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Trem III-Nowyddion Prudd.

Tpom IV-Sofyllfa'f Rhyfol,…

Ffetan y Gol.



Y BEDYDDWYR A'R GYMRAEG. DYMA'r llytfcyr ateb a anfonodd Mr. A .T Davies, ysgrifennydd Adran Cymru o Fwrd-* Addysg, at y Parch. Henry Evans, ysgrifen- nydd Cymanfa Bed^ddwyr Sir Gaerfyrddin a Sir Aberteifi, oedd wed i pasio peno erfyniail yn galw am fod dysgu Cymraeg yn beth gorfodol yng Ngholegau Hyfforddiadol Cymru :— .Ymru M .7M?, ?9?? REV. AND DEAR SIR.-I am in^receipt of your letter of the 24th ult, enclosing a copy of a resolution parsed bj- the Conference of the Baptist Association of Carmarthenshire and Cardiganshire in favour of making Welsh a compulsory subject in the Welsh Training Colleges and in the case of all teachers intending to teach in Wales. That com- munication shall be duly laid befcre the Board of Education. I would, however, point out that every facility and encourage- ment are already given by the Board in their Regulations and through their Inspectors to the teaching of Welsh in Public Elementary Thnd Secondary Schools and in Training Coll- eges in Wales, and would suggest that the proper quarter to which the efforts of the members of your Association, as well as of others who share their views, in favour of the teaching of the home language, should be mainly addressed, is the Local Authorities to whem Parliament has entrusted the responsi- bility for providing education in their res- pective areas. If local public opinion throughout Wales is fully aroused to the importance of Welsh, the resulting d emand for its teaching will undoubtedly make itself felt by the Local Education Authorities and the Governors of Secondary Schools, and the consequent demand fcr teachers who can teach it will turn the thoughts of intending teachers in the Wels'i Colleges to this subject. I can assure you that your Association have my full sympathy, as well as that of the Chief Inspector of Education in Wales (Sir Owen Edwards), in the object they have in view, but I believe that what can be done in the matter by a Government Department has been, and is being, done by the Welsh Depart- ment,which cannot be charged with having been slow in showing their realisation of the great value of utilising and fostering the Welsh language to the utmost extent possible. The necessary driving force to enable full advantage to be taken of the facilities in various directions offered by the Welsh Department since it came into existence in 1907 must, however, be supplied by people on the spot who are in a position to influence public opinion by the usual methods of the written and spoken word and tb e vote.-You are at liberty to make any use you think fit of this Ie ter, whi h, though unofficial, may be taken as reflecting the present views and attitude of the Board on the subject.-I am, yours sincerely, (Signed) ALFRED T. DAVIES Welsh Department, Board of Education, Whitehall, S. W.


Trem ll—Opeulondeb IDirmyg.I