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 ARE VLKCOAT ogTvE BU r*T THE FINEST ——?ir* kl if SELECTION B ? OVERMArS THE CELEBRATED IH THE TAILORS, PROVINCES, LONDON ROAD & QO/   lo^VT £ T: 30/- to 80/- Lt?/erpOOL To Measure Same Price. 0t L S THAT WILL OVERCOATS'"?A?"' Phone-3925 Bank. 580 Bootie I firifntns I SODS, iilitafy, Naval & Civil Tailors, 49S0UTH JOHN ST., LIVERPOOL Auao m STANLEY ROAD, BOOTLE. Complete Military Outfits 8IPANn' SWORDS e^L with Sword Knot ? Nett. Send for Price List. A ywch Llygaid yn eich blino ? Yw pethau'n troi'n niwlog ac anelwig ? Dyna arwydd a rhybudd llethdod y llygad, a dylech ga el eu hedrych rhag blaen eu gwaethygu wna'u hosgeulso- Gallwn ni, ¡yda'n hofier gvryddonol, ddweyd wrthych 09 oes arnoch angen gwydrau ac oa felly, eich cyflenwi a'r rhai a barai fwyaf o ies i chwi. Galwch heddyw ARCHER t SONS F-yesight Specialists, 73 LORD STREET, I >efrdl wyd 1848. LIVERPOOL | a I S 9 Morris EVAIIN Household Oil IS STILL ahead of all other remedies FOR Rheumatism, Sciatica, Lumbago, and Wounds, of all kinds. 1 In bottles 1/3 d 2/9 Grocers & Chemists, er direct for abew prices from MORRIS EVANS & Co., THB MANUFACTORY, VCSTlNIOG Ni WALES, LIVERPOOL The "SHAFTESBURY," MOUNT PLEASANT, Atom 4 mint- **ik from Mm* 08. A comirtil SlaI NI, • .1 ?irit-ela is Tataaeraaoe Hotel. Moderate eh Pols. 1 SSitisibary Hottl, Vpool." Pit$u J ASK FOR IDRIS Table Waters In Byphom and Bottles, SODA WATER. SELTZER WATER, LEMONADE, DRY GINGER ALB, Etc., etc. IDRIS & CO., Ltd., loorthumb,arland St.. r LIVERPOOL D. GRIFFITHS d SON 22.1 9 Moss St.. L'Peol-" Pianos & Organs by all the leading makers. From month. "tn. .4lb Aafield &-3772 Iny Al. KEEP SMILING We have a few Motor Cycles left, and as we do not know when we shall get any more we advise you to purchase now. Samples of what we have in stock are MOTO REVE, 4 h.p. Twin £ 37 10 o RUDGE-MULTI, 3! h.p. £ 42 10 0 RYDER, 2-stroke, 2-speed. £ 22 19 6 RUDGE MULTI, 1917 pattern £ 58 15 01 MOTOSACOCHE, 4-stroke ?10 o ol And many others all at pre-war price. RUDGES," BOLD STREET, LIVERPOOL ROBERTS A EDWARDS, ESTATE AGENTS, 64 Kirkdale Rd., Liverpool j Telephone s 2193 Rr yftl.

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