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[u Cymanfa o'u Cyfeillach.'i…




Telephone, Royal 1157. Established 1864 ROBERT ROBERTS, ESTATE AGENT, 33 Netherfield R, cad South. Has Property to Let in various parts of the town. Mortgages arranged. Valuations made 205 Sstab, iishec 1884. 'FhosiQ^l I^OSoot!*  F. A. "WOOS?A? f.AJ., BootSe Estate Office, Personal, Practical, Prompt, and Reliable Management of all Classes of Real Estate, 52 STANLEY ROAD, BGOTLH 1(2 doors ft-oni Bedford Road) 'Telegrams: 11 WoosNAm. BoOTLE.1 felephoaa Ne, 7908c '"l Te?phoao Ne. ?9M. J. LEWIS JONES* USTATf. 4QSHT 4 VALUER, óO Victoria St" EiTerpooL csx-«lul!y msasgeii. pw- iOBsriy eolteeted» Pasfohessen sad m aSsofedi THOMAS a JOMEST SSTATE AQBKT3 YALU1RS. a,i'fM !¡T isvilbibsi, 61 Lord Street, Liverpool, T^cf-hcas Nt). —$8@S BaDE. P?opcrtf*s Bought and Bold. Mortgsf-ss Vala«t!o&« Boats coIkeSsc SS1. teKftxm, « *?1: Stephen Roberts « Soi, MTATM AQMNm WALUMM&, 137 [vtrton Head, Liverpool Profjeirt'ea aasHiagsd. Rest% !tM sossHy Coslsctad. Focohssaa asd fStfct 'i!otf'5d. ftrraafsd aid I&-  H\elry Jones, ESTATE AGENT, VALUER k PROPERTY AXJOTIGNEEKj 3 Lord Street, ILiverpool :1f!jf: 11.Y.¡r 'í', fsEs Bahjc 4M? > 0. JOrES WIltlAM8, F.A.I., MTATI AGENT & VALUKEa 11 Boundary Place, Moss St F^lTerpooI. st, 18ê5. Teilephoftt f9 567 ROYrAl JONES 0 HUGHES, MSTATMIGFFIOE, 13 Whitecinapel« L*iTerpoe! FREEHOLD LAND FOR SALS, Advances Made. It" E. HUGHES, Estate Agent* Surveyor Valuer, Hh .¡; D" SF h d Charing Cress, Birkenhead,' NQ,j)6 Q": Hoases to Lot and for Sals in -7arione pit of the Town aad out d.istristg, Also Land to be SftM for Building purposes, Advanmo made fie Builders. Kststes kM out, Rrnts Collected, Property osrefclly msnsgsd, D X £ 2 S [iO¡l A !i;' Ctu ¡, DII' 1')'- LlS fSLArCH4RD PILLS hn asiiTAUed lot Jer,y thsy gpwasig. rinot and filii! to 8111 eafiaibMi, ?&ev MpMMde 'P?osy?Ryst!, Ph Oos&ia, B!tte:App!e, ?6 M?' C?4?S''S *rL ?e best c! all PiH fot WomeB.'? ? sold ia boxes, im, by BocM* Br»nshts, TATMX'B  BrMtAhM. and ?K ChemL,?', <? pc? i?s, Osm§ pd<e, (na I LBSUE MA?TYN, Lta. Chenust8?4.Ba''tet Lt)te< LewtM