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SLIGHTLY USED & SECOND HAND PIANOS UPWARDS OF 20 HANDSOME PIANOS, IN BEAUTIFUL CASES, SUCH AS SOLID WALNUT, ROSEWOOD AND FINE ART EBONISED .CASES, HAVING BEEN IN MANY CASES ONLY VERY SLIGHTLY USED, NOW OFFERED AT EXTRAORDINARY LOW PRICES- MUCH RBDUOED-TO CLEAR. WE HOLD ONE OF THE LARGEST STOCK AND INVITE YOUR INSPECTION WITHOUT IMPORTUNITY TO PUR- CHASE. TUNED AND DELIVERED FREE EXCHANGES INVITED. Daviess J Low 11. TELEPHONE 716 AN FIELD CLOSE ON WED. AT I. OPEN SAT Worth Sale Price 330 WALNUT Case, 7 octaves, ivory keys, sweet tone, panel ?" Ont, brilliantly polished, suit beginner f.¡ 17 £ 23 ROSEWOOD, 7 octaves, ivory keys, panel front, sweet /-< tone, modern appearance &JLO/JLU £ so EBONISED Handsome iron irame, by Cramer full com- pass trichord panel front and a -\f\ sconces ?14: 1U ,O, WALNUT, full size, panel and sconces, 7 octaves, ivory keys, powerful tone, by Richmond grand instrument .£14/10 ,;£32 WALNUT, Modern, ivory keys, 7 octaves, panel front and sconces, iron frame, full tri- chord, check action, sweet and powerful tone; Liverpool and PQ-I YJ « LondonDPiano Co 3JaL/ AU ^30 WALNUT Handsome Case, 7 octaves, panel front by Strauss; superior tone and and touch a first class instru ment; wou.made and nnished?iO/iU 430 WALNUT First Class Piano by Niedmeyer sold by Van Grui- sen, Bold Street; ivory keys. 7 octaves, fine tone, responsive touch, highly "finished 1 1U MQ CONCERT SEMI-GRAND by Erard Walnut Case, ivory I keys, splendid tone and res- ponsive touch; in perfectQ condition and well preserved ?iO/iO j JSO COLLARD & COLLARD, Wal- ¡ nut case, 7 octaves, ivory keys, I panel front and sconces, sweet O Q 1 tone, modern appearance 'L?JL ¡ 185 ROSEWOOD, iron frame, high class,; ivory keys, latest ( improvements, superb tone j and elastic touch overstrung nge/l iron frame piano. xU £ 85 EBONISED,oblique overstrung, j iron frame, trichord piano, by Kingsley rich tone, res- ponsive touch, a fine instru- ment, with all the highest qual- p « ifications possible, like new.JbZo/lU | D8 KIRKMAN, solid Walnut up- right, iron frame piano, beauti- ful tone, elastic touch, splendid instrument in every detail per- OQI? I j XU feet satisfaction guaraJ1teed. -'u27/10 415 ORGAN, very powerful, rich tone American Organ, Knee Swell and Grand Organ. Suit Church, Chapel, or Mission < n Hall 8/17; 6 MS PIANO PLAYER, beautiful mahogany case, piano- player, in perfect order, condi- tion as new, 65 notes, with 18 rolls of music, with mahog-£ 14A /i1t 4A /i6r> any stool. DAVIES'S, 30 LOW HILL. THE ABOVE ARE ALL OFFERED FOR OASH, WHICH OFFERS THE PUR- CHASER THE GREATEST BENEFITS POSSIBLE. TEL. 716 ANFIELD.

i . 0 Big y ! Lleifiad.

Basgedaid o'r Wlad.