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BEATY BKSt THE CELEBRATED TAILORS. ANNUAL CONCESSION. Sufts to Measure Commencing Saturday next, | 30th inst., „d ■ Until end of January. ??/ BHHHBHHI 10/—Trousers—10/. NOTE-BEATY BROS. advise their Customers to ORDER AT ONCE It being extremely problematical whether THE CAME VALUE  many years to come. Not more than two suits can b88upplied to one customer AT THIS ?R)CE Every care will be taken, as hitherto, to give UNQUALIFIED SATISFACTION- Close ali day Monday (New Year's Davl amn ?.ay, ,a.. 3r.. OPEN ALL D/Y SATURDAYS. BEATY BR8S? LTD., London Rd, & Church St. LIVERPOOL. Messrsfj W. GRIFFITHS & SONS Desire to take this opportunity of thanking their numerous customers for the patronage they have accorded their estab- lishments during the past year, and to express a hope of the eontinuance of those favours. Every effort will be taken during -the coming year to merit custom by adhering strictly to the policy of combining the best quality with the lowest possible prices. WM. GRIFFITHS & SONS. 29 South John Street, Liverpool Makers of Civilian Clothes, Military Uniforms, Naval Uniforms, Ladies' Coats and Skiits. BL, A yw c Llygaid yn eich blino ? Yw pethau'n iroi'n niwlog ac anelwig ? Dyna arwydd a rhybudd Ilethdod y llygad, a dylech ga el eu hedrych rhag blaen eu gwaethygu wna'u hasgaulso. Gallwn ni, syda'n huffer gwyddonol, ddwayd wrthych os oes arnoch angen gwydrau; ac os folly, eichcyflenwi i'r rhai a barai fwyaf o les i chwi. Galvrch heddyw— r Archer A SONS £ y»«iCht Sasciallets, I r 3 LORD STREBTi S Sefydlwyd x$48. LIVER. POOL MORRIS EVA\S' Household Oil IS STILL ahead of all other remedies FOB Rheumatism, Seiatiea, Lumbago, and lAToVtndLs, of all kinds. in bottles 1/3 2/9 Grocers & Chemists, or direct for abovt prices from MORRIS [V4NS & Co. THB MANUFACTORY, IFIESTINIOG N. WALES LIVERPOOL The SHAFTESBURY,' MOUNT PLEASANT, Ibaut 4 miss. watt from Linu n. <4 Central Simi A Pirst-oiass flatniwraaea dotal. Moderate ail Nhaftesbury Hotal, L'pool." Phone ASK FOR I D RIS Table Waters In Syphons and Bottles. SODA WATBR. POTASH WATBR, SELTZER WATER LEMONADE. DRY GINGER ALE, Etc., etc. IDRIS & CO., Ltd., Northumberland St. LIVERPOOL D. GRIFFITFIS 42 SON 221 BrocK .') Pianos £ c Organs by all the leading makers. From SI- per month TKiwn^w—*ifleld & 3771 ROTALt KEEP SMILING We have a few Motor Cycles left, and as we do not know when we shall get any more we advise you to purchase now. Samples of what we have in stock are MOTO REVE, 4 h.p. Twin /« ro 0 RUDGE-MULTI, 3? h.p. I- 0 RYDEK, ?-stroke, 2-speed. i4-4V 2 10 0 RUDGE MULTI? 1917 pattern | ] f? ,£ 5 o MOTOSACOCHE, 4-stroke £ IQ 0 And many others all at pre-war price. RUDGE S," BOLD STREET, LIVERPOOL] ROBERTS 0 EDWARDS. ESTATE AGENTS, 64 KirRdale Rd., Liverpool Telephone* 2 193 Rf yal.

I Tram 1—1916.

Trem 11-1917.

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