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RELIABLE WATCHES SRIiF-EXPANDIN G, POCKET AND WRISTLET WATCHES, NOTICE.—Special Offers this day High-grade Watches, by eminent makers, IQe, aeving in every jE. Every watch cleaned, tasted, and timed, and warranted for a period of years. Also a grand display of Self- j§xp9>nding Watch Bracelets, and Strap Watches, with plain and luminous dials, now offered at DEDUCED PRICES, forming salable GIFTS. Goods stored free until \ed. '??RICE LIST POST FREE. DAVIES'S, 30 LOW HILL (Via Old Swan or West Derby Oars). Close Wed. at I. Open all Sat. Davies's Price 16/18/6. USUALLY 214. Russell's English Gold Hunter OffiW'S HIGH-GRADE PERFECT KEY- LBBS LEVER HUNTER, by THOS. RUSSELL and SON, noted makers to Royal. ty; Church Street, Liverpool, British manu- 16 JEWELS, 41-plate, meter balance, non-magnetio, fully jeweled Brequet Spiral Overcoil Spring, adjusted to temperatures and positions; KBJiPS GREENWICH TIME, mounted in strong, heavy SOLID GOLD Government Steaded and Hall-marked Cases (all through) witJient mark or scratch makers' and our GUARANTEE FOR 25 YEARS; new this Y&nt (proof); also Solid Gold Gent's WAL. THAM RIVERSIDE HUNTER sale, ilO IBs., usual £ 18; dead guntlmist; <wan»nted 25 years; new 6 months ago. Approval, month's trial. HMH-GRADE WATCHES—HALF USUAL Davies's Price, 13/19/6 USUALLY £8.. RmseWs Gold Expanding Watch Bracelet. SISSH-CLASS PERFECT LEVER, LAT. FKST SOLID GOLD WATCH-BRACELET •patent SELF-EXPANDING, Hall-marked throughout, by those famous makers, THOS. RUSSELL and SON, Church Street, Liver- pool, makers to Royalty 15 RUBIES, ahronometer Balance, Brequet Spring, Patent Keyless, and latest improvements; KEEPS PERFECT TIME; warranted by makers and ourselves 25 years. New last Year (proof); approval. Others by noted niaken at f 2/7/6, £ 2/14/—, £3/16/ Also Benson's, Londoj. Watch Bracelet; sale "Jigi-.p usually £ 10. Also Russell's Ditto, -14 jfk$/ and gun-timists. Oavies's Price, 16/11 Silver& Gold Strap Watches. LADY'S STERLING SILVER, high-grade, £ uB-fs0welled Strap Wristlet, ACCURATE TIMIST. Also Gent's full-size Sterling ailvar, bold dial, sale 21 ditto, superior, with LUMINOUS DIAL, SALE 27 /6; also Lady's SOLID GOLD Strap Wristlet Watch, i fully jewelled, sale 27}6,30 and 35 Also Solita Gold High-grade Russell and Sons, OhaMh Street, Liverpool, Strap Wristlet, sale ;12 /12 Also Russell Gent's Gold Wrist- let, sal) £ 2 /17 /6, usually £ 5 /5 Also Gent's 1 Solid Gold WALTHAM Lever Wristlet, dead gun timist, sale price £ 4/7 /6, usually ISveay Watch guaranteed. RELIABLE WRISTLET WATCHES. Davies's Price, S2/2/ USUALLY 15. Gent's Waltham Rolled Gold Hunter. World-famed 10-carat Rolled Gold KEYLESS WALTHAM" HUNTING LEVER, timed to a few seconds per month ruby jewelled, brequet spring, timed to positions and temperatures parent keyless and latest improvements warranted 20 years perfect ia all detail. Also ditto by Lancashire Watch Oo»j Prescot; now 29/6. Also ditto Elgin Hunter, 32/6. Ditto, Russell and Son, 36/6. Alao 6-guinea Rolled Gold Chronograph Key. lees Hunter, by Thos. Russell and Son, Church Street, Liverpool; now 12 /14 /6. Approval. Deposit secures. Free storage.