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DAVIES'S SECOND-HAND PIANOS For Cash. ft GREAT CLEARANCE SALE. Special Opportunity. Sale Price Woilb £ 10/17 ROSEWOOD Beautiful Model; sweet tone good appearance; light touch. ;ci a £ 12/17 CHALLEN. — Handsome walnut, panel front, sconces ivory keys, good tone ¡£20 £15/10 DREAPER. Beautifully carved, walnut case, rich tone, nice touch very handsome piano 12b concert semi grand, very powerful tone and respons* iya touch; grand condition £ 45 £ 18' /18 HOPKINSON,- Brilliant tone and elastic touch, walnut case; very superior instrument in perfect order £ 28 121/10 BRINSMEAD. Rose- wood, ivorv keys, powerful and brilliant tone, perfect touch wonderful bargain 132 £ 24/10 COLLARD & COLLARD. High Class Black Model. great brilliancy and power of tone. and faultless touch, 70 ctaves, trichorCi a mag- nificent piano bargain ise £ 25/10 KIRII-MAN Genuine Barg, ain.- Handsome vial. nut, high class instrument, perfect check action, fault- less tone and touch only wants seeing ;c-ss £ 2810 OVERSTRUNG, Walnut Art Mocl el de Luxe, iron frame, brass pin I plate, trichord full compass, unsurpassed for touch and tone, of wonderful mech- anical perfection, almost human in response and sympathy of soul; like new great bargain £ 40 NOTICE.- Attention is directed to the above Piano Bargains offered for Cash offering a saving of fully 108. in every pound. Full satisfaction guaranteed. Inspection irnvited. ■■ v- DAVIESS, 30 LOW HILL. LIVERPOOL. Closed Wednesdays at 1. Open Saturdays until 9.30. Old Swan Car from all stations. Fare, One Penny.

I 0 Big y f5 Heifiad.

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