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Fel Hediad GwennoL



Prynir Oodli^efn. Outright. Distance no object. Sales by auction on ownera' premitci. GREETHAM & SON (Est. 1848). Auctioneers, 2.7 Newington, Liverpool I 18 Rydal Bank & Litcard Road, Ikiscard TIL M Rojral. ni w EVERY WOMAN SHOULD lend a stamps tor our 33 page Illustrated Book containing valuable information how all Irregularitiet and Suppressions may be entirely avoided or removed by simple means. Recommended by eminent Phyticam, u the only Safe, Sure and Genuine Remedy. Nevot fait Thousands of Testimonials. Hstablished i862, Mr. PAUL BLANCHARD3 tt < Mt Beast. Dalitao Lane. LONDON COOK&TOWNSHEND Warm Wool Comforts for Soldiers and Sailors. Splendid collection of High Quality Goods at iq v ePopular Prices. Wool Socks 1/ 1/6, & l/llr pair Khaki Wool Mitts, 1/- & 1/6 ppoarl r Natural Wool Body Belts, 1/6: Balaclava Sleeping Helmets 1/11 and 2/6 each. Cardigan Jackets, 4/11, 5/11 & 6/11. Special line of Men's Khaki Cardigan Jackets, 6/11 each Men's Army Grey Shirts 3/11 & 5/11 each Men's Khaki Shirts 4/11 & 5/11 each. Special Prices quoted for Church Guilds etc Byrom St. & Dale St., LIVERPOOL. Telephone, Established 1864 ROBERT ROBERTS, ESTATE AGENT, 33 Netherfield Road South' Has Property to Let in rarious part* of the town. Mortgages arranged. Valuations made Established 1884 WOOSHAM ROBERTS,fai, Bootle Estate Off ice, 52 STANLEY ROAD, BOOTLE. I Telegrams-" Weasnam, 206 Boo tie." Telepboaa Ne. 7909. J. LEWIS JONES, BSTATI. AGENT ft VALUER, 60 Victoria St., Eiyerpooi, Propertlei carefully managad. EAmtm p; tonally collected. Pur oh a res and Salce m gettated. Mortgajea arranged and Insurpaw sitected. THOMAS JONES, BSTATB AGMNTS L VALUIRRO. IIRVRSTIDBNT 1..11.81. 63T Lord Street, Liverpool, Talephoaa No. —3S68 Bank. Properties Bought alld Sold. Mortgggg arranged. Valuations made. Rente oollaeteJ, Fn. J., AvMBBD, InABSIIKBD Stephen Roberts & SOD, [MMTATM AQKNTM a talubms 137 Everton Road, Liverpool Propertlai earefullj managed. Bents got somelly Collected. Parohaxea and h, negotiated. Mortgages arranged and X* raranoes affeoted. Henry Jones, ESTATE AGENT, VALUER ^PROPERTY AUCTIONEER, 3 Lord Street, Livcrpoil ( Willso Banc MSA. 0. JONES WILLMHS, F.A,I., ESTATE AGENT 4 VALUER, 17 Boundary Place, Moss St, Liverpool. Eat. 1885. Telephone 1 567 Reyel Vekphoae 8586 Ba nk JONES 0 UGUESS I xsrjLsu; office, 13 Whitechapeli Liverpool FREEHOLD LAND FOR SALE. Advances Made. R. E. HUGfiEb, ■state Agent, Surveyor 6 Valuer. Charing Cross, Birkenhead. Telephone No.-S$ B'head. au Houma to Let aDd for Sale in yarioua partl of the Town and out disuiots. Also Land to ?