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Beaty Bros Ltd. MILITARY TAILORS. OFFICERS', UNIFORMS OF EVERY KIND. ALL ACCESSORIES FOR FIELD SERVICE. LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES. ONLY ADDRESSES: Church St. and London Rd., LIVERPOOL. Close at I pin Wedsoods". Open all day Saturday*. "Phone—3925 Bank, „ 580 Bootle. I. ønmtns I Sons, littitary, flaval & Civil Tailors, 29SOUTH JOHN ST., LIVERPOOL AIM 349 STANLEY ROAD, BOOTLE, Complete Military Outfits WMM'T 5WORDS 63/- with Sward Kmt Nett. Send for Price List. A yw'ch Llygaid yn eich blino ? Yw pethaai'n troi'n niwlog ac anelwig ? Dyna arwydd a rhybudd llethdod y llygad, a dylech ga el eu'hadrych rhagblae eu gwMthygu wna'u hoageulso- G&Uwn D?4 gyda'n hoSer gwyddonol, ddweyd wrthych 08 oes arnoch angen gwydrau ac os felly, eich cyflenwi i'r rhai a barai fwyaf ole. i chwi. Galwch heddyw- ARCHER & SONS- Krtiitht Specialists, f3 LORD STREET, Sefydlwyd 1$48. LIVERPOOL- | MORRIS EVANS9 Household Oil IS STILL cheod of all other remedies FOR Rheumatism, Sciatica, Lumbago, and wauimcllss of all kinds. In bottles 1/3 6 2/9 Grocers A Chemists, »r direct for above prices from MORRIS EVANS & Co., TBS MAMWACIOBT, VBSTINIOGI Ni WA.n.BS. r LIVERPOOL The 6SHAFTESBURY, 9) MOUNT PLEASANT, Jitvl 4 mint, wmIt from Limt tt. 6 Otnirai Stat *«< 4 Firat-oUss TefaperMce Hotel. Moderate th T*U.: Shaftesbury Hotel, I'pooi. Phem ASK FOR IDRIS Table Waters la Syphons aDd Nottla. SODA WATER, POTASH WATER, SELTZER WATER, LEMONADE, DRY GINGER ALE, Etc., etc. IDRIS & Co., Ltd., Worth umber land St., LIVERPOOL D. GRIFFITHS 0 SON m 221 Breel !lei" and 9 Moaa St., Llpeol-I Pianos & Op^ans by all the leading makers. From 81-per month. From 81- f»JOTfOSM—4Mx Alfleid A 3772 lOYAL. Palatine Trade Protection Office (Lpoot). 3& Ezchange Chambers. 2 Bixteth Street, LIVERPOOL, and at LONDON. Subscription £ i is, per annum. Includes an UNLIMITED number of collections of accounts* Tel. 8365 Central (3 lines ). 'Telegrams,' Quorum.' Apply for further particulars— PARKIN S. BOOTH, General Manager.. FOR LADIES ONLY e have a special display of High Grade Cycles, complete with Warwick Tyres, three coil spring saddle, lamp, bell, pump, tool bag, and tools, now showing in our windows at the per war price, £8 19s. 6d. CASH. Or on our greatly appreciated Easy Payment Terms. Rudso Whltworth, Ltd., Bold Street ROBERTS 6 EDWARDS. I ESTATE AGENTS, 64 KirKdale Rd., Liverpool Telephone 2193 RoVal.

IRhediad y Rhyfel.