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DAVIES'S SUM 30 LOW HILL, LIVERPOOL. Olose on Wednesday at 1. Open Saturday until 9.30. 27/- (Worth £ 2 /5/-) BRACELET, Curb & Padlock, Solid Gold, stamped ev- ery link, in velvet case others at 29/6,3216, 35 and 55 Also Solid Gold Gate Pattern Ditto at 27/6, 38/6, 45/- and 55/ Large selection. Greatly reduced. Davies's, 30 Low Hill. OQ/. WEDDING RINGS, special val- ues, in 22-ct. Gold only others at 22/6, 25/301- up to S4. Pure Guinea Gold All sizes in stock, round or flat: Ask for size card We present i-doz. silver-plated tea- spoons with every ring. Mail orders receive very careful attention. Davies's, 30 Lowhill. 39/6 (Worth £ 3/3/-) GENT'S CHAIN double curb, solid gold stamped finks. Other Double Chains at 52/ 55/ £ 3115 £ 4/19 and £ 6 /18 Saving 10 in every s. Every chain guaranteed. Large selection. Reserved free.—Davies's, 30 Low hill. MISCELLANEOUS JEWELLERY BAR- GAINS.—Solid Gold Fancy Oval Locket, 8/6 Solid Gold Diamond-cut Neck- let, 10/6 Gent's Solid Gold, plain top, Signet Ring, 12/6; Lady's ditto, 1216. Special bargains. Also Gent's 15-ct. Diamond Pin, 13/11 Solid Gold Oval Links, 9/6; Solid Gold Real Diamond Brooch, 1016; Solid Gold Wide-band Bracelet, 16/11 Beautiful Solid Gold Cameo Brooch, 14/6; Solid Gold Stone Pendant for lady, 10/6. Saving 10/—in every £ Bargains.—Davies's 30 Low hill. „ DAVIES'S Salt oi waidhes 30 -LOW-HILL, LIVERPOOL { HALF-YEARLY SALE NOW PROCEED- ING. CLOSE WED. AT 1. OPEN SAT. UNTIL 9.30. £ 16/18/- -Gent's Russell & Son Church Street, Liverpool 35- Ouinea Heavy Solid 18-ct. Crystal Marine Keyless Hunting English f-plate LEVER CHRONOGRAPH, jewelled extra on ends (19 Rubies), brequet overcoil spring, chrono- meter expansion balance, patent chronograph centre-seconds, and latest improvements Greenwich timekeeper new this year (proof), .makers' and our guarantee for 25 years. Month's trial, with guarantee to repurchase -,for il4 at any time or exchange. Approval, —DAVIES'S. 30 LOW HILL. jEQ/IS/f! —bent's 18-Guinea Solid 18- ct. Gold Waltham Keyless LEVER HUNTER, 17 Rubies, high-grade heavy cases, dead gun timist; warranted 20 years. Also English 18-ct. Gold Hunter, by Russell & Son, high-grade; new this year usually £21; Sale Price, £ 10/15/ Also Solid Gold Waltham Riverside Hunter; usually £ 20 Sale Price, £ 10 /15 Month's trial, —: — I £ .6/1 8/6 —Gent's 14-guinea Russell & I Son, Liverpool, Heavy Solid Gold English 'Keyless Chronograph Lever Hunter, new this year (proof); great bargain. £ 3/lQ/fi -Lady's Solid Gold High. grade Self-expanding Russell & Son's Lever WATCH-BRACELET, in perfect order condition usually £8; accurate. -XC I l//l] *O //u f> -Gent's Rolled -gold Keyless HUNTER, by Elgin Co.; ditto, bytRussell & Son, 32/6; also H Wal- tham Hunter ditto, 42/ £ 1/7/ft —Lady's !Solid Gold Wristlet Ful Is jw,, I Ied WATCH, accurate timist; ditto, 29/6, 35/ and 48/ An warranted. £ 1 /CL/ —Gent's Silver Keywind Russel 11/5/ LEVER, open face ditto, Keylesal 27/6; also English Capped LEVER (very, fine), by Murray, Liveroool. £1/12/6 cost 48. I DAVIES'S, 30 Low Hill, LIVERPOOL. DAVIES'S SECOND-HAND PIANOS For Cash. A GREAT CLEARANCE SALE. Special Opportunity. Sale Price Worth £ 10/17 ROSEWOOD Beautiful Modet; sweet tone good appearance; light touch. £ 18 £12117CHALLEN. Handsome walnut, panel front, sconces ivory keys, good tone .o. (£20 £15/10 DREAPER. Beautifully carved, walnut case, rich tone, nice touch very handsome pi ano 12B £ 16/10 ERARD. Magnificent concert semi grand, very powerful tone and respons. ivetouch grand condition £ 45 £ 18/18 ROPKINSON. Brilliant tone and elastic touch, walnut case; very superior instrument in perfect order £ 28 Y,21110 BRINSMEAD. Rose- wood, ivory keys, powerful and brilliant tone, perfect touch; wonderful bargain £ 32 124/10 COLLARD & dbLLARD. High Class Black Model, great hrilliancy and power of tone, and faultless touch, 7 octaves, trichord a mag- nificent piano bargain 130 Y,25110 KIRKMAN Genuine Bargain.— Handsome wal. nut, high class instrument, perfect check action, fault- less tone and touch only wants seeing 138 £ 28/10 OVERSTRUNG, Walnut Art Model de Luxe, iron frame, brass pin plate, trichord full compass, I unsurpassed for touch and tone, of wonderful mech- anical perfection, almost human in response and sympathy of soul; like new; great bargain £ 40 NOTICE.- Attention is directed to the above Piano Bargains offered for Cash, offering a saving of fully 10a. in every pound. Full satisfaction guaranteed. Inspection invited. DAVIES'S, 30 LOW HILL, LIVERPOOL. Close Wednesdays at 1. Open Saturdays until 9.30. c; Old Swan Car from all stations. Fare, One Penny.

o Big y Lieifiad.

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