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Barug YmuesHtuuethi; .-.I…

Ein CenedJ ym Manceinion.


I Adolygiad.



Tvlrpkcs* Ee,II J If' IttakHeh; lie. ROBERT ROBERTS NOTATA 4QM!S 3S Neiherfield K- oad Sou-i h HUB Property to Itft is varioac parts lilt ir- own. Mortea,. arra"C.d. V am.,wl" mad, 205 Catablisbad 1884. 'Phone 1140 Bootie 547 WOOSNAM ROBERTS, F.A.I., « Estate Agent, Bootle Estate Office, Personal, Practical, Prompt, and Reliable Management of all Classes of Real Estate, 52 STANLEY ROAD, BOOTLB (% doors from Bedford Road) Telegrams WoosNAm. BOOTL*. Telephone Nis, 7908. J. LEWIS JONE5 SSTATi. 4GHNT A VALUBR 60 Victoria St., Liverpool Pfopartfes oaretuily inaRaged, Beats p, sosally colJeotod Purcbssec and Seles õb gottated. Mort&" crrariged and lasursai. affeetad, THOMAS JONES, OlSTATB AGJlNTS VALUSRS, UIV..TM.r InviLeinelf: §? Lord Street, Eiverporjl Telephone No. —>868 Bank, Properties Bought and Sold. MortfKL crrangod. Volustionsmads. Rente r'51.î, II 7 AHflBlD. U7 Stephen Roberts & Son MMTATM AQMNTS fALVEBt 137 Everton Road, Liverpool Properties carefully managed. Rests es aonnlly Collooted. ParohiuHM a-ad Q&h mogetisfied. Mortgages arranged Ind h acraBoes affected. Henry Jones, ESTATE AGENT, VALUER b. PROPERTY AUCTIONEER, 3 Lord Street, Liverpool Tsai BAVE 4M4. 0. JONES WILLIAMS, F-AI,, BSTATX AGENT & VALUER, 17 Boundary Place, Moss St Liverpool, Est. 1885. Telephone s 567 Roysi, Xtldphoat 8586 Ba nk JONES fA HUGHES, ESTArl OFFICE, 13 Whitechapelf Liverpool FREEHOLD LAND FOR SALS, Advances Made. R. E. HUGHEbg Sstate Agent, Surveyor a Valuer,, Charing Cross, Birkenhead. Telephone No.—Se B'head. Has Houses to Let and for Sale in varions parts of the Town and out districts. Also Land to Im Sold for Building purposes. Advances made k Bnilders. Estates 1 laid out. Rents Colleoted, Property carefully managed. LADIES BLANCHARD PILLS Al. oariTaUad fat aU Irrogoluities, &r, they dord nusi aDd neTM foil to tUrviaU an IUfttrtQlL theT IUpened. :P-4oyro1.1, Pil OoeMtt, BittarAppk, II', BLANCH ARB'S art the best ei all Pill for Women. sold fa boxes, 1:14, by BOOTS* Brenabea, Bran.b., and all iJbemiata, er pOtt fntI, tami BttOtL tiex LESLIE MARTYNt Lti, Chemists,34 Dilates Lanti Landes w. a j. VENMORE, Estate Agents & Vatu^rt 300 SCOTLAND RtX liver«>o«l fanuiPMosw Nc 4216 Royak (S lines). ALLA? 'sa' U? Jck LLA N m,il To C.AN- A.DA «i V EKPOOL, GLASGOW, LONDON ft HA?R £ TO CANADA, NEWFOUNDLAND I: U.SA. ALLAN'S, 19 James St., Liverpool; 14Cookspai St., F.W., and 108 Leadenhall St.. London, B.G. (i W. SIGHESJQ- & L.T.s c (At-oo ngdd p Canis PI Mghaptf M.O. Trinsu &.114# AI weinydd Cymanfaoedd Canu, Beirniad, ac Arholwr. Pcrntcir Ymgeiswyr at Dystysgrifav uutehm- Csleg y Bolla, Hon Nodiant a Solffm, 70 KINGSLEY ROAD LERP* J. Lloyd Jones, & Co.r BSTATF AGENTS, «tc, 6 Lord Street, Liverpool XMLMrUQMM MJI MAWM; FRANCIS & HOLLAND, Sight Testing Opticians, AFRICAN HOUSE, f WATER STREET LIVERPOOL. (Close to the Town Hall). HARTLEY & GO., Liverpool 202 LONDON ROAD. SALM BYr AUCTION BVBRY xCBSDAI AND FRIDAY AT ONE, SATUSDA1: NIGHTS AT 8BVBN. 7ALUABLB HOUSEHOLD J'UBNIURII Of All DBSOBIPTIONS. MAQ3SiyiOBNT NEW AIFLI, SSOOND-HAND PIANONORTES, LABOR VARIB91 OFBEDSTBADS BEDDING 41, BYBBT NINCICSFAITY FOB HOUtB-KBEPINQ. ATTEND THESE BALES AND SAVB AT LBAPS It PBB OBNT. A MAGKTFI02NT SELBOTIOff OF SUPEBIOE JfUBNITUBB IS ALWAYS KBF* IN ITOOK AND ANYTHING MAY BB PTJKOHASBB BY rBIVATE TREATY. GOODS STOBBD. On view 8.30 a.m. to 9 30 p.m.; Saturday 1 pim- Tslepbona 17d3 Royal. OONSIGNMBNTS (EITHER LARGE OR SMA OF ANY DESCRIPTION INVITED FOR THIM tALBS. BEST RESULT GUARABTBBD. If you want The most Comprehensive POLICIES uv ',f HE BEST TERMS write for particulars to The Gresham LIFE, FIRE, AND ACCIDENT Insurance Offices. Bead Office i St. Mildreds flouse Poultry, Z! LONDON. E.G. Branch- Offloo i I G14 Exchange 6'14. I LIVERPOOL. JAMES H. SCOTT, General Manager I Balls' Wedding Rings. Guinea Gold Wedding Rings from 7/6 to 60/ Half dozen Best Electro-plated Spoons girea to each purchaser of a Ring. BALL'S LUCKY WEDDING RING DEPOT, 33 LONDON ROAD, LIVERPOOL Finger Size Card post free. Close on Wednesdays at 1 o'clock. Yn awr yn Barod., COflANT THOMAS GEE, — GAN THOMAS GWYNN JONES. CjHBwysa y cyfrol 650 o dudalenau'yagfc*& ag amryw ddarluniau. Pris wedi ei rwymo mewn liian hardJ 61- Cyhoeddedig gan Ml a'i F AB.SCy fit Di abyefe