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RELUBLE WATCHES BBLF-EXPANDING, POCKET AND WRISTLET WATCHES. NOTICE.—Special Offers this day High-grade Watches, by eminent makers, 10s. saving in every t. Every watch cleaned, tested, and timed, and warranted for a period > of years. Also a grand display of Self- Expanding Watch Bracelets, and Strap Watches, with plain and luminous dials, now offered at DEDUCED PRICES, forming suitable GIFTS. Goods stored free until required. PRICE LIST POST FREE. s DAVIES'S, 30 LOW HILL (Via Old Swan or West Derby Oars). Close Wed. at I. Open all Sat. Davies's Price. 16/18/6. USUALLY £ 14. Russell's English Gold Hunter GENT'S HIGH-GRADE PERFECT KEY- LESS LEVER HUNTER, by THOS. RUSSELL and SON, noted makers to Royal- ty, Church Street, Liverpool, British manu- facture throughout; 16 JEWELS, i-plate, chronometer balance, non-magnetic, fully jewelled Brequet Spiral Overcoil Spring, adjusted to temperatures and positions; KEEPS GREENWICH TIME, mounted in strong, heavy SOLID GOLD Government Stamped and Hall-marked Cases (all through) without mark or scratch makers' and our GUARANTEE FOR 25 YEARS; new this year (proof); also Solid [Gold Gent's WAL- THAM "RIVERSIDE" HUNTER; sale, £ 10 16s., usual £ 18; dead gun timist; warranted 25 years new 6 months ago. Approval, month's trial. HIGH-GRADE WATCHES-HALF USUAL Davies's Price, 13/19/6 USUALLY J38. Russell's Gold Expanding Watch Bracelet. HIGH-CLASS PERFECT LEVER, LAT- EST SOLID GOLD WATCH-BRACELET patent SELF-EXPANDING, Hall-marked throughout, by those famous makers, THOS. RUSSELL and SON, Church Street, Liver- pool, makers to Royalty; 15 RUBIES, chronometer Balance, Brequet Spring, Patent Keyless, and latest improvements; KEEPS PERFECT TIME; warranted by makers and ourselves 25 years. New last year (proof); approval. Others by noted makers at £ 2/7/6, £ 2/14/ £ 3/16/ Also Benson's, Londoa. Watch Bracelet; sale 14 19 usually £10. Also Russell's Ditto, gun-timists. Davies's Price, 16/11 Silver & Gold Strap Watches. LADY'S STERLING SILVER, high-grade, ilull-j ewelled Sttap Wristlet, ACCURATE TIMIST. Also Gent's full-size Sterling Silver, bold dial, sale 21 ditto, superior, with LUMINOUS DIAL, SALE 27/6; also Lady's SOLID GOLD Strap Wristlet Watch, fully jewelled, sale 27 /6, 30 and 35/ Also Solid Gold High-grade Russell and Sons, <3hu rch Street, Liverpool, Strap Wristlet, sale £ 2/12 Also Russell Gent's Gold Wrist- let, sala £ 2/17 /6, usually £ 5/5 Also Gent's Solid Gold WALTHAM Lever Wristlet, dead ,gun timist, sale price £ 4 /7 /6, usually Bvery Watch guaranteed. RELIABLE WRISTLET WATCHES. Davies's Price, 12/2/ USUALLY 95. Gent's Waltham Rolled Gold Hunter. World-famed 10-carat Rolled Gold KEYLESS WALTHAM" HUNTING LEVER, timed to a few seconds per month ruby jewelled, brequet spring, timed to positions and temperatures parent keyless and latest improvements warranted 20 years perfect in all detail. Also ditto by Lancashire Watch Co., Prescot; now 29/6. Also ditto Elgin Hunter, 32/6. Ditto, Russell and Son, 36/6. Also 6-guinea Rolled Gold Chronograph Key- less Hunter, by Thos. Russell and Son, Church Street, Liverpool; now £ 2/14/6. Approval. Deposit secures. Free storage.