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BY DINESYDD CYMREIG" ydyw yr ORGAN SWYDDOGOL I UNDEé chwarelwyr gogledd CYMRU. CYNYRCHWYD GYDA LLAFUR UNDEBOL. L -H. GUILD HALL, CAERNARFON. DARLUNIAU BYW DA VIES THE TWO=EDGED SWORD. SHE. I Mynediad i mewn, 18 2c; 7c, t 4o. AR WERTH. PERAMBULATOR, mewn cyfiwr da, i'w gwertliu am 13s. Ymofyner a "T. "Dinesydd" Office, Carnarvon. AR OSOD. APARTMENTS to Let in Carnarvon. ARcaltliv spot. Hot and cold v,*ater. -Appiv, by letter, O.K., "Dinesydd" Office. Carnarvon. YN EISIAU. WANTED, — Hi?hh-.respectable -Girl W as GENERAL SERVANT. Small family. Good home and wages.—Apply, J.W., "Dinesydd" Office, Carnarvon. fk. "WAVCURL" promotes Curly | ????)?? Hair. Have you ever thought how much ?E9?? at a head of Curly Hair wou!d improve your appearan e? "Wavcnrl" Irrparti beautiful "1 permanent curls. u p£cket sufJicJt'nt, ^Bhowever listless your h:t is. One tesli- monials ys: "My f: air soon becam. a ?na:s /r of wavycuris." For either I.adiwsorGeatU- P men or Cbildren. This is wbat you na?eocen looking for years. Guatanteed harmless. Price "s3' 11" 2/9 per packct, post free. For a short time, bowtvif, w. are selling our special offer to all enclosing this adyert. sed&i,le for a 2/9 packEt. (Twofori/g.) The NEW WAVCURL Co., S5. futwood HouSt. Higb Holllt, iMdon, W. C PULLETS,—La ying, 5s each; Six aud j P ULL7.TS,LaYi:g" s.ae:ll; Six r,n P Cock, 3.?. L Chicks and Mother, 15s. List Free. Eggs) 5s Set"ling. Goodwin, Stratford, Essex. "POB Dcabarth 0 FCRWYN?OM yn P Eiaisa. Llk-.oodd da yn agored yn wr ar ein Ilyfrau. Cooka, Cook- Ct.r.Je, Housemaida Hotel, Preifat a lboedclul, Generals, Waitresses, <to. OGcfyner t Cohvyn Bay X.L. Servants Car lies. Buildings. Colwyti I T^ILL THAT FLY I—It is t? grett?st Kbr,-e,der of di86as known to science. .Pe,ofesser Payne's "Panzene" kill; flies, mothe and all other infects, It is a pre- paration of fancy petals dried and dragged, and is a safeguard against all infectious diseases. Beautifully aoonted I io carry on person. Large sample packet Ski.—Prof. Payne, 2, Melville Street, Ryde, 1.0. W. A RMY and NAVY "SANTOLI PRE. A PARATlON. for all Urinary troubles. One box enough remedy, with instruction and useful booklet. Boxee 24 9d and 48 6d poat "fr{:e.-HUL.1E'8, Chemist, Nottingham. Established 1892. ^<TAMMERERS.—"Can Stammer be s hy Corre?poRdanc??" Inoor. ¡ f.:ting booklet and expert fdvioe fre-e.- •v. Warein* Nethervilfe, Whaliey, new Blackburn. T ARGE PARCEL Baby Longclothes and L reqmsites cheap; good.—20, &liø- bury Avenue, Southend. TJABBIT NETTFNG. Long Field Ne<», Lines, complete,. in green, tan, or natural colour, also Special Netting ¡ Twines, super flax. Samples and list I free from E. Pamall and Co., Netting Works, Bedminster, Bristol. QEVEN BEAUTIFUL 1914 PULLETS. ks 18? c?rri?ge paid App?op&i.—Ro oort Bennett, Bntta, Fro; J. ?? LOVELY CROCHET PATTERNS, 20 ?: ?d pi?t?e SheDbp?d, 18, Addison Road, Preston, i SWYDDOGOL. CARNARVON LOCAL GOVERNING BODY: ACCOUNTS. "VTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the AUDIT OF THE ACCOUNTS for the year ended the 31st March, 1917, has been appointed by the District Audi- tor, A. Carson-Roberts, Esq., Barrister- at-Law, to commence on Wednesday, the 1st day of August, 1917, at 9 o'clock in the forenoon at the Board Room of the Guardians of the Carnarvon Union, and that all Account Books, Vouchers, and Receipts mentioned or referred to in such accounts of the Local Governing Body wiH be deposited at the place mentioned for the inspection of all persons interested between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. from the 1st to the 3rd August, 1917. Da Led this 3rd duv of Julv, 1917. J. LLOYD-ROBERTS, F.S.A.A., Clerk to the Local Governing Body.


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