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Clep y Clawdd' sef Clawdd…



Telephone, Rpyal 1157. Established 1864 ROBERT ROBERTS, ESTATE AGENT, 33 Netherfield Road South' Has Property to Let in various parts of the town. Mortgages arranged. Valuations made 205 Established 1884. 'PhoneI11401Booll« WOOSNAM ROBERTS. F.A.I., Bootle Estate Office, Personal, Practical, Prompt, and Reliable Management of all Classes of Real Estate, 52 STANLEY ROAD, BOOTLB (0 doors frort4 Bedford Road) Telegrams WoosNAm. BOOTLE, I Telephoat No. 7909. J. LEWIS JONES, BSTATL AQBNf & VALUBR, 60 Victoria St., Liverpool. Properties cardully managed. Rseta psi •oaally ooilected. Porchases and Sales s» gotSated. Mortgages arranged aad lassEassi eSeefcsd. THOMAS JONES, AQBKTS VALURRS. IEVNSTMSNT t."II..JU!Hi3. 61 Eord Street, Liverpool Telephone No. -1868 Bank. Properties Bought aad Sold. arranged. Valuattonsmads. Beats c-lle^tee Tm. SI 7 AxvziiaD. lovAELiszxD, -13. Stephen Roberts & Soi. ESTATE AGENTS A TALVEBS. 137 Everton Road, Liverpool Psoporiles carefully managad. R&kIs ps; lonally Collected. Purchases aad B&.U segotiated. Mortg-agei arrangsd aed Iq aurancee aSeoted. Henry Jones, ESTATE AGENT, VALUER & PROPERTY AUCTIONEER, 3 Lord Street, Liverpool Taai Bijrx 4821, 0. JONES WilliAMS. F.A.IIJ ESTATE AGENT & VALUBSe 17 Boundary Place, Moss St. Liverpool. Est. 1889. < Telephone :1S67 Royal Telepho,26 8586 Ba nk JONES filiUGHES, IIS UllOFFlaE, 13 Whitechapelf Liverpooi FREEHOLD LAND FOR BALB. Advances Made- 11 11 ■ '^gaHsaBaaaaaaa R. E. HUGHES, Bstate Agent, Surveyor & Valuer, Charing Cross, Birkenhead. Telephone No.—56 B'head. Has Houses to Let and for Sale in various parti of the Town and out distriots. Also Land to be Sold for Building purposes. Advances made k BuUdem. Bstates laid out. Ronto'CoUeoUd, M< Property carefully managed. LADIES BLANCH4RD PILLS Are unrivalled for all At* norlT«lM (ot all Irrcgalaritfta, tbey ipMdi i. afford rtlitf and atvar (all to attrrlatt an lufllrmØlL Tboy laperaadt PasByroyal, Pil Ooebla, Bitter AWIt, &( BLANCH ARD'S art the best of all Pili for WemeB.I sold tn boxo., 1111, by Boon* Branahes, Braaahaa. and all Ohemliti, or post iraa, sama priaa, frolb LESLIE PKARTYN, Lte, Chemists.34 DaUtaa tllle. PAINLESS DENTISTRY. J. P. LAMPLOUGH'S (Son of the late J. Lamplough, for many years In the Dental Profession at Mold and Holywell). Dental Surgery, 235 EDGE LANE, LIVERPOOL. Hours-10 am. to 8-30 p.m. Consultation free. Tel. 245 Anfleld. Pence 4 Envelopes FOR [CHURCH] COLLECTIONS Good Quality. Correctly Numbered by Special Machine4 fl ugh Evans a Sons, Brytho v W. & J. VENMORE, Estate Agents Valuers, 200 SCOTLAND RD., Liverpool TELEPHONE No. 4216 Royal (2 ines). ALLAN Royal LINE To CAMILIDIL -,i- V ERPOOL, GLASGOW, LONDON tHAVBB TO CANADA, NEWFOUNDLAND A U.S.A. ALLAN'S, 19 James St., Liverpool; 14 Ooekspot St., S.W., and 103 Leadenhali St., London, M.C. J. Lloyd Jones, & Co., ESTATE AGENTS, he. 6 Lord Street, Liverpool TSLSrUOBB ell MAWES HARTLEY" CO., Liverpool. 202LONDON ROAD. BALBS BY"'AUOTIOH BVBRY tfUISDAT AND FRIDAY AT ONB, IAXUKDAX NIGHTS AT SEVEN. FALUABLE HOUSEHOLD PUKNITUBB OF All DHSOBIPTIONB. MAQKIPIOBNT NEW AND IBOOND-HAND PIANONORTEB, LARGE VARIBIT OV BEDSTEADS. BEDDING, &o, BVIIRT NBOBSSITT FOR 110USBREEPINGO ATTEND TBESE SALES AND SAVE AT LBAIPR 19 PER CENT. A MAGNIFICENT SELECTION Or 1UPBBIOB PUBNITUBB IS ALWAYS KBP. IS ITOOK AND ANYTHING MAY BE PUBOHASXS 8Y PRIVATE TREATY. GOODS STORBD, On view 8.80 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.; Saturday 1 pirs Otophone 1793 Royal. CONSIGNMENTS (BITHBR LARQB OR BMA OF ANY DBSOBIPTION INVITBD FOR THIS tALBS. BEST RESULT GUARANTBBD. If you want The most Comprehensive POLICIES an THE BEST TERMS write for particulars to The Gresham LIFE, FIRE, AND ACCIDENT Insurance Offices. HeadiOfflca t aat. Mildreds House Poultry; ( LONDON. E.S. Branch Office" G141Exchanae fi'lde ILIVERFOOLD ¡AMBSlB, SCOTTI General:Manaler DIM TALU YMLAKN LLAW. ARIAN YN FENTHYG. {yn ddiataw bach), mewn symiau bach neu fawr (heb fod Hal na (10) AR ADDAWEB Y BENTHYCIWR III HUI IEFYDLWYD ERS 46 MLYNEDD, ao yn awr yn rhol £ 80,000 YN FENTHYG BOB BLWYDDYB Am daflen a thelsran ymofynner a George Payne a'i Feib., S Crescent Road, Rhyl, a 16 School Lant, Liverpool, Dwy Action Song Cymreig D(j. Y MILWYR BYCHAIN (The Little Soldiers). Y MAMAU BYCHAIN (The Little Nurses). Gan Pedr Alaw. TONIC SOLFFA, 2g. yr un. Drwy'r post, 21o. HEN NODIANT, Bch. yr un. Drwy'r post, 60. Cystal a'r goreu a gwell na llawer a gyhaeddir yn Saesneg. Cyhoeddedig yn Swyddfalr Brython," 356, 358 Stanley Rd., Liverpool. Bootle Auction Boomii 76 & 78 STANLEY RD., BOOTLE, W. H. Butterfield O Co. holds Weekly Sale at their Rooms every Friday Evening, 7 p.m. Furniture and Stocks of every kin tough for prompt sash. Telephone 1299 Bootle. Y mae PEIRIANNAU GWAU HOSAN NAU yn foddion hapusrwydd a bywoliaeth i filoedd o deuluoedd. Ceir y Day y Cloff, ao eraill ymysg ein cwsmeriaid. Rhestr ac hyfforddiant yn rhad. Sefydlwyd 1871- W. Griffiths, 30 Queen Street, Neath.