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Basgadaid o'r Wiai



Madame Annie Leigh — receives Pupils Voice Production, Singing, Pianoforte. 123 BELMONT ROAD and CITY STUDIO. I Madame Annie Leigh's Ladies' Choir. Good voices wanted. Rehearsals Crane's, Han- over Street. Full particulars, 123 Belmont Rd., Liverpool. BARGAINS Are to be secured at our Depot where We are seUing cycles at pre-war prices. Ladies high grade Cv? w'Jh Dunlop Tyres, Metal gear case, 3 coil SS saddle, EnameHed black and lined in two co^lonri Pre- war Price S7/19/8 Ca?h, N- 12 payments of 14/8. Rudge Whitworth, Bold Straet.1L va?po ol For Bedsteads and Bedding. W. WHITTLE SON & STOTT, LTD., 116, 118 G 120 WHITECHAPEL, LIVERPOOL. ø 0 a I) Telephone 2137 Royal. Telophone-Anfield. 809. < U55 KENSINGTON.1 LIVERPOOL. R. W. EVANS, FUNERAL DIRECTOR' All Orders personally attended to throughout. I P. Lloyd Jones FUNERAL DIRECTOR, 364 Stanley Road, L'pool, TELEPRONE-261 BOOTLE, TELEPHONE-51; AN FIELD. J. T. JONES, f unerol Undertaker, EVERTON, 40 Aubrey Street, ? J??. A ?? i?, andSgBrec%Roa LIVERPOOL. Funerals personally arranged to all parts. Why go to Town ? When the 113 Ir 1 Shorthand & Typewriting ACADEMY, 4 TRINITY ROAD, give pupils a practical business training in Shorthand, Typewriting, and General Office Routine equal to any City School. No Failures. Day and Evening Classes. Apply Principal. BARGAINS.—Underwoods, Remingtons, Yosts, Smith, Premier, Barlocks, Em. pires, Oliver, Blieks, Royal Standard, from 12 new condition, See the REX R,23 worth for 12 guineas. -LONGMORE, 41b North John Street, Liverpool, Sole Agency Carona Portable Typewriters. COOKi TOWNSUEND Special Value this week. Boys' Oilskin Coats, 8/6 to 12/6 Boys' Sylkoyly Coats, 14/6 to 21/6 Splendid Selection of Boys' Sports Suits, Rugby Suits, 12/6 to 15/6 15/6 to 21/6 Boys' Covert Coats, 12/6 to 21/- Gentlemen's Business Suits to measure, 50/ 55/- and 63/- Byrom St. & Dale St., LIVERPOOL. For Baths, LavatoriesClosets, Brass Fittings Lead Pipes, etc., apply to- JAMES CHEW <S CO., Plumbers' Merchants & Brassfounders, Tel. No. 58 & 601PARADISE STREE r, Bank 3402. LIVERPOOLI Manufacturers of Copper Cylinders, Boilers, and Gas Washing Boilers. DIM TALU Y-MLAKW LLAW. ARIAN YN FENTHYG. (yn ddlataw bach), mewn symian bach neu taw (heb fod llal na [10) AR ADDAWEB T BENTHYCIWR BI HU. SEFYDLWYD ERS 46 ML YNEDD. aoyn awr yn rhol £ 88,000 TN FENTHYG BOB BLWYDDYS Am dafien a thelerau ymofynner a George Payne a'i Feib., S Crescent Road, Rhyl, a 16 School Lane, Liverpool, PAINLESS DENTISTRY. J. P. LAMPiOUGH'S (Son of the late J. Lamplough, for many years la the Dental Profession at Mold and Holywell). Dental Surgery, 235 EDGE LANE, LIVERPOOL. Hours-10 ajn. to 8-30 p.m. Consultation free. Tel. 245 Anfleld. BARDDON1AETH GORONWY OWEN. Chweched Argraffiad. Gyda Bywgraffiad gan Pedrog a Llyfrbryf. Amlen, la. Swyddfa'r "Brython," Lerpwl. Tel"pboDIJI Ibyaj 1111 lNjtablisb4dl864 ROBERT ROBERTS mtATm AGIINT, II Neiherfield Road South Haa Property lo Let I. Tarloat parte ef the owe. Mortgaf m arrsraged. V aiu.o.. mi\ Itstablished 1884. 