—DAVIES'S, 30 LOW HILL. PAVIES'S FOR ACCURACY AND PRECISION. IIîi Davies's Price, 1/15/2, USUALLY £ 4/4/- Russell's Silver Keyless Hunter. QUITE NEW THIS YEAR, GENT'S HEAVY HIGH GRADE, THOROUGHLY RELIABLE KEYLESS SOLID SILVER HUNTING LEVER, by RUSSELL and SON, Church Street, Liverpool; new 1915 (proof), plain Sterling Silver damp and dust proof oases, indestructible crystal glass. CHRONOMETER BALANCE, BREQUET SPRING, NON-MAGNETIC, patent key- teas, and latest improvements without mark em scratch; PERFECT TIMEKEEPER; month's trial. Cash refunded if not as repres- ented. Approval. Stored free. Guarant- eed 20 years. Month's trial. DAVIES'S GUARANTEE EVERY WATCH 22 Ct. Wedding Rings. iaUCKY GUINEA GOLD, GOVERlf- MMNT HALL-MARKED, INCLUDING HALF-A-DOZEN TEASPOONS, AT 20/ 25/ 35/- 6 45/ CARD FREB. DIAMONDS—"War-time" Bargains in High-class D Diamond Engagement Rings, noted for their artistic beauty, superb and riehneas of quality wide and varied selection, combining 'strength and neat- ness, at extraordinary low, specially reduced prices, including many London and Provincial unredeemed Diamond Rings, at 10/- in every £ below regular prices, offering sound investments. Great Bargains will be found here in Diamond Earrings, Diamond Brooches Watch Bracelets, Diamond Pendants, Diamond Pin and Studs, Curb and Stiff Bracelets, etc., marked in plain figures at greatly reduced prices. PRICE LIST POST FREE. QSYleS'S, 30 Low II Y,1,000 Worth of Rings Comprising Rings in all conceivable styles, set with first-water Diamonds and Gems of intense fire and beauty, set in Solid 18-carat Gold and Platinum. SAVING FULLY 10/- IN EVERY E. Finger-size Card post free. Ladies' fine Diamond Rings. Usual Price OURj PRICES S12 DIAMONDS, 3 large ostone Platinumand DiamondHalf-hoop, each gem full of brilliancy; R/i1Qw/ exceptional offer v  ill DIAMONDS, 5-stone Half-hoop, carred setting, strong and very serviceable ring; very lustrous A /I K diamond S7 DiAMONDS, choice 5-stones, purest white diamonds, 18-ct. fashionable heavy claw setting 0/1 Q/~ most effective ring £4, DIAMONDS, 5-stone Diamonds 18-ct. neat claw setting; one of the best rings on the market; 1 /1 Q wonderful value. ?- <* £ 3 DIAMONDS, rare offer, 5-stone Diamonds, 18-ct. claw set, 18-ct. Half-hoop Engagement Ring 1/7/6 very special ring; bargain < U DAVIES'S Price Y,611216, USUALLY £14. HANDSOME DIAMOND HALF- HOOP. LADY'S BEAUTIFUL LARGE 5-STONE DIAMOND HALF-HOOP, lovely white, clean dazzling first-water gems, perfectly matched, claw-set, 18-ct. stylish plati- num half-hoop ring. Also exquisite large 3-stone Diamond platinum Cross-over Ring; usual £ 1?-, now, only £ 5/18/6. Also beautiful 2-stone Diamond plati- num Cross-over Ring usual £10, our price F51101-. Also fine Diamond and platinum Cluster Ring, purest white Diamonds usual £ 12, our price £ 6/19- Also large 3-stone, finest quality Diamond platinum Cross- over Ring; usual £14, now £ 8/17/ Also superb 5-stone 20-guinea Diamond Half-hoop, large stones, only £ 9/17 /6. Approval. Davies's, 30 Lowhill. OVER 200 RINGS AT REDUCED PRICES, GENUINE SOLID GOLD MISCELLANEOUS BARGAINS. Usual Our Price. Price. E4 PIN, Diamond & Pearl Cluster, forms stud £3 CAMEO BROOCH, large solid gold £ 1/5/- E2 LOCKET, large size round, solid gold. £ 1/6/- 21/-NEOKLET, solid gold, diamond cut 10/6 solid gold, oval, engraved 716 B2 BRACELET, wide band, engraved 16/11 25/-SNAKE RING, 18-ct., 5 diamonds £ 3/15/- t5 SNAKE RING. 18-ct., 5 diamonds £ 3/15/- E5 BUCKLE, Gent's, 18-ct., diamond £ 2/12/- £3 BANGLE, Gent's, plain. 