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Davies s, 30 Low Hill. Showrooms, No. 28- IMPORTANT NOTICE. 28 DAYS SALE OF Secondhand PIANOS THE FOLLOWING SECORD-HAND PIANOS NOW OFFERED AT SPEC- IALLY REDUCED PRICES DURING OUR 28 DAYS SALE OFFERS ,A SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY TO SECURE A GENUINE SOUND INSTRUMENT AT A BARGAIN BRICE. I SECOND-HAND Piano Bargains Originally Sale Price 12.5 WALNUT Case, 7 octaves, ivory keys, sweet tone, by Hutchm- son, panel front, brilliantly £, 117 polished, suit beginner 11/17 .£27 ROSEWOOD, 7 octaves, ivory keys, panel front, by Stoddart;i iin sweet tone, modern appearance -ill/10 -430 EBONISED Handsome iron frame, by Cramer full com- pass; trichord; panel front and*- sconces XtfJ-V £ M WALNUT, full size, panel and sconces, 7 octaves, ivory keys, powerful tone, by Grover &j. l x/"J A Grover; grand instrument .¡..t 14 14 £ 32 WALNUT, Modern, ivory keys, octaves, panel front and sconces, irofe frame, full tri- chord, check action, sweet and powerful tone by Bogg,  cester .—?i< 10 .£3&. WALNUT Handsome Case, 7 octavos, panel front Ralph Allison & Sons superior tone and touch a first class instru- „ 1 r? /l meat; well-made and finished 7/10 J38 WALNUT First Class Piano by Niedmeyer sold by Van Grui- sen, Bold Street; ivory keys, 7 octaves, fine tone, responsive o touch, highly finished ^lo/ 1UA JC90 CONCERTI SEMI-GRAND by ) ErrarU Walnut Case, ivory keys, splendid tone and res- pohsive touch; in perfect condition and well preserved ?iO/iO MS COLLARD,& COLLARD, Rose- wood case, 7 octaves, ivory keys, panel front and sconces, sweet o-i q /i tqne, modern appearance .10/1U £ 48 ROSEWOOD, iron frame, high class, by Hopkinson; sold by Van Gruisen ivory keys, latest improvemencs, superb tone oon /"l n and elastic touch .?.'?U/iU â6t WALNUT, oblique overstrung,  ?ron frame, trichord piano, by 'Nev?Te)yor; rich tone, res- ponsive touch, a Bne instru- ment, with all the highest qual- « ifications possible, like new.£29/10 J5f KIRKMAN, so id Walnut up- right, iron frame piano, beauti- ful tone, elastic touch, splendid instrument in every detail per- „n_iinll feet satisfaction guaranteed. 27 /10 MB HOPKINSON, superb rose- woocl piano, upright, iron grand, full compass, trichord, an ideal piano, in perfect condition, o QC 11A as new; fully guaranteed. 26/10 J45 PIANO PLAYER, beautiful mahogany case, Minerva piano- player, in perfect order, condi tionas new, 65 notes, with 18 rolls of music, with ahog. any stool. DAVIES'S, 30 LOW HILL. THE ABOVE ARE ALL OFFERED FOR 'CASH, WHICH OFFERS THE PUR- CHASER THE GREATEST BENEFITS POSSIBLE. TEL. 716 ANFIELD. j f Telephone Royal 1M7 Metablishoclistb ROBERT ROBERTS XSTATB AGENT, II Netberfield Road Soutfe Has Property to Led Is rarlous parts of tk own. Mortgages arranged. Vahiaaloai oaa* 205 Established 1884. 