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SALE oF Diamond Ms Sale of a Large and Varied Stock of Superb Real First- water Diamond Rings, com- prising Engagement and Dress Rings, in all conceivable styles, in half-hoop, clusters, single- stone, cross-over, and marquise settings, at 10/- in the £ less than usual prices. Inadequate space (due to the crisis) prevents detailing further bargains now in stock. Upwards of 250 Rings to select from, from £ 1/10/- to sloo. SALE PRIOE LIST POST FREE DAVIESS, 3 0 L %o 30 LOW HILL, Close to Hippodrome and Low Hill Post Office j CLOSE WED. at 1. OPEN ALL SA.T. Ladies' 18ct. Diamond Rings ".DIAMONDS.-Five-stone, lus- Usual SALE trous gems, half-hoop, Price PRICE stylish claw setting, hall   marked 13 a6'/0/- DIAMONDS.-Lustrous 5- stones, beautiful first-water  gems neat, strong claw o •» i* er setting X4 21/15/. DIAMONDS, -Very strong, gfe fashionable, large 5-stone £ claw-set Half-hoop Engage- ment Ring, rare lustre, fire, <; /.$ and beauty. £6 2, 2/12/- DIAMONDS.—Large first- water 5-stone selected gems; intense fire and beauty; heavy 18-carat gold carved claw setting c M life-long satisfaction £ 8 ;E4/12/- Ladies' A12 Diamond Half Hoop-Ring ■iLADY'S LARGE 5-STONE DIAMOND HALF-HOOP, purest white first-water gems, intense fire and bril- liancy beautifully cut stones, 18-carat carved, neat, stylish setting rar?&6/18/- bargain. »#0/»O/- 3-ST ONE, FIRST-WATER i DIAMOND HALF-HOOP, claw setting special offer.. Worth 12 gns. BEAUTIFUL DIAMOND & PLATINUM CLUSTER RING, great brilliancy.   Usual £12.. I -3-STONE DIAMOND CROSS. OVER RING, selected white gems, platinum claw setting. — Usually X14. zS6/10/. SUPERB LARGE 5-STONE DIAMOND HALF-HOOP RINGS at £7/10 1-, £9 ja5/ and £ 11 /17 /6 at specially reduced prices. Approval. Reserved free. Old rings exhanged. DAVI ES'S, 30 LOW HILL. SECOND-HAND PIANOS AT DAVIES'S 30 LOW HILL, LIVERPOOL. -0 Upwards of 25 Second-Hand Pianos for Sale at Special Cash Bargain Prices. Unsurpassed for Tone, Touch, and appearance. o A FEW BARGAINS. Davies's Price Worth £ 10/17 ROSEWOOD.-Panel 'f ront very sweet tone and light touch; good appearance. £18 £11/17 CHALLEN.—Rosewood (prize medallist); ivory keys brilliant tone res- ponsive touch £ 19 Y,14110 DUEAPER.-Solid wal- nut; full compass; fine tone and touch hand- some appearance £ 22 Tra HOPKINSON. Rose- Y,17110 wood case ivory keys full compass rich tone responsive touch £28 £18/18 LATEST MODEL.- 118/18 Walnut iron frame tri- chord full compass; loud brilliant tone perfect touch; btrgai-n 130 £19/10 BRTNSMEAD. Rose. wood very superior tone and touch, in nice con- dition elegant appear- anee bargain £ 32 124/10 COLLARD & COLL. ?24?/1'-0 ARD.-Handsome black Piano ivory keys full compass check action perfection in tone and touch bargain £ 28/10 NEUMEYER.— High- class, solid walnut over- strung piano tape check action mellow tone and perfect adjustment well- made instrument will stand the closest inspection. 4 0 f,13110 M OLIlqE TIX Walnut very sweet tone perfect touch ivory keys panel front handsome appear- ance bargain £ 21 116/10 COLLARD & COLLARD. —Walnut upright very sweet tone; responsive touch full compass 7 octaves bargain £ 25 225/10 KIRKMAN. Hand- some walnut brilliant- toned piano iron frame latest improvements in grand condition special offer X36 £ 9fi/lfi PIANO-DE-LUXE. — High-class solid walnut; Art Model, 1916; per. fection tone and touch plain treble panel front; latest improvements £ 36 -6 r NOTICE.—'Inspection invited. Any piano reserved until required. Tuning, polishing, and free delivery. DAVIESPS, 30 LOW HILL, LIVERPOOL. Telephone 716 Anfield. Close Wednesdays at 1.

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