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DAVIES'S Second-Hand and Slightly Used PIANOS Upwards of 25 Pianos for Spot Cash at Greatly Reduced Sale Prices. Call this week and ex- amine these special Offers in beautiful conditon and unsur passed for Quality of Tone and Touch. Exchanges Invited. SPECIAL BARGAINS. iDavies's Price Worth E9/15 SWEET TONE, nice ¡touch, strong, serviceable Piano. A good Piano for a beginner £ 1$ £ 19/in DALMAINE. Handsome — solid walnut case, light touch, mellow tone panel front and sconces good appearance ;C20 Y,14/10 BRINSMEAD ROSE ?14/10 WOOD, panel front; very strong, brilliant tone, elas- tic touch very serviceable instrument £ 2-1 #1 R /I C COLLARD;& COLLARD .5 Walnut, ivory keys, beauti- ful tone; good appear- ance light touch t25 ZJPJTLI7//TII 7 BROADWOOD. World- 117/17 famed for tone and per- fection of touch solid walnut, ivory keys; in grand condition bargain £ 27 4*01 /TO SCHUPPISSER, Up. X?JL/iU right Solid Walnut iron frame, full trichord, full compass, brilliant tone, elastic touch, very reliable piano i30 fOA/lH K I R K M: AIN.-Wo.rld.. famous; walnut, iron frame, ivory keys, full compass, trichord, powerful tone, elastic touch, beauti. ful instrument £35 no/I A WALK U' T.—N E W ":226/10 MODEL.-Art case, iron frame, full compass, check action, under dmaper, ham- mer rest; tape action and latest improvements, 1916 £35 3iGJ^OOQ//1 AU fk PIANO DE LUXE.— $128/?10 Black Art Model, brilliantly polished, upright, 1916 improvements, highest points of mechanical ac- curacy, exceptional capaci- ty of tone, highly adjusted keyboard the pick of the market a golden opport- unity perfection £ 4 0 SPECIAL OFFERS in RICH FURS. Now open for inspection. A grand collection of Rich Furs, comprising Stylish Fur Coats. Muffs, Ties, Stoles and Wraps, in ,all the finest real Selected Skins. These are much reduced in price, 'I presenting the LOWESTPOSSIBLE PRICES, preferring to work on a small profit for a large turnover. Compare Prices. RICH FUR COATS. jftc/l C PONY COAT. Rich, real, black Pony Skin Coat, richly lined. Selected Skins. Bargain. A CONEY. Rich, real, Coney Skin IT: Coat, ver? lustrous quality, well made, and richly lined. -ftQ/IK CONEY TRIMMED COAT. ° Stylish, latest model, full skirt rich deep collar and cuffs, trimmed with opposum. Bargain. ?9/15 -AL musquash coat. A9/15 Rich brown coat, deep collar, loose skirt, and beautifully made. 10/10 NATURAL BROWN MUS- lu/iV QUASH COAT. Rich quality, full skirt, deep collar and reveres, v ery smart coat. Bargain. xlft/IC NATURAL BROWN MUS- *14/1U QUASH CONf. Beautiful col. our, full skirt, wide collar, selected skins. Bargain. 115/15 MUSQUASH COAT. Rich quality, Natural Musquash Coat with real Skunk deep collar, full skirt. Bargain. £ 1 iu//I iu fi CONEY COAT, trimmed, beauti, — ful rich quality, real Coney Coat full skirt, with rea, Natural Skunk trimmed Collars, very smart coat. Bargain. fUR MUFFS, TIES, STOLES, &c.  BLACK WOLF SET, Large £ o/lXfVi hanging Muff, and Anin al Tango Tie. Rich quality. £3/17 GREY SQUIRREL SET. Very rich quality, 10 heads and tails with long 2-strand Stole with tails. Very handsome est. Special offer. A4/7 GREY SQUIRREL SET. Large ?-C".4' /7 Pillow Muff, and plain Stole to match, picked skins. Very choice set. .CK/IQ BLACK WOLF SET. Very j.<j beautiful rich thick fur Muff, and Animal Tango Tie to match. Fine quality. ?C/tO BLACK WOLF SET. Very <?<J/ AU fine lustrous Black Set, specially fine skins large hanging Muff, and large Animal Tango Tie. Bargain INSPECTION INVITED —— These beautiful Furs are Worth the attention of all who are seek- ing first class goods at LOWEST CITY CHARGES. Special Offers in Furs. SALE OF DM fUnus Sale of a Large and Varied Stock of Superb Real First- water Diamond Rings, com- prising Engagement and Dress Rings, in all conceivable styles, in half-hoop, clusters, single. stone, cross-over, and marquise settings, at 10/- in the £ less than usual prices. Inadequate space (due to the crisis) prevents detailing further bargains now in stock. Upwards of 250 Rings to select from, from £ 1 /10 to £ 100. SALE PRICE LIST POST FREE DAVIES'S, 30 LOW HILL, Close to Hippodrome and Low Hill Post Office CLOSE WED. at 1. OPEN ALL SAT. Ladies' 18ct. Diamond Rings >. DIAMONDS.-Five-stone, lus- Usual SALE trous gems, half-hoop, Price PRICE stylish c l aw setting, ?a,, ::d ?3 Al/5/ DIAMONDS.-Lustrous 5- stones, beautiful first-water gems; neat, strong claw B-t 1-iK. '? setting] £ 4 »1/10/I- DIAMONDS.-Very strong, H fashionable, large 5-stone claw-set Half-hoop Engage- ] ment Ring, rare lustre, fire, a and beauty £ 6 DIAMONDS.-Large first- water 5-stone selected gems; intense fire and beauty; heavy 18-carat gold carved claw setting £ A lif% I life-long satisfaction £ 8 £ i'/l^ Ladies' £ 12 Diamond Half Hoop-Ring LADY'S LARGE 5-STONE DIAMOND HALF-HOOP, purest white first-water gems, intense fire and bril- liancy beautifully cut stones, 18-carat carved, neat, stylish setting rare MAUQI bargain. 3-STONE, FIRST-WATER DIAMOND HALF-HOOP, claw setting special offer.  Worth 12 gns.. BEAUTIFUL DIAMOND & PLATINUM CLUSTER RING, great brilliancy. £6/1 &/ Usual il2. 3-STONE DIAMOND CROSS- OVER RING, selected white gems, platinum claw setting, £ 6/10/- Usually ?14. SUPERB LARGE 5-STONE DIAMOND HALF-HOOP RINGS at 17/10/ £ 9/15/ and 111/17/6 at specially reduced prices. Approval. Reserved free. Old rings exhanged. DAVIES'S, 30 LOW HILL.

o Big yI Lleifiad.


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