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Clep y Clawdd sef Clawdd Offa

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Liverpool Guardian Trade Protection Society 'Phone 4865 Bank. Wires Preoption The Oldest Provincial TRADE PROTECTION SOCIETY A MUTUAL SOCIETY Governed by a Board ol Honorary Directors. or tonus write-F. MEATHER, Secretary, 41 North John Street, Liverpoo M9 155 KENSINGTON,: LIVERPOOL R. W. EVANS, FUNERAL DIRECToa. AU Orders penonally attended to I P. Lloyd Jones FUNERAL DIRECTOR, 364 Stanley Road, L'poel. TSLILF 01919-261 BOOTLIL ITELEPHONE-sys ANFIELD. J. T. JONES, Funeral ?ndcrtokef EVERTON, 42nd55rByrcfc%» EVER TO-N 40  LIVERPOOL. IfFunerals personally arranged to all parts* Why go to Town ? When the ]EI c> c> rx ][' ]F' Shorthand & Typewriting -A.OAi>EM;Tr, 4 TRINITY ROAD, give pupils a practical business training in Shorthand, Typewriting, and General Offlee Routine equal to any City School. Failures. Day and Evening Classes. Anply Principal. BARGAINS.-Underwoods, Remingtons, JJ Yosts, Smith, Premier, Barlocks, BnL- pires, Oliver, Blieks, Royal Standard, from di new condition, See the REX £ 23 woatb for 12 guineas—Longmors, 41b North John Street, I Liverpool, Sole Agency Cavona Portable Typewriters. COOK it TOWNSHEND Special Value this week. Boys' Oilskm Coats, 8/0 to 12/6 Boys' Sylkoyly Coats. 14/6 to 23J6 Splendid Selection of Boys' Sports Suits, Rugby Suite. 12/6 to 15/6 15/6 to 21/15 Boys' Covert Coats, 12/6 to glf- Gentlemen's Business Suits to measure, 50/ 55/- and 63/- Byrom St. & Dale St., LIVERPOOL. For Baths, Lavatories,Closets, Brass Fittings; t Lead Pipes, etc., apply to- JAMES CHEW ill CO., Plumbers' Merchants & Brassfoandeta, Stel. No. 58 & 60 PARADISE STREET*. Bank 3402. LIVERPOOL) Manufacturers of Copper Cylinders, Boilers, aaA Gas Washing Boilers. DIM TALU YMLAKN LLAW. ARIAN YN FENTHYO. (711 ddistaw bach), mewn symiau bach neu iasrc (heb fod llai na £10) AB ADDAWIB T BENTHYCIWR BI Ø1M. 8EFYDLWYD ERS 46 MLYNBBD. ao yn awr yn rhol iv.wo YN FBNTHYG BOB BLWYDDT* Am daflen a theleran ymofyjmnqr a George Payne a'i Feib., S Crescent Road, Rhyl, a 16 School Lane, Li. OFFIOK TRAINING Classes. SPECIAL Rapid Course fov those whe ? desire to become ShOAh&nd Typists in one session. NO TIME WASTED BY OUR METHODS. r SPECIAL DAY & EVENING CLASSES. 'r Send for prospectus before arranging winter study. GREOO SCHOOL. 21 Harringttt St. (off Castie-St). Phone 3800 Bank. IN a Letter Home a Soldier writes It Is hard to -L find a clean soldier now. The belt you sent me Is splendid, and every man out here should be provided with one. Wie refers to KENNEDY'S KILL-LICE BBL? which absolutely repel vermin and disease. Help 10. boy to keep clean. 3 Oelts for 4/- All Chemists, 1/6 each, or post paid anywhere bona KENNEDY, 2 Park-rd., iivaiipool. For Bedsteads and Bedding. W. WHITTLE SON & STOTT, LTD., 116, 118 & 120 WHITECHAPEL, LIVERPOOL. 000* Telephone al37 Royal* If.: r