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BEATY BR., THE CELEBRATED TAILORS. ANNUAL CONCESSION. Suits to Measure TO-DAY T/m I Until end of January. WttKtEKMKtEttKM 0—T rousers—10/« [ NOTE- BtAJV BROS. adviM their Customers to ORDER AT ONCE It teeing: extremely problematical whether THE SAME VALUE I and variety will be obtainable for many years to come. Not more than two suits can be supplied to one, customer j AT THIS PR,ICK Cw»ry care will be taken, as hitherto, to give UNQUALIFIED SATOFACTtOM i OPEN ALL DAY SATURDAYS; BEATY BROS., LTD., London Rd, & Church St, LIVERPOOL. WM. GRI FFITHS &, SONS 1 29 South John St., Liverpool, AND 349 Stanley Road, Bootle, MAKERS OF SMART CtOTHES FOR Civilians, Officers and Ladies* Raincoats ready to wear and to order. inter. lined oilsilk to waist or throughout, making the garment thoroughly rainproof, in Greys and Fawns of all shades. Prices from 5"1- npwa ds. State Bastmeasuie and: length required when ordering. I A J'w'ch Hygaid yn eich blino ? Yw pethau'n troi'n niwlog ac anelmg? I Byn* arwydd a rhybuddlleihdod y llygad, ■ a dylecfa ga el eu hedrych rh&g blaen eu I gwaaUiygu w;w(u haigeulso- Gallwn ni, v fyda'n hoffer gwyddonol, ddweyd wrthych ■ 01 owarnoch angeu gwydraai; ac on; ft i&J? «ich cyflenwi i'r rhai a, arat fwyaf ■<; o lee i chwi. Galwchheddyw— 1ARCH ER & SOMS B M &7.t ft*Ci&lieto. 1 a y?LOMSTREMi B Sefydlwyd 1141. HVE?POpL § EVAN ?ORR!SlVA? Household Oil 18 STILL ttisecid of all other remedies FOR Rheu.D1&-tisDJ.. gksia.ticsb, X*u:m1>a»go, and i VVC:PXXXXCIiBg of all kinds. In bottles 1/3 6 2,9 Grocers db Chemi8ts, er direct for above prices from MORRIS EVANS & Co., THB MANDJTACTOEY, VESTINIOG N. WALES. LIVERPOOL The SHAFTESBURY," MOUNT PLEASANT, Mom i situ. tutlk frent tIN it. A Omtrai Sist M< I I. £ irst-<ji»ss Temperanoa Hotel. laoderate 011 rats.: shattoebury nota rpool.- Phtm ASK FOR IDRIS Table Waters In Syphoni UD Bottle*, SODA WATER, POTASH WATER, SELTZER WATER LEMONADE, DRY GINGER ALE, Etc., ete. IDRIS & Co., Ltd., Ijtorthumberland St.: I LIVERPOOL D. GRIFIVITIMS (D SON I a 221 BXMK R&, and 9 Mm. 81" L'ip"1.1 I Pianos & Organ. by all the leading makers. From 81- per month. TnKPBORxa—<56i Asfield A 3772 ROYAll j KEEP SMILING We have a few Motor Cycles left, and as we do no? know when we shaH get any more we advise you to purchase now. Samples of what we have in stock are MOTO REVE, 4 h.p. Twin £ 37 10 o RUDGE-MULTI, 3^ h.p £ 42 10 0 RYDER, 2-stroke, 2-speed £ 22 19 6 I RUDGE MULTI, 1917 pattern £ 58 15 o MOTOSACOCHE, o o And many others all at pre-war price. "RUDGES," BOLD STREET, LIVERPOOL ROBERTS a EDWARDS, ESTATE AGENTS, 64 KirRdale Rd., Liverpool Telephone: 2193 Royal.

Trs.m I-O! Heddwch.

Trom li-Proffes Wag.

ITrem IIU-Dilyn Heddwch.