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SLIGHTLY USED & SECOND HAND PIANOS UPWARDS OF 20 HANDSOME PIANOS, IN BEAUTIFUL CASES, SUCH AS SOLID WALNUT, ROSEWOOD AND FINE ART EBONISED CASES, HAVING BEEN IN MANY CASES ONLY VERY SLIGHTLY USED, NOW OFFERED AT 3XTRAORDINAR Y LOW PRICES- MUOH REDUOED-TO CLEAR. WE HOLD ONE OF THE LARGEST STOCK AND INVITE YOUR INSPECTION WITHOUT IMPORTUNITY TO PUR- CHASE. TUNED AND DELIVERED FREE EXCHANGES INVITED. DaYiBSS, 30 low BiU. TELEPHONE 716 ANFIELD .eLOSE ON WED. AT I. OPEN SAT Worth Sale Price WALNUT Case, 7 octaves, ivory keys, sweet tone, panel front, brilliantly polished, suit beginner *0/1 ROSEWOOD, 7 octaves, ivory keys, panel front, sweet  tone, modern appearance *>LOj L\J jgQ EBONISED Handsome iron frame, by Cramer full com- pass trichord panel front and sconces ?i?/iU Igo.,WALNUT, full size, panel and sconces, 7 octaves, ivory keys, powerful tone, by Richmond_ grand instrument .?i?t/iU WALNUT, Modern, ivory keys, 7 octaves, panel front and sconees, iron frame, full tri. ohord, check action, sweet and powerful tone Liverpool and p n 1 Hf\ Londo?Piano Co 3J&LI 1U dfSt WALNUT Handsome Case, 7 octaves, panel front; by Strauss; superior tone and and touch a first class instru-p Q /I A ment; well-made and finishedY,18/10 First Class Piano by Niodmeyer sold by Van Grui- sen, Bold Street; ivory keys, 7 octaves, fine tone, responsive — ■_ touch, highly finished 1 1U MO CONCERT SEMI-GRAND by Erard Walnut Case, ivory keys, splendid tone and res- ponsive touch in perfect ot o /l Q .ondition and well preserved ?iO/iO M COLLARD & COLLARD, Wal. aut case, 7 octaves, ivory keys, panel front and sconces, sweet  tone, modern appearance £21 dj$5 ROSEWOOD, iron frame, high 1 class, ivory keys, latest improvements, superb tone and elastic touch overstrung iron frame piano. ??U/iU A5 EBONISED,oblique overstrung, iron frame, trichord piano, by Kingsley; rich tone, res- ponsive touch, a fine instru- ment, with all the highest qual- „ ificafcions possible, like new ;Z26/10 J38 KIRKMAN, solid Walnut up- right, iron frame piano, beauti- ful tone, elastic touch, splendid instrument in every detail per- „ Qr7 /"I A feet satisfaction guaranteed. £27/10 411 ORGAN, very powerful, rich tone American Organ, Knee Swell and Grand Organ. Suit Church, Chapel, or Mission Hall .Of LI JO 446 PIANO PLAYER, beautiful mahogany case, piano- player, in perfect order, condi- tion as new, 65 notes, with 18 rolls of music, with mahog- Y,1411416 any stool. J. DAVIES'S, 30 LOW HILL. THE ABOVE ARE ALL OFFERED FOR CASH, WHICH OFFERS THE PUR- CHASER THE GREATEST BENEFITS POSSIBLE. TEL. 716 ANFIELD. DIAMONDS—"War-time" Bargains in High-class D Diamond Engagement Rings, noted for their artistic beauty, superb and richness of quality; wide and varied selection, combining strength and neat- ness, at extraordinary low, specially reduced prices, including many London and Provincial unredeemed Diamond Rings, at 10/- in every £ below regular prices, offering sound investments. Great Bargains will be found here in Diamond Earrings, Diamond Brooches, Watch Bracelets, Diamond Pendants, Diamond Pin and Studs, Curb and Stiff Bracelets, etc., marked in plain figures at greatly reduced prices. PRICE] LIST POST FREE. Daviess J Low Mil 81,000 Worth of Rings. Comprising Rings in all conceivable styles, set with first-water Diamonds and Gems of intense fire and beauty, set in Solid 18-carat Gold and Platinum. beauty, FULLY 10/- IN EVERY B. Finger-size SAVING FULLY 10/- IN EVERY £. Finger-size Card post free. Ladies' Fine Diamond Rings. Usual Price OUR, PRICES L12 DIAMONDS, 3 larg ostone Platinumand DiamondHalf-hoop,I Q each gem full of brilliancy; 5/19/ exceptional offer ill DIAMONDS, 5-stone Half-hoop, carved setting, strong and very serviceable ring; very lustrous 4/15/ diamond 1 0 S7 DiAMONDS, choice 5-stones, purest white diamonds, 18-ct. fashionable heavy claw setting; 2/19/- most effective ring i a I iu/ B4 DIAMONDS, 5-stone Diamondlil 18-ct. neat claw setting; one of the best rings on the market; 1/19/ wonderfui value. — ?