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BA.RGAIN S.-Underwoods, Remington* JD Yosts, Smith-Premier, Barlocks, Bit, pires, Olivers,Slicks, Royal Standards, fron M new condition, See the fJEX £ 23 wort) I for 12 guineas.—Lonsmorb, 41b North Job! Street, Liverpool, Sole Agency Coron, Portable Typewriter. Asa HeJoultof our INDIVIDUAL TUITION we are placing our pupils in GOOD SITUATIONS within 3 to 6 months. Th* CITY SCHOOL of SHORTHAND and TYPEWRITING, 24 Moorfield*. j —u—re?.1—Central, 7884 Fnera UJIOAR PmLtAmxoine HALL.-Mr. Kiagi* » on-JonM was retponiible for soma of the best features < < the entertainment.Uowpwl Comriar. A talented cloentlonist.—Mrkmhtsd Mtm. E. KINGSLFON-JONES, Gold Medallist, Professor of Elocution' ADJUDICATOR, OONOERTS. Entertainments given by self for whole evenings, 2 J hours. Humorous, Dramatic & Musical Recitals. Walsh a a, d English. Tonns Moderate. Pupil. taken. Specimen prognmne of whole enning sent on application. 27 Clifton Road East, Tuabrook, Livkrpoou Q. W. HUGHES,a- & L.t.S t (ANFOOPM p Can* rat Mfkmptl M.G. Prkdo Jlood) Arweinydd Cymanfaoedd Canu, Beirniad, ac Arholwr. Parotoir Imgtiatetfr at Dystyaorifmu uteehan 00199 y Solfa, Hen Nodiant a Solfm, 70 KINGSL £ Y:R0AD LERPW Madame Annie Leigh receives Pupils Voice Pradnctloa, Singing, Pianoforte. 123 BELMONT ROAD and CITY STUDIO. Madame Annie Leigh's Ladiee-Choit. Good voices wanted. Rehearsals Crane's, Han. over Street. Full particulars, 123 Belmont Rd., Liverpool. TOIsPhone-Anfield. 800 wl55 KENSINGTON, LIVERPOOL. R. W. EVANS. funeral director, All Orders personally attended to throughout. | P. Lloyd Jones FUNERAL DIRECTOR 164 Stanley Rood, f 'POt)! TELEPHONE—261 BOOTH ^TELEPHONE—575 ANFIELD. J. T, JONF-4, fUflroJ Itpolert,"CA, EVERTON, 40 ?uhr?y?fee,, ? r?, ,nd S5 &Me« R? I IVfBPOl I funerals personali) rrant. to all partb. COOK &T0>VNS11L M Warm Wool Comforts for Soldiers and Sailors. Splendid colhotion f high Quality Goods at Popular Prices. Wool Socks 1/ 1/6, '& 1/11 par Khaki Wool Mitts, 1/- & 1/6 ::r Natural Wool Body Belts, l/Beach Balaclava Sleeping Helmets 1/11 and 2/6 each. Cardigan Jackets, 4/11, 5/11 & 6/11. Special line of Men's Khaki Cardigan Jackets, 6/11 each Men's Army Grey Shirts 3/11 & 5/11 each Men's Khaki Shirts 4/11 & 5/11 each. Special Prices quoted for Church Guilds etc Byrom St. Dole Sta t LIVERPOOL. CARDIAU NADOLIG CYMRAEG CYFRE8 Y "CAMBRIAN." Ar werth gan yr holl llyfrwerthwyr Cymreig PRIS 1c. a 2g. Os ceir unrhyw anhawster i'w cael anfoner yn uuiongyrchol i Swyddfa'r "Bkython." Ar dderbyniad If- mewn Uythyrnodau neu P.O., anfonir 12 a gardiau Ceiniog neu 6 o rai Dwy Geiniog. Cardiau Nadolig Saesneg OYFRES Y "CAMBRIAN." Pris 1c., 2g., 3c., a 4c. Telerau arferol i Lyfrwerthwyr, &c. .HUGH EVANS & SONS," Brython" Office 356«8 Staxdey Road, Liverpool,