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Tpem I-Y diwoddar Mr. J. G.…

Trem _II...Y Weinyddiaeth.I


y mddiwvddiod -Mr. -Asquith.-

Clep y Clawdd sef Clawdd Offa.



l -—— DONEGAL TWEED CO. LIVERPOOL'S  FOREMOST iL /TLJLjL??Jt\.0, MAKE UP YOUR MIND TO PLACE YOUR ORDER EARLY FOR THAT NEW SUIT, ———— PRICES AS USUAL. ———— Sat t ij 30/ NO EX'TR-\ Suit to Measure from 30/ CH¡\RG£S. FIT GUARANTED. IT WILL P A Y YOU TO SEE OUR f I d."S SuUto 40/ Famous Indigo Serge  40/= "E D"™ 8 LONDON RD., LIVERPOOL Manager: JOHN JONES. Also 95, 10 165 Grange Rd., B'head I Cymro am byth." at 226 High Street, Bangor, LADIES COSTUMES 23 Hope Street, Wrexham, to order from Sol. and throughout the Kingdom.