/ S3 DIAMONDS, rare offer, 5-stone Diamonds, 18-ct. claw set, 18-ct. Half-hoop Engagement Ring 1/7/6 very special ring bargain JLf < U DAVIES'S Price 16/12/6, USUALLY 114. HANDSOME DIAMOND HALf HOOP. LADY'S BEAUTIFUL LARGE 5-STONE DIAMOND HALF-HOOP, lovely white, clean dazzling first-water gems, perfectly matched, claw-set, 18-ct. stylish plati-, num half-hoop ring. Also exquisite large 3-stone, Diamond platinum Cross-over Ring; usual £12. now only £ 5/18/6. Also beautiful 2-stone Diamond plati- num Cross-over Ring; usual £10, our price £ 5/10/ Also fine Diamond and platinum Cluster Ring, purest white Diamonds usual £12, our price £ 6/19- Also large 3-stone, finest quality Diamond platinum Cross- over Ring: usual £14, now £ 8/17/ Also superb 5-stone 20-guinea Diamond Half-hoop, large stones, only £ 9 /17 /6. Approval. Davies's, 30 Lowhill. OVER 200 RINGS AT REDUCED PRICES. GENUINE SOLID GOLD MISCELLANEOUS BARGAINS. Usual Our Price. Price. U PIN, Diamond & Pearl Cluster, forms stud £ 1/13/- £3 CAMEO BROOCH, large solid gold £ 1/5 /-§ S2 LOCKET, large size round, solid gold /6 21/-NECKLET, solid gold, diamond cut 10/6 15/-LOCKET, solid gold, oval, engraved 7/6 £2 BRACELET, wide band, engraved.. 16/11 25/-SNAKE RING, 18-ct., 5 diamonds £ 3/15/- £ 5 SNAKE RING. 18-ct., 5 diamonds £ 3/15/- Y,5 BUCKLE, Gent's, 18-ct., diamond £ 2/12/- S3 BANGLE, Gent's, plain, 18-ct. wide ring.. £ 1/12/6 £4 BANGLE, 18-ct. diamond set £ 2/10/- £4 BROOCH, diamond & sapphire, 15-ct. bar £ 1/15/- £5 SCARF SLIDE, diamond & luby,solid,gold £ 1 /17/- £1 SEAL, solid gold, revolving stones. 8/6 £1 LINKS, oval, engraved, solid gold 8/6 30/-PIN, 15-ct. Gent's Diamond Scarf Pin 12/6 21 /-SIGNET, Gent's, solid gold, plain top shield 12/6 92 BROOCH, large diamond, solid gold 12/6 0/-BROOCH, fine cameo, solid gold 19/6 M PIN, or Stud, solid gold, diamond £ 2/10/- £3 BUCKLE, 18-ct., gent's, heavy ring £1/16/- £3 SIGNET, Gent's heavy, 18-ct., plain £ 1 /30/- Fg BROOCH, diamond and pearl, scroll. £ 2/19/- S2 PENDANT, 2 diamonds & amethyst, gold 14/6 Gold Expanding Watch Bracelet. £3/16/ (Usually £6/10/-)-80LID ENGLISH HALL-MARKED GOID, Higb-grade LEVER Watch Biacelet, stiong, wide, reliable time keeper with 15 ruby jewels. Also Russell and Son's Solid Gold 9-guinea lever Watch Bracelet, new 6 months ago (proof), only £ 4/16/6. Also 15-ct Gold Curb Watch Bracelet, only £ 2/19/ cost £ 7.. Also 18-ct. Gold Lever. Milanese Self-Expanding Watch Bracelet, £ 5/17/ Also 9-guinea Russell & Son, Solid Gold Lever Watch Bracelet, only £ 5/19/ Approval. Accurate. Warranted for 20 years. Month's trial. All perfect as new. Davies's, 30 Lowhiil. RELIABLE GOLD & SILVER STRAP BRACELETS 1 XUR //1J.1 JL —Lady's Sterling Silver, fully jewelled, Key- 10/J.JL less Wristlet, accurate. Also Gent's Sterling Silver ditto, 21/ with luminous dial; super ior, 27/6. Also Lady's Solid Gold, jewelled, Keyless Strap Bracelet, sale price 27/6, 32/6, and 35/ Also Gent's solid Gold Strap Bracelet by Russell & Sons, sale price, £ 2/17/6; Lady's ditto, £ 2/12/ Also Gent's Solid Gold WALTHAM Strap Bracelet; sale price, £ 3/18/ usually £9. All tested and timed and warranted accurate. 21-GUINEA CURB AND PADLOCK BRACELET Q C -Strong, Reliable, stamped and warranted 25/- Solid Gold, fashionable, full-size Curb and Padlock Bracelet, with Solid Gold Safety Chain of extra width and appearance, complete in velvet case. Others at 21/ 25/ and 27/6 ditto. Also beautiful, stylish 4-bar gate-pattern Solid Gold Bracelet and Padlock, stamped and warranted, with Solid Gold Safety Chain, now 24/6 usually £ 2/10/ RARE OFFERS THIS DAY, OVER 200 TO SELECT FROM. Also massive Solid Gold Curb and Padlock Bracelet, as follows 29/6, usually f-31101-; others, wider, at 36/- and 39/ Written guarantee with each. GUINE\GOID WEDUING RINGS WIDEST AND HEAVIEST 22-OARAT PURE GOLD, REDUCED 7/6 IH THB POUND. FINGER-SIZE CARD FREE. 27/6 RINGS 35 RINGS 45/- RINGS NOW NOW NOW 20/- 25/- 35/- PERFECT FIT BY POST. THOUSANDS NOW IN USE. ALL SIZES IN STOCK PRESENT OF HALF-DOZEN TEASPOONS, DAVIES'S, 30 LOW HILL.

fjhmn o Big y Tr Z, Lleifiad.

I Os symudir Owen Thomas.