1.8-ct. wide ring.. £ 1 /12/6 M BANGLE, 18-ct. diamond set F,2 /10 f,4 BROOCH, diamond & sapphire, 15-ct. bar £ 1/15/- 65 SCARF SLIDE, diamond & rubf,soIid:'gold £ 1 /17/- £1 SEAL, solid gold, revolving stones. 8/6 £1 LINKS, oval, engraved, solid gold 8/6 30/-PIN, 15-ct. Gent's Diamond Scarf Pin 12/6 21 /-SIGNET, Gent's, solid gold, plain top shield 12/6 92 BROOCH, large diamond, solid gold 12/6 0/-BROOCH, fine cameo, solid gold 19/6 t6 PIN, or Stud, solid gold, diamond £ 2/10/- £3 BUCKLE, 18-ct., gent's, heavy ring £ 1/16/- ES SIGNET, Gent's heavy, IS-ct., plain £ 1/30/- £ 9 BROOCH, diamond and pearl, scroll £ 2/19/- S2 PENDANT, 2 diamonds & amethyst, gold 14/6 Gold Expanding Watch Bracelet. £3/16/ (Usually £6/10/-)-SOLID ENGLISH HALL-MARKED GOLD, High-grade LEVER Watch Bracelet, strong, wide, reliable time keeper with 15 ruby jewels. Also Russell and Son's Solid Gold 9-guinea Lever Watch Bracelet, new 6 months ago (proof), only £ 4/16/6. Also 15-ct Gold Curb Watch Bracelet, only 12/191-, cost £ 7.. Also 18-ct. Gold Lever. "Milanese" Self-Expanding Watch Bracelet, £ 5/17/ Also 9-guinea Russell & Son, Solid Gold Lever Watch Bracelet, only &5/19/ Approval. Accurate. Warranted for 20 years. Month's trial. All perfect as new. Davies's, 30 Lowbill. RELIABLE GOLD & SILVER STRAP BRACELETS i1n0/n1i 1 —Lady's Sterling Silver, fully jewelled, Key- less Wristlet, accurate. Also Gent's Sterling Silver ditto, 21/ with luminous dial; super lor, 27/6. Also Lady's Solid Gold, jewelled, Keyless Strap Bracelet, sale price 27/6, 32/6, and 35/ Also Gent's solid Gold Strap Bracelet by Russell & Sons, sale price, £ 2/17/6; Lady's ditto, £ 2/12/ Also Gent's Solid Gold WALTHAM Strap Bracelet; sale price, £ 3/18/ usually fg. All tested and timed and warranted accurate. 2?-GUINEA CURB AND PADLOCK BRACELET QCi Strong, Reliable, stamped and warranted 25/- Solid Gold, fashionable, full-size Curb and Padlock Bracelet, with Solid Gold Safety Chain of extra width and appearance, complete in velvet case. Others at 21/ 25/ and 27/6 ditto. Also beautiful, stylish 4-bar gate-pattern Solid Gold Bracelet and Padlock, tamped and warranted, with Solid Gold Safety Chain, now 24/6, usually £ 2/10/ RARE OFFERS THIS DAY, OVER 200 TO SELECT FROM. Also massive Solid Gold Curb and Padlock Bracelet, a* follows: 29/6, usually £ 3/10/ others, wider, at 36/- and 39/ Written guarantee with each. GUINEA GOLD WEDDING RINGS WIDIST AND MATUST 22-CJAJUT yUM^QOLD, UDUO. 7/6 IN TErs roinri). KMM-SIM CABD ran. 27/8 RINGS 85 RINGI Ul- RIIGI Now HOW row 20/- 25/- 35/- PERFECT FIT BY POST. THOUNAIlrDS NOW IN USB. ALL SIZES IN STOCK PRESENT OF HALF-DOZEN TEASPOONS. DAVIES'S, 30 LOW Hill.

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