—DAVIES'S, 30 LOW HILL. DAVIES'S FOR ACCURACY AND PRECISION. Davies's Price, 1/15/ USUALLY £ 4/4/- Russell's Silver, Keyless Hunter. QUITE NEW THIS YEAR, GENT'S HEAVY HIGH GRADE, THOROUGHLY RELIABLE KEYLESS SOLID SILVER HUNTING LEVER, by RUSSELL and SON, Church Street, Liverpool; new 1915 (proof), plain Sterling Silver damp and dust tmof cases, indestructible crystal glass. CHRONOMETER BALANCE, BREQUET SPRING, NON-MAGNETIC, patent key. less, and latest improvements without mark en scratch; PERFECT TIMEKEEPER; month's trial. Cash refunded if not as repres. ented. Approval. Stored free. Guarant. eed 20 years. Month's trial. DAVIES'S GUARANTEE EVERY WATCH 22 Ct. Wedding Rings. LUCKY GUINEA GOLD, GOVERN. MENT HALL-MARKED, INCLUDING HALF-A-DOZEN TEASPOONS, AT 20/ 25/ 35/- & 45/ UAVIE'S S, Su a LuftW Hill. CARD PBEB. Telephone iioyai 1167. ?Aiioabiiiiiaed It, t ROBERT ROBERTS 18SATB AGMNTr 33 Netherfield Road South Bu Property to W In various parts oS tfe own. Mortgages arranged. Volustionamod 205 Established 1884. Phone 1140 Rootle U 541 WOOSNAM ROBERTS. F.A.I., Estate Agent, Bootle Estate Office, Personal, Practical, Prompt, and Reliable Management of all Classes of Real Estate, 52 STANLEY RQAO, BOOTLE (% doors from Bedford Road) elegrams Woosnam. Booxlm.' Telephone No. 7000. J. LEWIS JONES. "SSTATL AGKNT VALTJSB, 60 Victoria St., Liverpool, Properties carefully managed. Reals pi aosally oollected. Purohaaes and Sales at gottated. Mortgagee arranged and Iasnraaet effected.* THOMAS tit JONES, ASTATB AGBNT8 VALUHRS. INVUSTMSXT mwLmwm. 67 Lord Street, Liverpool Telephone No. —-1888 Bank. Properties Bought and Sold. Mortgage trranged. Valuations made. Rents collected tilL. SI 7 Axnwm. IBBSABLIOWND 1878 Stephen Roberts & Son MMTATE JLGBNTS A VALUBBS. 137 Everton Road, Liverpool Properties carefully managed. Rents ptt tonally Collected. Purchases and Bak afogetiated. Mortgages arranged and Is ..■araooes affected Henry Jones, ESTATE AGENT, VALUER PROPERTY AUCTIONEER, 3 Lord Street, Liverpool Tafci SA.. ,.S,. O. JONES WILLIAMS, F.A.I.. VSTATK AGENT h VALUER* 11 Boundary Place, Moss St Liverpool. tat. lass. b Telephone: 5611\8781 Telephone 8546 Ba, nk JONES (jTllUGHES, ESSASE OFFICE, 13 Wbltechapeli Liverpool FREEHOLD LAND FOR SALE. Advances Made. R, E. HUGHES, Bstate Agent, ^Surveyor Valuer, Charing Cross, Birkenhead. Telephone No.-56 B'hesd. Elas Hoasea to Let and for Sale in various parts of the Town and oat districts. Also Land to be Sold for Baildlng purposes. Advances Made tc Bailders. Estates laid out. £ tents,Collected, and Property carat ally managed. L, AC JL jfciai BLANCHARD PILLS Art oarlTsiM lot si) InogolaritlM, to, tt»«y ■pMdti> aSoni ralfisl and novom fall toaUevitott oil watMnfk at f boy tapenede Finoyroysi, Pil Octbia, Bitter AppU, Ai BLANCHARffS art. the best of all Pill for Womea." sold In boxea. Illi, by BOOM* BtaaebM, TatiobM Braatbea. and all Obemiata. or post tm, same prlee, ften LESLIE HAfTVN, Lte. Chemista.J4 Delaten Laae 1.110." Y DDRAIG GOCIL" THOMAS 0 JONES, Bookseller, 16 BROWNLOW HILL (opposite Midland Adelphi Hotel). Large stock of Welsh Books, new and second hand. I r"1 ■"1 ANWrD, PESWCH, INFLUENZA-Mae y rhain gyda ni bob amser. Pair hinsawdd gyfnewidiol fod llawer o ddioddef oddiwrth Beswch, Bronchitis, Pas, Dolur Gwddf, Crygni, Caethdra, Diffyg Aaadi. Y mae'r hen feddyginiaeth DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE eto ar y blaen, ac yn cael ei gwerth- fawragi yn fwy nag erioed, bob amser wrth law,. yo felys, yn cynhesu y freat, ac yn rhyddhau'r phlegm. Bydd dose mewn pryd yn ddigon. Is. l id. a 21. 9tl (postage, 3<j[.)-Hugh Davixs, Chemist, Machynlleth MOLRAT.-At Ladd Tyrchod. Ysgrifenna John Pryse, Maes y me.rch < Blinid ni acw gan dyrchod cynhyddent bob blwyddyn, fel yr oedd y tir a golwg ddifrifol amo, ac yr oedd amaf gywilydd ohono ond clywais fod Mr. Hugh Davies, Chemist, Machynlleth, wedi dyfeisio peth i'w lladd yn ddidrafferth iawn.—Ei enw ydyw 4 Molrat,' mewn packets it 6d, yr un. Prynnais backet, a rhoddais ef yn 01 y cyfarwyddyd am ben pryfed genwair rhoddais y rhai hynny yn llwybr y twrch. Ni chod- a dd y twrch mwy."

Basgedaid o'r Wlad. ■I 1

fo Big y Lleifiad.