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OVERCOATS OT VE I tAtY I P BRO? Ltd. TME CELEBRATED TAILORS9 LONDON ROAD & CHURCH ST., 1. Liv/erpooL THE FINEST I SELECTION OF 1 OVEMMIS I IN THE PKOVtNCES. 30/- to 80/- 11 To Measure Same Price. OVERCOATSTHAT WIL L ) pLEASE ? Fhen<&—39as B&nh. 580Beot!e Blimtlts ¡ Sons. :Jlilitatfy, Naval & Civi! Trdlorrs, 29SOUTH JOHN ST., UVERPOOL AMO 349 STANLEY ROAD, BOOTLE Compete Mititary Outfits MaFANTR?swOKDS? ??/? w:thSwefd Knot J Nett Send for Price Mat A yw'ch Hyg&id yn eich biino ? Yw pethau'n iroi'B niwiog ac anelwig ? Dyna &rwydd a rhybudd llethdod y llygad, a dylech ga el eu hedrych rhttg blaen; en gwMthyguwna'uhotgeulso. Gallwn ni, gydn'n hoSer gwyddonol, ddweyd wrthych Ot) oesarnoch angen gwydrau; M M My, eich cyaenwi t'r rhM a barai fwyaf o ieni chwi. Galwch heddyw- a'CH&:R" SONS ILYOOIsht Sttwct&Matta. 3 LOM STREET, Seiyd!wydtS4'. L LIVERPOOL M KKEVAR"S' HouschotdOH IS STILL .head of all other remedies FOR RheuDJ.aisIU, Scia"tic&, IL,LiLMUVLgC),, and 1M ounds, of all kinds. 10 bottles 1/3 0 2/9 6-mcer,e (6 Chemists, or direct /'or caove prtces from MORRIS EV4NS & Co., TmS MANUFACTORY, VESTINTOG N. WAEE& HVERJPOOL Ihe' SHAMESBHRY/ MOUNT PLEASANT, .IkW <t tOttM. tMS irom riam 1£. <t C#n&aJ &-zi <t, t Mote!. Modef&M eb reb.: BhioftMbayy Kete!. t<*poo! Phone 1 ASK F.OD. Jr )L D RI S ?TTB?' ab?L? H ie 'WTtF* A Table Wat-ers In SypSMtM aDd Bcttlea. GODA. W A. TEll, POTASH WATER, SELTZER WATER, JLEMONABE, DRY GINGER ALE, Etc., etc. tORIS & CO., Ltd., Ii orthumberlDdSt.e LIVERPOOL D. GRIFFITHS" SON Mi BrecH Rd.. tnd 9 Moax St.. L'pwot.t Pian. os & Organa I by all the leading makera. FfeBa 8!- per month. TBM!'?<"?<'—?M]t <at<e)d 3772 MYAL. NO MORE NEW Motor Cars or Motor Cydes will be made by any I Br t sh factory or imported from abroad till peace is declared. In view of this, and the fact that we have j only a few Motor Cycles in stock, we would advise you to order now or you will be disappointed. Moreover, these few are at PRE-WAR PRICES. RUDG.ES," toi BOLD STREET, LIVERPOOL. "THE ONLY WAY" to prevent the weary waiting for trams and avoid the daily expense is to cycle. It is a FAR; FAR BETTER THmc:" to save time and money nowadays than to spend it in tram jttirneys. J CYCLES AT PRE-WAR PRICES. RUDGE-WIHTWORTH, Ltd., tot BOLD STREET F%OBERTS 49 EDWARDS, ESTATE AGENTS, 64 Kirkdale Rd., Ltverpoot Tetttthene: 2t93 ltoyal.

Irem t-Nid Dydd. I

Trem!!-K!dMos. I


BasgedaMo'r Wtad.