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DAVIES'S SECOND-HAND PIANOS For Cash- A GREAT CLEARANCE SALE, Special Opportunity. Sale Price Wotft £ 10/' 17 ROSEWOOD Beautiful Model; sweet tone good appearance; light touch. ile £12/17 CHALLEN. Handsome walnut, panel front, sconces ivory keys, good tone [£20 115/10 DREAPER. Beautifully carved, walnut case, rich tone. nice touch very handsome piano £ 16/16 ERARD. Magnificent concert semi grand, very powerful tone and respons. ivetouch grand condition £ 45 18/18 HOPKINSON. Brilliant tone and elastic touch, walnut case; very superior instrument; in perfect order £ 28 £ 21/10 BRINISMEAD. — Rose- wood, ivory keys, powerful and brilliant tone, perfect touch wonderful bargain (32 I £ 24/10 COLLARD & COLLARD. High Class Black Model, great brilliancy and power of tone, and faultless touch, 7 octaves, trichocd a mag- nificent piano bargain IN KIRKMAN Genuine 2 5 l O Barg a in.- Handsome waL nut, high class instrument, perfect check action, fault. less tone and touch only wants seeing < £ 28/10 OVERSTRUNG, Walnut Art Model de Luxe, iron frame, brass pin plate, trichord full compass, I unsurpassed for touch and tone, of wonderful mech- anical perfection, almost human in response and sympathy of soul; like new; great bargain £ 40 NOTICE.- Attention is directed to the above Piano Bargains offered for Cash, offering a saving of fully 108. in every pound. Full satisfaction guaranteed. Inspection i avited. DAVIES'S, 30 LOW HILL, LIVERPOOL. Close Wednesdays at 1. Open Saturdays until 9.30. Old Swan Car from all stations, Fare, One Penny. DAVIES'S SULE BURGUtlS 130 LOW HILL, LIVERPOOL. Close on Wednesday at 1. Open Saturday until 9.30 27/- (Worth £ 2 /5 /-) BRACELET, Curb & pactlock, Solid Gold, stamped ev- ery link, in velvet case others at 29 /6, 32 /6, 35 /— and 551-. Also Solid Gold Gate Pattern Ditto at 27/6, 38/6, 45/- and 55/ Large selection. Greatly reduced. Davies's. 30 Low Hill. 20/- WEDDING RINGS, special val- ues, in 22-ct. Gold only others at 22 If;, 25/30 I-up to £4. Pure Guinea Gold All sizes in stock, round or flat. Ask for size card. We present l-doz. silver-plated tea- spoons with every ring. Mail orders receive very careful attention. Davies's, 30 Lowliill. 39/6 (Worth f3 Is /") GENT'S CHAIN double curb, solid gold stamped links. Other Double Chains at 52 55 £ 3 /15 £ 4 /19 and £ 6 /18 Saving 10 in every £ Every chain guaranteed. 1 lLarge selection. Reserved free.—Davies's, 30 Low WR hill. MISCELLANEOUS JEWELLERY BAR- GAINS.— Solid Gold ifa-ney Oval Pocket, 8/6; Solid Gold Diamond -cut^Neck- let, 10 /6 Gent's Solid Gold, plain top, Signet Ring, 12/6; Lady's ditto, 12/6. Special bargains. Also Gent's 15-ct. Liamond Pin, 13/11 Solid Gold Oval Links, 9/6; Solid Gold Real Diamond Brooch. 10/6 Solid Gold Wide-band Bracelet, 16/11 Beautiful Solid Gold Gold Cameo Brooch, 14 /6 Solid Gold Stone Pendant for lady, 10/6. Saving 10 in every £ Bargains.—Davies's 30 Low hill. DAVIES'S Sale ol latcftC8 30 LOW-HILL, LIVERPOOL j HALF-YEARLY SALE NOW PROCEED- ING. CLOSE WED. AT 1. OPEN SAT. UNTIL 9.30. £ 1 xvfii /1 av8i —Gent's Russell & Son Church Street. Liverpool 35- Guinea Heavy Solid 18-ct. Crystal Marine Keyless Hunting English f-plate LEVER CHRONOGRAPH, jewelled extra on ends (19 Rubies), brequet overcoil spring, chrono- meter expansion balance, patent chronograph centre-seconds, and latest improvements Greenwich timekeeper new this year (proof ), makers' an-' our guarantee for 25 years. Month's trial, with guarantee to repurchase for il4 at any time or exchange. Approval, —DAVIES'S. 30 LOW HILL. £ Q/18I /fi —Gent's 18-Guinea Solid 18- ct. Gold Waltham Keyless LEVER HUNTER, 17 Rubies, high-grade heavy cases, dead gun timist; warranted 20 years. Also English 18-ct. Gold Hunter, by Russell & Son, high-grade new this year; usually £21; Sale Price, £ 10/15/ Also Solid Gold Waltham Riverside Hunter usually £20; Sale Price, £10 /15 Month's trial. £ fi/l ft/i f—Gent's 14-guinea Russell & Son, Liverpool, Heavy Solid Gold English Keyless Chronograph Lever Hunter, new this year (proof) great bargain. -Lady's Solid Gold High- grade Self-expanding Russell & Son's Lever WATCH-BRACELET, in perfect order and condition; usually 18; accurate. Ill & 1/13/6 -Gent's Rolled-gold Keyless U HUNTER, by Elgin Co.; ditto, by Russell & Son, 32/6 also" Wal. tham "Hunter ditto, 42/ £ 1/7 /6 -y's Solid Gold Wristlet Full-jewelled WATCH, accurate timist; ditto, 29/6, 35/ and 48/ All warranted. £ 1/5/ —Gent's Silver Keywind Russel LEVER, open face ditto, Keylessi 27 /6; also English Capped LEVER (very fine), by Murray, Liverpool. £ 1'/12/6;' cost 18. j ¡ DAVIES'S, 30 Low Hill, LIVERPOOL.

o Big yI Lleifiad.

Adolygiad. I

i Eisteddfod Corwen.