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 I 0VERCOATS oSMSel IBIEALTY I P BRO? 1 Ltd. THE C ELE FS IRA TED TAILORS, I LONDON ROAD & CHURCH ST., Liverpool. THE FINEST I SELECTION OF OVERCOATS .'1 IN THE PROVINCES, 30/- to 80/- To Measure Same Price. I OVERCOATS T%ASrL I I OVERCOATSTHlEAILL I l? -??j  Phone— 3925 BanK, /I 560 Bootle, W.GônUIISISODS, Pilitary, Naval & Civil Tailors, 29SOUTH JOHN ST., LIVERPOOL AliRO 349 STANLEY ROAD, BOOTLE, Complete Military Outfits WMM-I 5WORDS @?/- with Sword Knot J Neti Send for Price List. A yw'ch Llygaid yn eich blino ? Yw pethau'n troi'n niwlog ac anelwig ? Dyna arwydd arhybudd Ilethdod y llygad, a dylacb ga el eu hedrych rhag blaen eu gwaethygu wna'u hoigeulso- Gallwn ni, v lyda'n hioffer giryddonol, ddweyd wrthych *<'< oea arnoch angen gwydraa ac os jhBy, etch cyflenwi 4'r rha barai hryaft, ekwi, ARCHER & SONS Ei«il(ht Specialists, 73 LORD, GTRLIRT, Sefydlwyd iM. ORRIS r-vANlits Household Oil IS STILL ahead of all other remedies FOR Bheumatism, Sciatica, Lumbago, and Wounds, of all kinds. In bottles 1/3 ID 2/9 Qvecre dfc Chemists, or direct for abotg prices from MORRIS EVANS & Co., THB MANUFACTORY, -QT"Iln m. w&r»Re LIVERPOOL The SHAFTESBURY," MOUNT PLEASANT, JLteut < mint, metli from Lifso St. Cmirai Stag M.. A First-elaas 'Ps-nperanoa flotal. Moderate eb f<h.! Rfcaftecbnry Hotok L'pool." Phttu i ASK FOR IDRIS Table Waters In gyphoas and Bottles, SODA WATER, POTASH WATER, SELTZER WATER, t, LEMONADE. DRY LINGER ALE, Etc., etc. IDRIS & Co., Ltd., Morthumberland St., LIVERPOOL D. GRIFFITHS & SON tæ d., and 9 Moso St., L'pOOM Pianos & Organs I' by all the leading makers. Ff?m 8'. r oDth. l:.PJJolnlJ-45b "afield It MM MYAL. _456x AnfieW & 3772 WOTAL. I NO MORE NEW Motor Cars or Motor Cycles will be made by any ¡ Br t sh factory or imported from abroad till peace h' I declared. In view of this, and the fact that we have j only a few Motor Cycles in stock, we would advise ) you to order now or you will be disappointed. I Moreover, these few arc at PRE-WAR PRICES. RUDGES," 101 BOLD STREET, LIVERPOOL. 1 "THE ONLY WAY" i to prevent the weary waiting for trams and avoid the j daily expense is to cycle. It is a Fak, FAR BETTER THING" to save time and money nowadays J than to spend j t in tram journeys. CYCLES AT PRE-WAR PRICES. OBERTS EDWARDS, ESTATE AGENTS, 64 Kirkdale Rd., Liverpool Telephone: 2193 Rcril.

I Treml-Ein Hymborth. I

m" ouio Ihg I 'Ymborth."

Ymreolaeth yn (gino. I