205 Established 1884. 'Phone 1140 bootie ¡547 WOOSNAM ROBERTS. Estate Agent, Bootle Estate Office, Personal, Practical, Prompt, and Reliable Management of all Classes of Real Estate, 52 STANLEY aOAD, BOOTLB (2 door8 from Bedford Road) Telegrams WoosN.&m. BOOTLIT. Telephone No. 7909. J. LEWISJONES, ESTAT. AQSNf & VALUER. 60 Victoria St., EiverpooL Properties carefully managed. Rsatg pwt, goaRjJy oollecied. Parchamm and Seiss m* íiotfaèd. Mortgage! arrastgedi sasa aSeoted. THOMAS a JONES, IIISTATIF AGSKTS VALLIARS, isviiiTMiaT mwiumimm, if Eord Street, EiverpooL. Talepboae No. —1868 Bank. Pfopertlet Boogfei aad Sold. MOí."I"I. asraaged. Valur-tionornads. Reais colleetodii Tioib. SI ? Stephen Roberts & SOl, ISTATA AOMNTM A VALUSMB, 137 Everton Road, Liverpool Properttes carefully managed. Baats ffcr- sonally Collected. Purchases &ad hiu negotiated. Mor%ag94f arranged sad m. aaranoea affected. Henry Jones, ESTATE AGENT, VALUER & PROPERTY AUCTIONEER, 3 Lord Street, Liverpool, fni 'BASX, 4e, U. JONtral"w'"ILLIAMa', F.A.I., mTATM AGENT & 17 Boundary Place, Moss St. Liverpool. got. 1885, Telephone t 561 Royal lJ:d,pho. 8586 Ba ak JONES O HUGHES, MSSASE OFFICE, 13 Whltechapelj Liverpool FREEHOLD LAND FOR SALB. Advances Made. R. E. HUGHEb, Estate Agent, Surveyor a Valuer, Charing Cross, Birkenhead. Telephone IS' 0.-56 B'head. Has Houses to Let and for Sale in various parts of the Town and out districts. Also Land to fes Sold for Building purposes. Advances made Builders. Bøtates laid out. Rents Collected,? Property carefully managed. v ?c v?t ? '?Es'' ass LADIES BLANCH4RD PillS AM Nariv)t!M fat .U tncgn?iMM, &e, they .pee4n taofd Mtt? and 8nH M! to Wkviato aU mSe?am. Sney supersede p?aoyMytt, Pit OoeMt, B!ttetAD? Aw ??t?C/M??'S an the best of all Pill for Won sold in box", im, by BooM' BTM*h*l, TAT&aB's BrMthM. and all Chemists, c? post'frw, Umt B?M. LESLIE MATYN. LN. ChemMta.? {).?<L?.,LM? ANWYD, PESWCH, INFLUENZA—Mae j rhain gyda ni bob amser. Pair hinsawdd gyfnewidiol fod llawer o ddioddef oddiwrth Beswch, Bronchitis. Pas, Dolur Gwddf, Crygni, Caethdra, DiflEyg AnadS. Y mae'r hen feddyginiaeth DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE eto ar y blaen, ac yn cael ei gwertb~ fawr?gi yn fwy nag erioed, bob amser wrth law, ya felys, yn cynhesu y frest, ac yn rhyddhau'r phlegm Bydd dose mewn pryd yn ddigon. is. iid. a u. 94 (postage, 3^.)-HUGH DAVIXS, Chemist, Machynlleth SARZINE BLOOD MIXTURE. CROEN IACH A GWAED PUR.-Dyna yr hya y mae Sarzine Blood Mixture yn ei sicrhau, a dim arall. Nid yw yn honni gwella popeth fel Yankee Patent Medicines, ond os blinir chwi gan groea afiach, ysfa, pimples, toriad allan, scurvy, doluraaa pendduynod, etc., yn, tarddu o waed drwg ac amhur, mynnwch botclaid o Sarzine Blood Mixture gan ? druggist nesaf atoch, 2s. 9d. y botel, neu gyda 340 at y cludiad yn ychwanegol oddiwrth y percheanog— HUGH DAVIES, Chemist, Machynlleth. Prynir Dodrefn Outright. Distance no object. Sales by auction on owners' premises. £i:: I' GREETHAM & SON (Est. 1848). t Auctioneers, 27 Newington, Liverpool; 18 Rydal Bank & 106 Liscard Road, Lis car. Tel. 646 Royal.