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.> H ->nn- Beaty Bros Ltd. MILITARY TAILORS. OFFICERS' UNIF ORMs I OF EVERY KIND. ALL ACCESSORIES FOR FIELD SERVICE. LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES. ONLY M>DBE88E8t; 1 Church St. and London Rd., I LIVERPOOL. '9 QI«m st I p« VKtauityi. open all day Saturdays. 'PhoD.e-39ZS Bank, «■ 580 Bootle- we I Isms, JWitapy, Naval & Givil Tailors, 29SOUTH JOHN ST., LIVERPOOL AM U9 STANLEY ROAD, BOOTLE. Complete Military Outfits MFANYRIr SWOKDS M/. nrlda Sword Knot Nett. Send for Price List. A yw'ch Llygaid yxi eicb blino ? Vir pethau'fttroi'n niwlog ac aholwig ? Byna arwydd a rhybudd llethdod y Uygad, a dylech ga el eu hedrych rhag blaen; eu ,vmothyW, wna'u heagenlisto. GalIn ni. fyda'n feofforgwyddOBQl, ddweyd wrthych ot oes arnooh angeu gwydrau ac os iiHf, ddb oylanwi i'r rhai a barai fwyaf o lei i ohwi. Galwch heddyw— Awd pt & Soms- t Specialists. 73 LORD STREbTp Sdydlwyd«848. LIVERPOOL. | MCIRRIS EVANS9 Household Oil f IS STILL ahead of all other remedies FOR Rheum.a-tisD1, I Seia.tiea<9 Lumbago, and Wounds, of all kinds. in bottles 1/3 49 2/9 Grocers ct Chemists, or direct for abovt prices from MORRIS EVANS & Co., MlOpiOOJI, VESTINIOG N. WAbES. LIVERPOOL The "SHAFTESBURY," MOUNT PLEASANT, Ah§*$4 mint, vmtt 1mm Mm rt. 6 OtnSral SM tu.. A First-class Temparanoe Hotel. Moderate eh rok. IhaftMbnry HoM, L'pooL" Phow ASK FOR IDRIS Table Waters In Syphons and Bottle* 80DA.. WATER, POTASH WATER, SELTZER WATaa. LEMONADE, DRY GINOER ALE, Ftmo ote. IDRIS & Co., Ltd., Northumberland St., LIVERPOOL D. GRIFFITHS d SON JaIl I Brook Rd„ and 9 MOM St.. L'peol.1 Pianos & Organs by all the leading makers. FfemS?-MFmonth From $I- ftMM?w'L-46? AttHeM* 377? tnYAL SERVICE Such as ours cannot be expressed in terms of money. We are here to help you at any time in any way relative to Cycles and Motor Cycles. All the resources, organization, and experience of the oldest firm in our business are at your disposal, so bring all your troubles and pack them in,our kit bag, and we will carry them for you. Rudie., 101 Bold Street, Liverpool- WHY SHOULD YOU Pay 10 or 20% more for your Motor Cycle in these hard times when we are selling the Rudge-Multi at pre-war price. We have a large range of new and second-hand Motor Cycles of our own and various other makes in stock for your inspection. Your old machine taken in part payment. Rudges, 101 Bold Street. Liverpool ROBERTS E EDWARDS, ESTATE AGENTS, 64 KirKdale Rd., Liverpool Telephone 1 2193 Rryal.

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