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Cymry Amlwg.

Perygl Prydain .



PEIDlWCH A DIODDEF TYNIIU DANT IACHI T R'E IWCU (Poidiwoh byth a wynd T P FIWT T f Hoiaus A chan grynan). otnWl & chaD Iffnnaj. W»i SAFE, CURE in For TOOTHACHE, TIC, NEURALGIA, and ?Mt?? AJ.L NERVE PAINS ?H?t??Nj?M in the Head, Face, or Limbs from Colds, ChiUs, etc. Post free, IS?d. R-W STEVENSON, no. OSMASTON RD., OESBT. ? ?'? And ALL CHEMISTS. Testimonials from all parts. Eatab. 70 Yean. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■I GWELLHAODD FILOEDD, A MEDR EICH GWELLA CHWITHAU 1 P AM ? J. HUGHES — Ta.ilo? — 20 OxtonRd./? 2 Price B'RMNHM??/(g??' ?.? ?CostMrnes    ? From t ??/50/?55/.63/?   Perfect Fitting Guaranteed. RING UP. 1517 FOR PATTERNS. j ?"