< Sold for BaUdinl puposes. Ad?aeew made tt Sold for B=tg ool ur c:t. BenttOoUeoted.Mt ProperiJ owduuy no-ge4 LAOIE8 BLANCHARD PILLS AM aMiv<dM JOt .u IirogaiMittM, &< Mtty XMttth .Iord t?M Md BtW At ..U.I.u ?B.3[.SM <)My .up'rud' smwfflBrtrwsB* NM?CM?S ? the best of .UPm<w.?' MM In bozu, un, by Boozf ?m.jhM. TAifs?a' BrMMhM. Md *U Ohemiito. or po«t trta. Mm* prln, KM LBSLlEMAUVN. Lt?6 Ch<mi.?4D«tt.t Lew. L««J« BARGAINS.-Underwoods, Remingtons, JLF Yosts, Smith-Premier, Barlocks, Em. pires, Olivers,Blieka, Royal Standards, from JS new condition, See the REX 223 worth for 12 guineas. -LONGMORX, 41b North John Street, Liverpool, Sole Agency Corona Portable Typewriter. As a Result of oar INDIVIDUAL TUITION we are placing our pupils in GOOD SITUATIONS within 3 to 6 months. The CITY SCHOOL of SHORTHAND and TYPEWRITING, 24 Moorfields. Tel.-Central, 7884. PAINLESS DENTISTRY. J. P. LAMPLOUGH'S for many e Lr s in the (Son of the late J. Lamplongh, for many years in tb< Dental Profeasion at Mold and Holywell). Dental Surgery, 235 EDGE LANE, LIVERPOOL. Hours-10 a.m. to 8-80 p.m. Oomnltatton free. t BTel. 345 Ãnlleld.8 W. & J. VENMORE, Estate Agents Valuers, 200 SCOTLAND RD., Liverpool Xswsomi No. 4216 Boyal (2 ines). ALLAN Royal LINE To CANADA tIn ERPOOL, GLASGOW, LONDON ft HAVE! .0 CANADA, NEWFOUNDLAND ft USA, g ALLAN'S, M James St., LiveFpoo. MOookapM 8t? 8.W and 1M ILO.do?JLO. J. Lloyd Jones, & Co., BSfATB AGENTS, fto. 6 Lord Street, Liverpool SSLMTUOM* (III BASS", HARTLEY & GO., Liverpool 202 LONDON ROAD. iAIrli BY' ADOTIOH IIVBBY ?UMDAT AND FBIDAY AT ONB, BAXUBDAI NIGHTS AT BBVBNt TALUABLB HOUSEHOLD 7UBNITUBB OW ASA DBIOBIPmONl,  NBW AND DRAORIPTIONE. PliOAN9RVBI!ARGB VARIEVY S?S?S.??S-??'?'" BQBY Wkdtgolry Fo? HOCBBKBBPINa. mullB IALBS AND IA VII AT LIARS Ie PBB OJIIn. A MAQNIFIOBNT BKLBOTIO* OIL OUPINUOR FUBNITUBB 18 ALWAYS KBFS IN BrOOKi AND ANYTHWO MAY BB PDBOHASBB BY PBIVATB TBBAVT. GOODS MOBBD. O. Titw 8.10 a.bi. to 9, SO p.m.; Iitudiy 1 DcMi telephone 1798 Boyal. OONILGNMKNTS (BITHBB LABGB OB IMA OF ANY DESCRIPTION INVITBD FOB THBB SALB0. BBST BBSCLT GUABANTBBD. If you want The most Comprehensive POLICIES ID An THE BEST TERMS* write lot partionlam to The GreshalD: LIFE, FIRE, AND ACCIDENT ¡ Insurance Offices. SBeadlOffic* nr.Dch";Offlo. St. Mildreds Houae OI41Ezchange B'lda 1 Pooltryj I LIVERFOOLo. LONDON. E.V. MMBStBi SCOTT. Generali'Managar DIM TALU YMLAX. LLAW. ARIAN YN FENTHYG. (yn ddiataw bach), mewn symiau bach nen fawn (heb tod lIai na (10) AB ADDAWKB Y BENTHYCIWR BI HUP IBFYDLWYD ERB 46 MLYNBDD. ao yn awr yn rhol iCM.MO YN FBNTHY& BOB BLWYDDYN tAm daflen a thelerau ymofynner a George Payne a'i Feib., S Crescent Road, Rhlll. a 16 School Lane, Livtrpeol, THE REALWELSH CURE HAYMAN'S i BALSAM WELLHA l| BESWCH ac ANWYD H Atnhrisiadwy gyda Poteli 1/3 a 3/- Bm GAN OLL FPERYLLWYR A GROSERS gjBootle Auction Rooms. 76 & 78 STANLEY RD., BOOTLE, W. H. Butterfield Co. holds Weekly Sale at their Rooms every Friday Evening, 7 p.m. Furniture and Stocks of every kia for prompt eaah. Talaphose 1298 Bootlt.