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Basgedaid o'r Wlad. I

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Ffetan y Gol.I


Ffetan y Gol. I Cofied pawb /o n an/on i'r Ffetan mat dyinar gair sydd ar ei genau:- NITHIO'R GAU A NYTHU'R GWIR. Educational Books for British I Prisoners of War. SIR,Arrallgements have been made, with the approval of the Foreign Office, for extending to British prisoners of war interned abroad the benefits of the scheme, which has been in operation for the last year in connec- tion with Ruhleben, for supplying selected books of an educational character to those of the interned who may be desirous of con- tinuing their studies in any subject. Under this scheme several thousands of carefully selected volumes, mostly standard works, have been supplied to the Ruhleben Camp, which is now provided with excellent libraries (class, reference and lending). These books, which have been sent out, through the agency of officers of the Board of Education. have proved a great boon to the interaed and have enabled sustained educational work of a definite character to be carried on by the Camp Education Department formed among the prisoners. In view of the value of the work, the Board of Trade(MarineDepartment) have decided to take it into account, in con- nection- with their examinations for the certificates of competency granted by them to officers of the Mercantile Marine and the Fishing Service. Accordingly, arrangements have now been completed for recording the time spent by any prisoner interned at Ruhleben or Groningen in the study of nautical or other subjects. An appeal is, therefore, now made for a plentiful supply of new or secondhand books of an educational character, (light literature and fiction is available from other sources) to meet the needs of the many thousands of British prisoners interned in enemy or neutral countries. It is to be hoped that to this appeal there may be a liberal response. A circular explanatory of the educational book scheme can be ohtained by sending a postcard add ressed at the Board of Education, Whitehall, S. W., to Mr. A. T. Davies who is in charge of the arrangements.