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Pence Envelopes FOF CHURCH COLLECTION Good Quality. Correctly Numbered by Special Machine. Hugh Evans €t Sons, Brython' Office. Liverpool- Telephone, Boyal 1157. Established 1861 ROBERT ROBERTS, ESTATE AGENT, 33 Netherfield Road South* Has Property to Let in ",ariolls parts of the town. Mortgages arranged. Valuations made Established 1884 WOOSNAM ROBERTS, F.A.I. Bootle Estate Office, 52 STANLEY ROAD, BOOTLE. Telegrams Woosnam, 205 Bootle." TelephoM Ne. 7908. J. LEWIS JONES. HSYATi 40ZNr ft VALUER 60 Victoria St., Liverpool Properties oarafally managed. Resets P'1" sonally collected. Farriiaenfl a&d Sales gotiateti. Mortgagei arraased and •fleeted THOMAS JONES, NOTATE AG.NT8 VALUERS. IKVBStMEMT laWIL.i. 6Y Lord Street, Liverpool Velepkose No. -18"8 Back. Froperite* Bought and Sold. M(¡rIII:I" vsranged. Voluaticyag made. Bmtr ooU««tm Tn. MT Ajffnwm. RavAuxasimn !2 Stephen Roberts & SOli ROTA" AGAN" & ¥ ALU EM 137 Everton Road, liverpoc Propertlu carefully managed. ReiitM pt tonally Collected. Pnxohasea ud Ik.. negotiated. Mortgagee arranged and raraaeea atleoted Henry Jones, ESTATE AGENT, VALUER &,PROPERTY AUCTIONEER, 3 Lord Street, Liyerpoai Vni ø..mr: 4SSA, 0. JONES WILLIE. F.A.I. mXATt AGBNT VALUER, 17 Boundary Place, Moss St Liverpool. Eat, 1S89. Telephone i 561 Reyi l BeUpboae 8886 Bank JONES fiTllUGHES, KSBAXIS OFFICE, 13 Whitechapelf Liverpool FREEHOLD LAND FOR SALE. Advances Made. R. E. HUGIdEbo Hatate Agent.S Surveyor c9 Valuer, Charing Cross, Birkenheae. Telephone No.-U Bliead. fJaa Honees to Let and for Sale in various parti of the Town and out distriota. Also Land to kt Bold for Boil ding purposes. Advanoes made tt Buildem Nefttio luw7 Advamm made t. Boilders. Estates laid ont. Bents Collected, Property oarefnll j managed. LADIES BLANCH4RD PILLS AMMttTttNedtCtta InognlultlM, tbay ipmralh tNctd MM and am <tU ".aJInIa" tM tnAtSM. ZttyMpMMdtfMeymy?HiOo?it.BtttMApBK.? M??C?B'? t? tte best of all Pill for w.mt?'< sold 111 bezaa, 104, by Bootr Bcanatot, xAMS, BrosieiiM and all Cbendsto6 or poiotlm. aaisn oriea. fllll LESLIE flUKTYNt Lt» Chonwtt.34 Lave, Loode BARGAINS.-Underwoods, Remingtons Yosts, Smith-Premier, Barlocks, Em pires, Olivers.Blieks, Royal Standards, fron £ Z new condition, See the REX 923 worth for 12 guineas.—LONGMORE, 41b North Johr Street, Liverpool, Sole Agency Caroni Portable Typewriter. As a Result of our INDIVIDUAL TUITION we are placing our pupils in GOOD SITUATIONS within 3 to 6 months. The CrTY SCHOOL of SHORTHAND and TYPEWRITING, 24 Moorfields. Td-Central, 7884. PAINLESS DENTISTRY. J. P. (Bon of the late 3. Lamptongh, for many years In the Dental Profession at Mold and Holywell). Dental Surgery, 235 EDGE LANE, LIVERPOOL. 116an-lo ajn. to 8*80 pja. Consultation free, Toli 84 Anfield.* f W. & J. VENMORE, Estate Agents Valuers, 200 SCOTLAND RD., Liverpool TSIXTHONS No. 4216 Royal (2 ines). ALLAN -•»' LIME  To C,AN ADA. en ERPOOL GLASGOW, LONDON & HAVitik I TO CANADA, NEWFOUNDLAND ft U.S.A, ÂLUli's, II James St., Lherpoo, 14 Cookspi St., S. W., and 108 Leadenhali St. London, B.C. J. Lloyd Jones, & fc., ESTATE AGENTS, kc. 6 Lord Street, Liverpuis, RMLBPNOSB an MAMS. HARTLEY A 0019 Livappool 202 LONDON ROAD. BALBS BY ADOTIOK BVJUn tfUMDAX AND FRIDAY AT ONB, lAtUBDAS WIGHTS AT IEVEN. TALVABLB HOUSKHOLD FUKNITDKK OJ AW DJBSOKIfCIONS. MAGNIPIOSKT HliW All ligOOND-EL"D PIANONOI&TRA.LARGB VABIWI ONBEDSTE"S BBDDING && HVHJRY NBOkflSITT FOB HOUSBKBBl'iaG. ATTEND TiLHSB 0ALBS AND SAVB AT LB"t if) PBR CENT. A MAGNIFIOBKT SBJLBOTIOB 01 SUPBBIOB FUBKITUEB IS ALWAYB KZIt U STOCK AND ANYTHING MAY BB PUKOHASHfe BY PBIVAVB TBBATY. GOODS 8TOBBD. On vieir 8.80 a.m. to 810 p.m.; Saturday 1 p.m telephone 1781 BoyaL OONSIGNMJ3NTS (BITHBB LABQB OB liL4 OF ANY DBBOBIPTION INVITBD FOR THAI 141.1111. BBSS BBBULT GUAKANTBBD, If 70U want The moat Comprehenelve POLICIES in THE BEST TERM&- write for pvtioolus to The Gresham LIFE, FIRE, 4ND ACCIDENi Insurance Offices. SBead Offloe > St. Mlldredt HOOK* Poultry, LONDON. S.S. Branch" Office ) 014iEjLchanne S'Id a ILIVERFOOL, JAMESHi SCOTT, General Mauiw DIM TALU YMLAEt LLAW. ARIAN YN FENTHYG. (yn ddietaw baoh). mewn symiau bach sen fan (heb fod llal na [10) AB ADDAWEB T BENTHYCIWR BI IlU 1BFYDLWYD ER8 46 MLYNBDD. ao yn awr yn rhol £80.800 YN PBNTHYQ BOB BLWYDDYJr Am dafien a theleran ymofynner a George Payne a'i Feib., S Crescent Bond, Rhyl, a 16 School Lane, Liverpool. piinagp'irtltel THERFFL  j? HAYIMN'sl NM ?t m t? i? NMt M?tn NNMtM t BALSAM I m ?? Bt )<MN BtMt! ? ? BESWCH ac ANWYD H BM ?AwA?ts??wy gyda phlant. ^Bm Potelf 113 a 31- GROSER B|| GAX OLL FFgnVW.i4 A Bootle Auction Rooms, 76 & 78 STANLEY RD., BOOTLB, W. H. Butterfield Co. holds Weekly Sale at their Rooms evarj Friday Evening, 7 p.m. Furniture and Stocks ef every kin for prompt aash. Telephone 1298 Bmile,