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Ein Ginedi ym Manceinion.

I Basgodaid olp Wlad.



MITCHELL BROS, Marsh Lane, Bootee. English Manufactured MAPLE BLOCK FLOORING. All Sizes kept in Stock. Largest Stock in the Kingdom Phone 639. Bootle. Tel. Ad. "Peremptory," Liverpoo • r P. Lloyd Jones I FUNERAL DIRECTOR, 1164 Stonley Road, L'pooi. TELEPHONE—263 ROOTLE.  -I TELEPEONE-S75 ANFIELD. 'I ?Y ? T. JONES, Funeral Undgrtcker, EVERTON 40 Aubrey Street, and 55 Brecfc Roa LIVERPOOL. Funerals personally arranged to all parts* Telephones—Anfield. S09 and 290. 155 KENSINGTON J LIVERPOOL. R. W. EVANS, Funeral and Wedding "Directors All orders personally attended to through- out at moderate charges. Higheuft testimonials can be seen. Removals to and from Wales. BARGAINS.-Underwoods, Remingtons, Yosts, Smith, Premier, Barlocks, Em- pires, Oliver, Blieks, Royal Standard, from £ 2 new condition, See the REX jE23 worth for 12 guineas. -LoNGmoRz, 41b North John Street, Liverpool, Sole Agency Carona Portable Typewriters. -m_ COOKS T0WNSHEND Special Value this week. 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ALAWON GWERIN MON." Wedi eu casglu a'u trefnu ar gyfer y berdoneg gan GRACE GWYNEDDON DAVIES- Gyda geiriau Saesneg gan ROBERT BRYAN. Folk-Songs from Anglesey." Old Notation and Solffa. Price 1 Y mae'r trefniadau yn haeddu canmoliaeth neillduol, gan eu bod yn ddigon syml ac ar yr un pryd yn wreiddiol a diddorol.Dr. J, Lloyd Williams, yn y Beirniad. THE WELSH PUBLISHING CO* LTD, CARNARVON. For Bedsteads and Bedding W. WHITTLE SON & SlOTT LTD., I 6, 18 0 120 WHITECHAPEL, LIVD RPOOL. a pi a Telephone 2137 Royal. Telephone B8p111"7 Irtahlfflhcd 18tf ROBERT ROBERTS ESTATE AGKNT, ■ dS Netherfield Road Souffc Has Property to list la various parts at owm. Mortage* urrmmged. Vaiaaftlloaa made 205 Established 1884. "Phone 1140 fiootta I 547 WOOSNAM ROBERTS, F.A.I., Estate Agent, Bootle Estate Office, Personal, Practical, Prompt, and Reliable Management of all Classes of Real Estate, 52 STANLEY ROAD, BOOTLB (2 doors from Bedford Road) Telegrams 11 WoosNAm. BOOTLIL4 Telephoaa No. 7909. J. LEWIS JONES, BSTATL AGBNr Sb TALUBR, 60 Victoria St., Liverpool. Propsrtlee carefully managed. Keats pgg* sonally collected. Porohases and Saiea m- gatSatod. Mortgagjea arranged and lamuramse, ejected. THOMAS JONES, NSTATE AGBNT8 VALUERS. suvsistmmmt SWILDIINGS, 61 Eord Street, Liverpool. Toleghous No. —5E888 Bank. Properties Bought and Sold. Mortgaga# mranged. Valuations made. Rente oolEeotadf Taa. 26 7 Amsss. MovABrxsxiwx) 1879, Stephen Roberts & SOl, EST ATS AGIINTM & VALUBM. 137 Overtoil Road, Liverpool Properties oarefallj mansfed. Renta pw tonally Collected. Purchases and Bign upgotiated. MorilltCet arranged and bo. anrancea affected. Henry Jones, ESTATE AGENT, VALUER & PROPERTY AUCTIONEER, 3 Lord Street, Liverpool ffsai Basts MM, 0. JONES WILLIAMS, F.III. IBTATB AGENT & VALUER, 17 Boundary Place, Moss St. Eiverpool. Eat. 1885. b Telephone I 567 Royal XalaphdM 8586 Ba nk JONES ^THUGHES, EST ASM OFFICE, 13 Whitechapels Llyerpoot FREEHOLD LAND FOR 3ALB. Advances Made. R. E. HUGHEb, Estate Agent,"iuSwrveyor C4 Valuer. Charing Cross, BirtefifiecsC Telephone So.-—56 B'iie&d. H&a Hoosea to Let and for Bale in various parts of the Town and out districts. Also Land to be Sold for Building purposss. Advances made to of the ToBwan "lding laid out. Rents 'coIleated,md Property oarefnlly managed. LADIES BLANCH4RD PILLS Are oartvalled for an Irregularities, &s., they spndlll ftfloid rettal and ami fall to aJUvIatf aI! sufiectess, They mptfMda P?aeytoy? FH OochU, Bitter Ap%?go They sup*rvo p?,ge tle b ? t of aU pm for Womea," sold in boxca, 1111, by Boors' B.hu, DATIOB** BranahM, and aU Oisemlits, or post free, nanM pries, SMas LBSLlE "f4QTVTi, Lt.. Chemists.34 Devotee Lane Leadea Boo-tle A. uc-tion lioomai 76 & 78 STANLEY RD., BOOTLB, W. H. Butterfield 6 Co. holds Weekly Sale at their Rooms every Friday Evening, 7 p.m. Furniture and Stocks of every kind houghta for prompt eash. Telephone 1299 Bootle. ANWrD, PESWCH, INFLUENZA-Mae y rhain gyda ni bob amser. Pair hinsawdd gyfnewidiol fod llawer o ddioddef oddiwrth Beswch, Bronchitis, Pas, Dolur Gwddf, Crygni, Caethdra, Diffyg Anadl. Y mae'r hen feddyginiaeth DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE eto ar y blaen, ac yn cael ei gwerth- fawrcgi yn fwy nag erioed, bob amser wrth law, yn felys, yn cynhesu y frest, ac yn rhyddhau'r phlegm. Bydd dose mewn pryd yn ddigon. I s. I d. a zs. 94 (postage, 3<F.)-HUGH DAVIES, Chemist, Machynlleth MOLRAT.—At Ladd Tyrchod. Ysgrifenna John Pryse, Maee y me.rch j Blinid ni acw gan dyrchod cynhyddent bob blwyddyn, fel yr oedd y tir a golwg ddifrifol arno, ac yr oedd amaf gywiiydd ohono ond clywais fod Mr. Hugh Davies, Chemist, Machynlleth, wedi dyfeisio peth i'w lIadd yn ddidrafrerth iawn.-Ei enw ydyw 'Molrat,' mewn packets it. 6d. yr un. Prynnais backet, a rhoddais ef yn ol y cyfarwyddyd am ben pryfed genwair a rhoddais y rhai hynny yn llwybr y twrch. Ni chod dd y twrch mwy."