifully made. rjSn »XUfi/ ll 1U f\ NATURAL BROWN MUS- AO/10 QUASH' COAT. Rich quality, full skirt, deep collar and reveres, very smart coat. Bargain. £ 11//A1U *5 NATURAL BROWN MUS- QUASH COAT Beautiful col- our, full skirt. wide collar, selected skins Bargain $25/15 CONEY CG, trimmed, beauti- ful rich quality, real Coney Coat, full skirt, with real Natural Skunk trimmed Collars and Caffs very smart coat. Bargain. FUR MUFFS, TIES. STOlES.&c- £ 3/10 BLACK WOLF SET, Large: hanging Muff, and Ania al Tango Tie. Rich quality. .3/17 GREY SQUIRREL SET. Very rich quality, 10 heads and tails with long 2-strand Stole with tails. Very handsome est. Special offer. £ 1/7 GREY SQUIRREL SET Large ——j?4* /7 Pillow Muff, and plain Stole to match, picked skins. Very choice set. £5/18 BLACK WOLF SET. Ve"y beautiful rich thick fur Muff, and Animal Tango Tie to mat n. Fine qualitv .6/18 BLACK WOLF SET. V ry 18 fine lustrous Black Set, specify fine skins large hanging Muff, in d large Animal Tango Tie. Bar rain —— INSPECTION INVITED —— r These beautiful Furs are Worth the attention of all who are seek- ingfirst class goods at LOWEST CITY CHARGES. DAVIES'S, *0 LOW HILL LIVERPOOL. New Year Sale of Jemellery. THOUSANDS OF POUNDS' worth of JL First Water kDiamonds comprising Stylish Rings, Pendants, Brooches, Ear-rings, Solid Gold Chains, Solid Gold Bracelets, Pins, Studs, 22-ct. Wedding Rings, Links, Pins, Scarf Slides, etc., at 7/6 to 101- reduction in every £ DAVIES'S, 30 LOW HILL (Top of Prescot Street, via Old Swan Cars) NEW YEAR GIFTS IN GREAT VARIETY. High Grade Quality Goods in every department, including written guarantee, and cash refunded if not as represented. OUR SPECIAL DISPLAY OF WATCH BRACELETS are worthy of inspection. Every watch a timekeeper. CLOSE WED. AT 1. SAT. AT 9 ■ftA' /I Q Gent's Second-hand First-water Diamond 18-ct. Claw Ring, flawless stone. Also Single-Stone Diamond 18-ct. Snake Ring, X211816. Also Heavy solid 18-ct. Gold Buckle Diamond Ring. £ 2/10 Also 2-stone 18- ct. Diamond Buck- le Ring, usually 366. Sale price £ 2/19 /6 will repurchase at 50 Abo large Single-stone Diamond 18-ct. Claw.set Ring, usually £21. Sale price I £6/18/6. Others at 19iil8i6, £ 14/14/ S23 1101" and £29fl0 1-. Davies', 30 Low Hill. £ 28/10 Magnificent large Second- hand 50-guinea Triple Cluster Diamond Brooch, 18 ct. Knife Edge Bar; bargain. Also very large Diamond 65-guinea Second-hand Pendant Brooch sale price, £ 39/10/- will repurchase at X-36. ■ £ Ofi/in Large Single-Stone Gent's Dia- mond Claw-set Ring, beautifully cut at one rare bargain. Z14-Sale Price— £ 6/18 Large Diamond Half Hoop HANDSOME 5-stone large Diamond 18 ct Gold Claw set half-hoop RING, each stone of intense fire and brilliancy, beautifully cut gems. Also very rich quality round Diamond Cluster Ring, very neat and, lustrous stones usual £ 13, sale price £ 6/18/ Also lustrous stones, usual £13, now Also Hand- some 2-stone Diamond Cross-over Ring, set in platinum and 18-ct. gold. Also 3-stone beautiful Diamond Cross-over Ring, mounted in the latest claw setting. Also large 5-stone purest white first water Diamond Half-Hoop Claw-set Ring, rare value (new this year) usually £ 18, sale price £ 9/15/ Also very large 5-stone genuine Brazilian Diamond 18-ct. half-hoop, intense fire, usually 155 Sale price £ 25/10 with repurchase guarantee of Z22. Also Superb half-hoop, pure white Diamonds, in platinum setting. Sale price il4 /19 Also other genuine bargains at greatly reduced prices. DAVIES'S, 30 LOW HILL. FURTHER SELECTED BARGAINS. Usual SALE Price PRICE DIAMONDS, 5 large white Diamonds, rare fire and lustre, 18-ct. carved sett- ing, a wonderful, strong, p /rw serviceable ring. £ 12 5/7/6 DIAMONDS, handsome 3- stone Cross-over Ring, lus- trous gems, neat 18-ct. gold, platinum set ilo, 4/17/ DIAMONDS, superb 5-stone stylish 18-ct. Claw-set, half-hoop Engagement Ring, lovely gems, bargain £ 8 3/19/ DIAMONDS, fashionable 5- stone strong heavy 18-ct. claw-set half-hoop, lustrous gems, others at 55 58 < 63/ 70/ and 75/- £ 6 2/10/ DIAMONDS, very neat 5 stone Diamond 18-ct. claw- 1 set half-hoop, double cut t gems, rare lustre £4 1/10/ OVER 200 RINGS AT REDUCED PRICES Usual £ 8— Sale Price- £ 316/- Gold Se f-Expindin-K Watch Bracelet SOLID GOLD LEVER WATCH BRACE- LET. Patent Self-expander, high grade, 15 RUBIES, accurate timekeeper. Also SOLID GOLD DREADNOUGHT" W vdd-famed Lever Watch Bracelet, £4 1 0/ Also Famous RUSSELL & SON, Church Street. Liverpool. Solid Gold Lever High-grade Watch Bracelet, usually 4.8, Sale price 14 /19 Ditto, £ 5/12/6 and 15/19/6. SPECIAL BARGAINS FOR NEW YEAR. Davies's, 30 Low Hill. BAND BRACELETS.—Solid Gold. En JL) graved Oval Hall-marked 13 /6 also Wider Flat Engraved 18/6 others at 21/ 23/- and 27/6. B ROOCHES.' Soldi Gold and Gems, at JD 5 /6, 6 /6, 8 /6, 10 /6, and 15 others at 21/- 35/ and 55/ LOCKETS.—Solid Gold, stylish design, L at 7/6, 9 16, 10 /6, 15/6, 18/-and 27/6. WATCH BRACELETS GREATLY REDUCED. 2t GUINEA CURB AND PADLOCK BRACELET. Q Strong, reliable: stamped and warrant- ed S )lid G)ld. fashionable full-size Curb and Padlock Bracelet, with Solid G)ld I Safety Caain of extra widih and appearance, complete in velvet cae. Others at 21/ 25 and 27 /6 ditto. Also bevitiful, .-sty" lish 4-bar gate pattern Solid G)ld Bracelet and Padlock, stamped and warranted with Solid Old Safety Ciiain. Sile price 24/6, usually £ 2110 Rare OFFKRS THIS DAY. OVER ZOO TO SELECT PROM. Also missive S >lid G)ld Curb aad Padlock Bracelet., as follows: 29/6, usually widar, at 36/-and 39/ Written guarantee with each. Any Article sent on approval. Money refunded if not as represented. Guinea Go d Weddin i Riflqs. 27/6 RINGS 35/- RINGS. 45 RINGS NOW NOW NOW 20/ 25/- 35/- PRESENT OF HALF-DoZEN TEASPOONS DAVIES'S, 30 LOW HILL

1o Big y ''Lleifiad.