'Phone 1140 Bootle 541 WOOSNAM ROBERTS. f.A.I, Estate Agent, Bootle Estate Office, Personal, Practical, Prompt, and Reliable Management of all Classes of Real Estate, 52 STANLEY ROAO, BOOTLE (I doors from Bedford, Road) Telegrams WOOSNAM. BOOTLK.' Telephone No. 7908. J. LEWIS JONES. ESTATE AGBNT VALUBR, 60 Victoria St., Liverpool. Properties carefully managed. Rants per aooaliy ooileoted. Purchases and Sales at gofelated. Mortgages arranged and Insures" effected, THOMAS a JONES. ■STATU AQRNTS VALUffiRS. IMVSSTMSIIT swit.sinfoo. 67 Lord Street, Liverpool ffelaphone No. -1868 Bank. Properties Bought and Sold. Mortgage arranged. Volustionamods. R"tponlleeto,' Txu M7 Axsmtxi. HSVABIJLSKXB 1872, Stephen Roberts & Son M9TATB AQSNT* TALUBBS 137 Everton Road, Liverpool Properties carefully managed. Boats pel socally Oolleoted. Farohasae aad BAI* negotiated. Mortgages arraogad aad Is roraneoo afleoted Henry Jones, ESTA.TE AGENT, VALUER & PROPERTY AUCTIONEER, 3 Lord Street, Liverpool Tall BAXK 4984. 0. JONES WILLIAMS, F.A.I., ESTATE AGRNT & VALUER, I 11 Boundary Place, Moss St Liverpool. Bat. 1889. II Telephone z 967 Royal T»ls?h>ae S536 Bank JONES HUGHES, ESTATE OFFICE, 13 Whitechapel, Liverpool FREEHOLD LAND FOR SALE Advances Made. R. E. HUGHES, Batate Agent.^Surveyor 49 Valuer, Charing Cross, Birkenhead. Telephone No.-H B'head. Has Houses to Let and for Sale in various part. of the Town and out distriots Also Land to 1M SoM for Building purposes. Advanow mde to Sold for BuWildin t, laid out. It-t.,QUoW, wO Pl()pey ca-f uy Mg.& LAOIISS BLANCH 4RD PILLS Art arlftlled tot all InegslarltlM, &e., thily spudi 1) afford raUat and avnt (ail to alleviate all nfferfagi   Peaa,ro, PU OoeM? sit; App *1 BLANCHARtrS 2 are the best of all pm tar WomM." sold ta boxes, ifli by BOOM* Kauhn, IATKI'I Branahw. and IM Obanlbfa. or post fraa, um* prlee. fro. LEGLIP IAAPTVIJ U. I aidai "Y DDRAIG GOOB." THOMAS II JONES, Bookseller, 16 BROWNLOW HILL (opposite Midland Adelphi Hotel). Largs stook of Welsh Books, new an; annond haaid. ANwrD, PESWCH, INFLUENZA-Mae y rhain gyda ni bob amser. Pair hinsawdd gyfnewidiol fod llawer o ddioddef oddiwrth Beswch, Bronchitis, Pas, Dolur Gwddf, Crygni, Caethdra, Diffyg Anadi. Y mae'r hen feddyginiaeth "DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE eto ar y blaen, ac yn cael ei gwerth- fawrogi yn fwy nag erioed, bob amser wrth law, yn felys, yn cynhesu y frest, ac yn rhyddhau'r phlegm. Bydd dose mewn pryd yn ddigon. is. I d. a 2s. yd (postage, 3d.)-HUGH DAVIES, Chemist, MachynIleth. BMOLRAT.-=At Ladd Tyrchod. Ysgrifenna John Pryse, Maes y me.rch: "Blinid ni acw gan dyrchod cynhyddent bob blwyddyn, fel yr oedd y tir a golwg ddifrifol arno, ac yr oedd amaf gywilydd ohono; ond clywais fod Mr. Hugh Davies, Chemist, Machynlleth, wedi dyfeisio peth i'w lladd yn ddidrafferth iawn.—Ei enw ydyw Molrat,' mewn packets is 6d. yr un. Prynnais backet, a rhoddais ef yn ot y cyfarwyddyd am ben pryfed genwair a rhoddais y rhai hynny yn Uwybr y twrch. Ni chod- odd y twrch mwy."

I4a%o Big y Lleifiad.


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