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fin Ganedl ym Manieinion.

——o—— Ar y Mesur Byr

I - Basgodaid olf Wlad. j



Telephone, Royal 1157. Established 1864 JROBERT ROBERTS, ESTATE AGENT, 33 Netherfield Road South" Has Property to Let in various parts of the town. Mortgages arranged. Valuations made getablishod 1654. 205 S?tabHshwd 1884. Phea. t?!? Bootie 1- WOOSNAM ROBERTS. F.A.I., Bootle Estate Office, Personal, Practical, Prompt, and Reliable Management of all Classes of Real Estate, 52 STANLEY ROAD, BOOT La [(« doors from Bedford Road) Telegrams WOOSWAM. BOOTLM, I frelophous Na. 7969. J., LEWIS JONES, BBTATI AGINr VALVMH 60 Victoria St.. Liverpool Properties carefully managed. Beats m tonallj eolleotod. Pnrohaies and BaJe» » ictilatou. Mortgages arranged and I!anursmo IB6QM1 THOMAS dJONES ■STATU AGANTS VALURRO. SKV*#TI«»»T iS«IL»lHM. 67 Eord Street, Liverpool Tslaphuas No. —1868 Bank. FroperMe* Bought and Sold. Mortg-i,. Irnf1C' Vatuatione made. ft_ (.Ioli.o,¡¡, rD. I' 7 Ajrinot). lNABUins !l Stephen Roberts & Sot MTATM AQMNTM « TALUBBfs, 137 Everton Rood, Liverpool ?ropertfM earefully managed. Reafti p" ■oulij Collected. Pnrehaies and Kd iogotiated. Mortgages arranged and b raraaoes afleoted iJtlenry Jones, ESTATE AGENT, VALUES & PROPERTY AUCTIONEER, J Lord Street, Liverpoo Tab I BAMX MSA 0. JONES MINIMI 8STATK AGENT VALUER, 17 Boundary Place, MossSl Liverpool. ltat. 18SS. Tolophoriie 1-367 Royal Tolopboas 8538 Ba uk JONES e HUGHES, &sfarr OFFICII, 13 Whitechapel, Liverpool FREEHOLD LAND FOR SALE. Advances Made. R.E. HUGHEJs, Watate Aterit.* ]Surveyor t) Valuer Choring Cross, Birkenhead. Telephone No.—M B'head. gas Hou" to Lot and for Sale in various parte of the Town and oat districts. Also Land to Us Sold for B?!dim: pnrcoses. Advances made U BcUderw. B8t.laid oat. Bents Collected, Property oarefnlly managed. LADIES BLANCtHRD PILLS 4M nuriv&W tm an ,tim &:64 tB«<mt tth? robot *W no,: t"Wl tO t????MT&t?MS Ibe, MpwrMd< P&ewyMytt!. Pil OoW&, BittM AMK? ?4?<C?«?0'.S M? the be« of .U p? for W.K ? 18 box". ?. byBo.?'BtMS?lS?,. Br=sbes. M4 *M .8"" er JOlt <Mt. MMMnhXtM- LESLIE MARTYNO L?'?M?4b<??,S?? W. & J. VENMORE, Estate Agents Valuers, 200 SCOTLAND RD., Liverpool No. 4216 Royal (2 ines).   ALLAN ? LINE To CAN A.DA. MERVOOL, GLASGOW, LONDON &BAVKI J TO CANADA. NEWFOUNDLAND UJSJL AMjm's, M JamM St., Liverpool; KCockatw 1 S.W., &nd 1M Leadenhall P50to! Lc;Ddon,Lb, J. Lloyd Jones, & Co., ESTATE AGENTS, &o. 6 Lord Street, Liverpool TMLMrmOMS 811 MARK HARTLEY & CO., Liverpool T02 LONDON ROAD. I.U. BY ADOTIOK BYKKY 4XJMDAI AND BBIDAY AT ONB, NATIUNDAT HIQHS8 AT IEVEN. FALUARLD HOUSEHOLD WBNITUBB ON Alik DABORIPTIONA. MAQ10?20 £ Kr RJlW AM tBOOND-HAND PIANOKOBVXf .LABOB V A BIB VI Of DRDSTItA-Dg BEDDING, A. JlVIIBY NBgkBSITT FOB HOUSBKBBFIBO. ATTEND 1!:ifiœB BALES AND SAVB AT LBAJMT MPNB OENT. A XAGNIFICXNR 8BLBOTIOB OV £ £ 5 £ IOB FIURNITUILB 18 ALWAYS KBfT M ITOOK AND ANYTHING MAY BB PUROHASRS by PRIVATE TERATY. GOODS STOBBD. On vlow 8.80 a.m. to 8.10 p.m.; latordar 1 p n. ataphona 179S B01al. OONBIGNMBNTB (EITHBB LARGB OR IliA OF ANY DBSOBIPTION INYITBD FOB THBt SALIB. BEST BBSU-T GUABAKTBBD. If you want The most Comprehensive POLICIES An THE BEST TERMS write for particulars to The Gresham LIFE, FIRE, AND ACCIDENT Insurance Offices. r Bead.Offlc.1 I Qlt. MMdMd* Houee l I Peuhry. 1 | P01l1tr. t I LONDON. a." i Branch Office 1 914iEzchanc« B" 14 a I LIVERPOOL. «f AMES}Hi SCOTTI Goneral;Manager iN .,0. DIM TALU TMLASM LLAW. ARIAN YN FENTHYG. (rn ddistaw bach), mewn symiaa bach nee law (heb fod llai na £10) AB ADDAWJEB T BENTHYCIWR III Htn 8BFYDLWTD BR8 *6 MLYNBDD, ac yn awr yn rhol £ 89.90„ 0 YN FBNTHYG BOB BLWYDDYB Am daflen a thelsran ymofynner a George Payne a*i Felb., S Crescent Road, Rhyl, a 16 School Lane, Li"PHZ. THE REAL WELSH CURE HAYli,iri.NYS 8 Aiki am BH WELLHA BESWCH ac ANWYD H Atnhrisiadwy gyda phlant, HH Potelf 1/3 a 31- t j fj GAx ott FFBRVLLWYR A GROSERC BRI Bootle Auction Rooma. 76 & 78 STANLEY RD., BOOTLE, W. H. Butterfield a Co. holds Weekly Sale at their Koonts every Friday Evening, 7 p.m. Furniture and Stocks of every kill boagb for prompt eash. Telephone 1299 Bootle,